Silent Apostasy of Francis

Silent Apostasy of Francis

The absolute failure of Francis to teach, articulate and defend the "indissolubility" of Catholic matrimony at the Fall Synod of bishops in Rome makes vividly clear again the "Silent Apostasy" of Francis, his adamant heresy and significant schism for the first time in 2000 years, all in one pope.   And truly  all cardinals, bishops, and priests who participate in this spiritual  fraud and satanical deceit of allowing divorced and remarried x catholics to receive Holy Communion while still living with their adulterous mates without an annulment are equally guilty of the sacrilege of the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ, as well as schism, just like Pope Francis.  Let us be clear here, Catholic Sacramental Marriage is forever unless annulled--in its supposedly few instances-- in spite of what any pope may say, bishop, or priest in Confession or out of Confession  regarding any mortal sin of adultery.  Sacramental marriage is therefore "indissoluble." For the faithful to go along with this,  they also are in schism for denying this perennial truth of the Catholic faith, namely, that all sacramental marriages are forever and to be living in adultery and frequenting any other sacraments of the Church without an annulment or until death of the partner is sacrilegious.   

Being a jesuit Francis is too smart to outwardly deny this vital truth on the "indissolubility of marriage" in the open,  but, instead via "silent apostasy" of failing to authoritatively defend, apply, protect and teach the fullness of this truth viz. the "indissolubility" and utter beauty of Holy Matrimony at the Fall Synod,  Francis becomes one of the few popes of open and defiant heresy on the throne of Peter in centuries.   Nor does Francis apparently care much about this heresy of "silent apostasy" either ,
because he is more emboldened than ever through acting not overtly but covertly, by allowing, encouraging, and promoting the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion in an adulterous state, which is an heinous sacrilege by obviating the Church law on the "indissolubility" of all sacramental  marriage and the impossibility of ever allowing this vice of adultery, but, via his papal authority he creates an exception to this law of the Council of Trent by creating a quick annulment process through simply a visit to your local bishop or parish priest and , in effect, obtaining your quick catholic divorce,or so-called annulment or whatever. What a scandal! 

New Catholic Divorce  

This satanical act of a Roman Pontiff, Francis, makes the Church and its hierarchy of cardinals and bishops, and priests, as well as all so-called catholics who participate in this new "catholic divorce" or approve of it as the first players in
"open schism" of the once orthodox Roman Catholic Church with itself in thousands of years!   This is Francis, his papacy, and the deconstruction of the Petrine office and its authority as never before sought by a member of the upper hierarchy, so bold and so cunning and so diabolical.  Nevertheless, this is Francis, always now, and his Catholic Church wherein all doctrine and the deposit of faith, will perpetually devolve, change, and clandestinely, be altered for the sake of a compromise with the world, the flesh, and the devil.   Francis is a serpent, waiting to destroy, any and everything holy about the Sacrament of Matrimony and who advocates, encourages, and promotes, by silently allowing adultery its opposite (heresy of "silent apostasy"), especially when he  fails to be a traditional and obedient pope and clearly teach, define, protect, promote and defend this most holy sacrament of marriage and its "indissolubility" as all previous popes throughout history did.   What a mendacity!  

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Matrimony Forever!
In fact, so sacred is the sacrament of Holy Matrimony that the Most Holy Trinity Itself is so defined in marital terms by the theology of the Catholic Church for nearly 2000 years now, for t
he Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are together an infinite marriage of perfect love for all eternity!   It is no wonder Our Divine Lord fought vehemently with the ancient Jews for just this wicked sin of adultery which they so avidly advanced by arguing that Moses allowed divorce and remarriage:  to which Christ the Divine Teacher taught them so vigorously and forthrightly, "only because of the hardness of your hearts".   "But I say to you any man who looks even lustfully upon a woman has already committed adultery in his heart."   Moreover, Our Lord condemned the whole age and times in which He lived as "a wicked and adulterous generation."   Imagine what Jesus Christ, the "Divine Bridegroom" Himself would say of these times in which we live today under Pope Francis where there is no orthodox doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church under attack so wickedly  by pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and people but the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.  And related to this the disgusting soft-pedaling on homosexuality and its approval in synodal discussions, the next fiasco, probably, under this apostate pope. 

The Democratic Catholic Church and Francis 
In reality what we have today is heinous crimes against the holy sacrament of Matrimony at so-called Catholic Church Synods in which doctrines of the Church i.e. "the indissolubility of marriage" are discussed, debated, and then voted upon in a democratic process with the pope leading the discussion.   In effect, Francis has now launched this protestantized feel good religion of "It's all in the vote" for the decimation of all orthodoxy and the Catholic faith will inevitably result.  Francis's papacy has become a veritable reign of terror, allowing such atrocities as:   accelerated Catholic divorce through a feigned annulment process, lifetime adultery with Catholic status, sacreligeous Communions for such moral reprobates living in adultery, popes perpetually living in
"silent apostasy" by failing continuously to teach, articulate, and defend the Catholic faith i.e. "indissolubility of marriage",  a scattered flock caused by hireling priests, bishops and popes who do not defend the flock from the wolf at the door and its heresy, thus causing an adulterated catholic church in open schism with itself perpetually.   God save us! 

"The Divine Bridegroom" 

Is there no end to the reign of this heretic, apostate, schismatic pope Francis and his minions who applaud his moral corruption and spiritual profligacy--such pusullanimity of  cardinals and bishops in abundance?   Consider how the
Mother of God declared at her apparition at LaSalette, France that in the end, "Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-christ."  And ruminate on the truth of Mary's words at Fatima how most souls go to hell for sins of the flesh.   Finally, consider Christ always referred to Himself so mysteriously and mystically as the Divine Bridegroom and his Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, as His Spouse.   This marriage of pure holy souls to Christ Himself  is the holy teaching of the Church for 2000 years and its perennial magisterium.   Not with Francis , this unorthodox, illegitimate, and unholy pope who is probably one of the wolves who will come before the end in sheep's clothing.  Francis fails to follow the Good Shepherd and teach, preach, and defend the orthodox Roman Catholic faith as all popes in the recent and even distant past.  Therefore, he is one of the "hirelings" our Divine Lord cursed.  "For a hireling cares not for the sheep but scatters them, and runs away just before the wolf attacks." Let us hope not but the picture is very, very grim.

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cal Reign of Terror

The scandalous rule of Francis now allows a theological reign of terror upon the Body of Christ, His Church and His Spouse:   Simply going to Holy Communion without giving up your adulterous partner becomes 'holy' under Francis.  How heinous!    Also sacrilegious Communions will now 
become commonplace, for repentance from sin
IN CONFESSION  is no longer the 'sine qua non' of worthy reception of the most Holy Eucharist i.e. giving up your adulterous mate.  With a pope "who accepts you as you are", Francis becomes a political liberal politician at his best.  No longer is the Catholic Church a "hospital for sinners" simply because it is not 'politically correct' to preach on sin, penance, true contrition for your sin, firm purpose of amendment, avoidance of all near occasions to sin, having to go to Confession, doing penance for reparation of your sins, self-denial, or mortification.   So the modernist Francis who ignores by "silent apostasy" the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church,  he decimates three sacraments at once:   Holy Matrimony  as an "indissoluble bond" forever; the cleansing  from serious sin by a worthy Confession before Holy Communion, and no need to worry about a Sacrilegious Communion and about St. Paul's warning to not receive the "Body and Blood of Christ unworthily because you eat and drink your own damnation."   Unless this is stopped Francis and all his minions of the hierarchy and faithful will undermine everything that is holy about the once Orthodox Roman Catholic Church and its marks of being 'one, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.' 
Infamous War on Tradition

Francis will have nothing to do with traditional Catholicism and, in fact, he is, unequivocally,  at war with it as is plainly clear.   Forget any notion with Francis of 'fraternal correction or admonish the sinner' as the Spiritual Works of Mercy demand.   For example, in the past if an individual was involved in an adulterous relationship, he would be advised and obliged to go to Confession, repent of this egregious sin and cleanse his soul with true contrition for this most serious mortal sin.  Once forgiven by a priest and at peace, he or she would be encouraged to mend any marital  discord, especially of his or her own doing, and therefore help preserve and keep their sacramental bond intact of their first legitimate marriage.   Thus the "indissoluble bond" of the sacrament of Matrimony was always preserved in the Catholic Church.  Under every pope, prior to Pope Francis is this true!   
New Theology of Francis and His  Demise

This folly of Francis must be brought to a definitive end before he and his 'new theology' and 'new catechism' totally devastate the entire Church of Jesus Christ and force it into schism with itself. 
Hopefully and prayerfully,  enough moral outrage from Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests, can stop Francis'
"silent apostasy" by going to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and its prefect Gerald Cardinal Muller who can authoritatively bring this 'scandal of scandals'  to a screeching halt  by declaring Francis as the heretic, apostate, and schismatic "Bishop of Rome" that he truly is; for Gerald Cardinal Muller has already declared authoritatively before the synod that any "inconsistency between doctrine and practice is heresy in one form or another.   Let this "anathema" from Gerald Cardinal Muller come forth without delay before many more thousands and millions of souls are lost forever through Francis and his "heretical" teaching.   For Our Divine Lord has warned that before the end, "there will be many false prophets who will lead many astray."    

"May the darkness of sin and the night of heathenism vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace and may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever. Amen.  

God have mercy,

J   Hughes  Dunphy 

“The Heresy & Apostasy of Francis and The Decline of The Catholic Faith!”

“The Heresy & Apostasy of Francis and The Decline of The Catholic Faith!”

Instead of teaching the orthodox Catholic faith from the Chair of Peter to save souls, Francis preaches to the world on saving Mother Earth and this Planet from Humans, which has become, not any traditional Encyclical of Holy Mother Church but Francis’ Jesuitical, Teilhardian, political manifesto.

pentance for Sin”

Any legitimate pope would never undertake such a depravity but would teach forthrightly, clearly, solely on repentance for sin and saving souls; not the earth from humans. Moreover, such unorthodox, and unCatholic behavior on the part of a pope, a first, demonstrates loudly and clearly that Francis lacks a contrite and humble heart, a veritable ‘sine qua non’ in any pope through the centuries but, above all, by St. Peter himself.
To not have a humble and contrite heart for sin is the way of the world, of its leaders, lost souls aplenty and the devil himself who cannot abide sorrow for one’s sins, yet alone contriteness of heart in a pope. Consequently, St. Peter, before his own conversion from the fearsome sin of apostasy and denial of Christ at His Crucifixion could not be abided by Our Divine Lord till Peter repented for this travesty, not just in the confines of his heart, but publicly to Our Lord and not once, but three times to achieve total forgiveness.

“Sin of Apostasy”

Since this sin of apostasy was so public by Peter: “I do not know the Man,” Christ therefore demanded an equally public repentance and even three times: “Do you love Me, Peter?” Then Our Lord said forthrightly each time: “Feed My Sheep!”
And then hereafter Peter made feeding the lambs and sheep the most important aspect of his time as Prince of the Apostles till his martyred death for his faith and the salvation of souls and their repentance.
But, one wonders, why did Peter commit this horrible sin of apostasy, deny Christ and all He stood for, taught, and preached? Why? Because of human respect! However, nothing by far is more important to Christ than the purity of our souls from sin before Our Lord, each and every one of us, and long before our titles of pope, cardinal, bishop, priest or world leader, politician, house wife, working father or all the other titles of self- respect!
In fact, Roman Catholic theology that fails to teach repentance for one’s sins or how to achieve it, neither fulfills the definition of Catholic orthodoxy or teaches, in any way, the Roman Catholic faith; and this is the whole egregious failure which explains Francis’ papacy and its obsession with his political-enviro fiasco and his so-called signal synod on allowing grievous sinners or adulterers to receive the most Holy Eucharist without confessional repentance or modifying the mandatory ecclesial process of marital nullity, if he approves of it.

“The Sin of Sodomy”

Similarly, any effort to give a blessing to homosexual couples at this upcoming synod of Francis by implying sin does not exit in this most disordered perversity becomes one of the worst attacks of heresy, apostasy , and schism on the true faith by; a pope, a king,a priest, or people since the Reformation. This includes even trying to justify the voluntary orientation to this depravity as though it were somehow less culpable when it, in effect, is living wholly in the occasion of sin, a mortal sin per se under these circumstances.
Furthermore, all participants and sychophant lukewarm Catholics, be they clerics or not, who underwrite this most formidable attack on orthodoxy and Catholic teaching--by a pope himself--are just as guilty and pernicious for supporting homosexual unions and attacking the Lord as the crowd of high priests and Jews who clamored for Christ’s Crucifixion with such bold effrontery of screaming: “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”
This bold or naked apostasy or denial of Christ of the time of the first Christians is no different than today’s more modern, yet more subtle version, of denying Christ; for both forms involve walking coldly away from Christ and all that He taught and stood for and represented: the classic example of St. Peter’s three denials or Pope Francis denying persistently the indissolubility of marriage as a ‘sine qua non’ prerequisite for valid reception of the most Holy Eucharist which is a possible consideration at Francis’ upcoming synod on marriage and homosexual unions and the family.

“The Most Holy Eucharist”

Thus, the mere consideration or possibility of an apostate Catholic, divorced and remarried outside the Catholic Church, who walks away from the Church and its orthodox Roman Catholic teachings on marriage ought to be courted back again to the Church by using the most Holy Eucharist as the bargaining tool would never have been even countenanced by a pre-Vatican II pope like Pius XII. How base! How heretic and how apostate such an action by a pope of the Catholic Church can be and, moreover, altogether scandalous!

To not be totally supportive as pope of the Magisterium of the centuries that “de fide” declared by the Council of Trent that all mortal sin or any sin for that matter can only be removed, plus that of adultery, by a priest in the Sacrament of Confession in the Catholic Church is “anathema”. Or to hold as Pope Francis appears to encourage with his synod on the family that the annulment process is superfluous and need not be utilized to correct the grievous marital violation of an invalid marriage is a heretical misstep of the worst dimensions.
Moreover, we know how St. Peter went out and wept bitterly after his most grievous sin of apostasy, in denying Christ and everything Our Lord stood for and taught with this gross denial of his.
In short, Peter had a very sensitive conscience that smarted at his own sin, unlike Francis, on the other hand, who exhibits virtually no sense of having a contrite and humble heart for he almost never talks about “sin” in the traditional sense of the Church’s teachings throughout the centuries of right and wrong, but sin, to Francis, refers thus far in his papacy to everything in the liberal creed: pollution of the earth, climate change, ownership of guns, gun manufacturers, oil, redistribution of wealth through the tax system, the evil rich etc.

“Contriteness of Heart”

The Traditions of the Church, demanding contriteness of heart and Confession for forgiveness of sin at the Council of Trent have always been sufficient for anyone confessing the sin of adultery and always will be. No new variations on the Deposit of Faith and the Upper Room where Christ, Our Lord, breathed on the gathered apostles with these words: “Whose sins you forgive, will be forgiven; and whose sins you retain, they shall be retained,’” will ever be necessary for those sinners, repentant of adultery or any other sin, for that matter. This is a heinous attack on Tradition by Francis and the Vatican II crowd of cardinals and bishops who already have reeked enough havoc on holy Mother Church with the Great Apostasy of the last fifty years with millions and millions of fallen away Catholics, worldwide!
Yet St. Peter succumbed to the absolute necessity of a public confession for his sin of apostasy and denying Christ three times during Our Lord’s Passion and Death. And St. Peter did this with the most sincere contriteness, which He showed ever after as Prince of the Apostles.
Not so is such contriteness to be found with Pope Francis as pope who denies Christ both by failure to teach the Deposit of Faith of the centuries and to defend these truths and teachings when under attack by cardinals, i.e. Kasper of Germany, et al. and bishops throughout the world, and the forces of the giant secular media worldwide.
Especially is this true of the disordered perversion of the sin of sodomy, within and without the Catholic Church today.
Nor does Francis, unlike Peter and all previous popes, have a contrite and repentant heart, for he has no sense of sin in his own failures of apostasy as pope, for if he did he would recognize how all of us are sinners and need to repent, always and constantly, whether inside the church or on the outside and how he is , above all, the first of all of us sinners together. Francis believes as so many false believers today that a lie can be the truth and vice versa. That somehow by rationalization that sodomy or divorce and remarriage are not really that terrible!
Nor can we forget that St. Peter was so repentently sorrowful because of this contriteness and sorrow for his sins, in fact, he became the most ardent evangelist on behalf of repenting for one’s sins, trying to avoid them always in his famous expression:
“For the devil as a roaring lion goes about seeking whom he may devour, resist him strong in the faith.”

This is not any new evangelization of Vatican II, incidentally, but simply the mighty tradition of the Deposit of the Faith, viz. “to do good and avoid evil.”

“Raymond Cardinal Burke”

Moreover, if the upcoming synod in any way should allow a blessing even on sodomized couples, rest assured cardinals like Raymond Cardinal Burke “will resist” as he has promised in spite of the difficulty. There are definitely more who fight the Catholic
Burke iv
Church going into Schism with itself, if this should occur!

“The Heresy of the Silent Assertion Lie”

Let us take a firm look at how serious the sin of apostasy of the Christian faith really and truly is. Consider but how serious the sin to dis-obey even one part of the law, for example the Church’s 2000 year condemnation of the abomination of sodomy, for to violate with even part of this law, you reject the entire law according to St. Paul. P
lease let us consider the delightful diversion of the Great Humorist Mark Twain who amply commented in one of his essays about the Big Lie in a society or even church! For example, when the leaders and pope don’t outwardly condemn heresy but allow heresy in reverse by promoting it i.e. the perversion of sodomy or the allowance of divorce, remarriage, and receiving Holy Communion inside the Church. This they do by never attacking forthrightly either sodomy
or divorce and remarriage viz. adultery as sins but promote the Big Lie of these sins being all right by never teaching these truths of the faith as previous popes, bishops, and priests but have so often ignored the teachings of the faith of 2000 years since Vatican II in what they call the “new evangelization.”

Therefore. far worse than the apostasy of the Supreme Court is by far the enormous apostasy of sodomy by the American people who are largely Christian, to underwrite their personal permission for this travesty and yet who say nothing and do nothing in response!
And far worse than these horrible sins of the American people are those apostate cardinals, bishops, and priests of the Catholic Church in the clergy-- and there many-- who likewise say nothing along with the Church’s lukewarm Catholics who in what is truly a “silent apostasy” which was a sinful evil even as identified by Pope John Paul II.
Yet far and away leading the sin of apostasy and denial of Christ in the world today is the diabolical sin of apostasy on the part of the papacy itself wherein this evil of perverted and disordered sodomy and remarriage with adultery and receiving Holy Communion is not condemned vigorously by Francis in what has become a total and complete abomination of this diabolical evil in the Church and the world because of the pope’s “silent apostasy” which is endemic.
Nor does any pope have a choice about whether or not to preach and vigorously teach the entire Deposit of Faith, for Our Lord commanded Peter and all his apostles to “Baptize everyone, teaching them everything I have commanded you.” Thus the apostasy hidden in such statements as “Whom I to judge?” when he is discoursing about homosexuality. Such folly! For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections.

Now, let us give an example from Mark Twain the great Humorist writer who demonstrated this in his essay on the “silent assertion lie” : “How I First Lie!” We quote:

“Are countries working that kind of lie, day in and day out, in thousands and thousands of varieties, without ever resting? Yes, we know that to be true. The universal conspiracy of the silent-assertion lie is hard at work always and everywhere, and always in the interest of a stupidity or a sham, never in the interest of a thing fine or respectable. Is it the most timid and shabby of all lies? It seems to have the look of it. For ages and ages it has mutely labored in the interest of despotisms and aristocracies and chattel slaveries, and military slaveries, and religious slaveries, and has kept them alive until the “silent-assertion lie” retires from business--the silent assertion that nothing is going on which fair and intelligent men are aware of and are engaged by their duty to try to stop.”
“What I am arriving at is this: When whole races and peoples conspire to propagate gigantic mute lies in the interest of tyrannies and shams, why should we care anything about the trifling lies told by individuals? Why should we try to make it appear that abstention from lying is a virtue: Why should we want to beguile ourselves in that way? Why should we without shame help the nation lie, and then be ashamed to do a little lying on our own account? Why shouldn’t we be honest and honorable, and lie every time we get a chance? That is to say , why shouldn’t we be consistent , and either lie all the time or not at all. Why should we help the nation like the whole day long and then object to telling one little individual private lie in our own interest to go to bed on? Just for the refreshment of it, I mean, and to take the rancid taste out of our mouth.

“The Demise of The Church & Tradition”

Thus , the Traditions of the faith, its teachings, the old Mass--so replete with contriteness for sin before God--, a necessity of salvation in the Catholic Church through its traditional sacraments and the Tridentine Mass and its most Holy Eucharist, are utterly ignored, marginalized, or omitted altogether by Francis in his papal teaching and practice and are , moreover , likewise forgotten in this way. Tradition is dead to Francis and today’s Vatican II corrupted church is the disaster wherein your average Catholic today does not anymore even know he has to do his “Easter Duty”. Why does the apostasy go on, and on, and on, and on, with Pope Francis never denying “the silent assertion lie” of never denying that it’s ever right to condemn sodomy if it’s always ok to commit this sin, or never forbid the Eucharist when you are married again, if it’s always ok to receive Holy Communion in a second marriage and adulterous state inside the Church. If it’s ok to abort children, then never condemn its opposite. Or it it’s ok to violate your Easter Duty as a Catholic, never condemn its opposite. And on, and on, and on, with Pope Francis and his Silent Apostasy and Lies!!!! Incidentally, this was the accepted papacy of all the Consiliar popes who backpedaled doctrine to one degree or another! Seldom teaching it wrong to commit any moral evils, and so its opposite, committing the sin is just fine. The great “silent apostasy”.

“The Illegitimate, Unorthodox Pope”

This is the work of an illegitimate, unholy, unorthodox pope who worries more about saving Mother Earth and the environment in his Teilhardian jesuitical monograph on the Environment than saying one single word in defense of Tradition, the Tridentine Mass, and Repentance of Sin and , finally, the necessity of having a sense of sin about his own papal person with contriteness of heart always before him in terms of what he teaches, preaches, and advocates in the corrupted modern media.
A pope without contriteness and serious sorrow for his own sins will never speak of how others should also repent of their sins too, in and outside the church, in order to save their souls! It is well for us to remember here St. Peter, who was, indeed, full of humility and contriteness for his own failings throughout his sojourn with Christ and , indeed, repentant to Our Lord personally, for Peter was often corrected by Our Lord for his multiple infidelities, large and small.
Consider the time Christ authoritatively told him: “Get behind Me, Satan!” for not supporting His Master and Lord in His Passion and Death. Peter, therefore, knew of his own failings often before the Lord Almighty and had much to be contrite about, often.
Let us consider how, once again, Peter, after fishing one whole night with the other apostles, told Our Lord that he had caught no fish. Nevertheless, Our Lord said to the Prince of the apostles: “Go back out and throw your nets down on the right side of the boat.” This Peter did immediately with the most incredible and miraculous results of filling up his nets so full, it required two boats to hold them all. With this as Peter was coming ashore, he uttered from the bottom of his heart:
“Depart from Me Lord, for I am a sinful man!” Clearly, no other apostle showed the sorrow for his sins like St. Peter!

“The Heresy of Francis?”

Thus, it becomes manifestly clear that any pope, whatever his popularity, is absolutely useless to Our Divine Lord and further to be driven from His Almighty Presence, who is not always contrite of heart and sorrowful for his sins; especially, and most particularly here with Pope Francis, whose denials of Christ and His Teachings and Doctrines are manifestly evident in failing to teach the Perennial Magisterium of the Centuries vigorously and its sacred Deposit of the Faith or defending and articulating these holy truths constantly to the Church and the world by teaching and professing sin.
This is Francis: an apparent heretic and apostate and according to St. Vincent Lerrins: “A manifest heretic immediately ceases to be pope and at the same time ceases to be a Christian or a member of the Church.”
As we enter these Remnant Times of the Church as St. Paul prophetically predicted that these eschatological times would be those in which only a “remnant survived in grace.” The critical danger of these end times in which so many, many souls would be lost become crucial for souls and something much greater than more opinions of Catholics in the pews concerning Francis but definitive action by the upper hierarchy of the Church in order to stem the flood of lost souls is what is needed desperately! The time of opinions is long overdue about this frenzied Bishop of Rome who does not even wish to be called “Pope.” Just observe the loss of souls of uninformed Catholics in the pews from Vat II and all the false teachings of the Consiliar Popes, and particularly this one! Observe how the Catholic Church is, indeed, in ruins!

Fr. John Hardon, S.J.

Above all, let us consider Fr. John Hardon’s words, one of the greatest teachers of the Catholic faith and who wrote over 55 books and whose cause is already up for Sanctity. He said so prophetically of these evil times in which we live: “Ordinary Catholics will not survive these times, only extraordinary, holy, and heroic Catholics will survive them.”


Gerhard Cardinal Muller

We have, indeed, heroic hierarchy and holy men such as Gerhard Cardinal Muller of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith in the Church, along with all his associates, who has loudly taught recently that “Any breach between doctrine and practice is exemplary of heresy of one form or the other.” This brave and orthodox leader in the Church will save the day for Christ’s Mystical Body from this unorthodox, unholy, illegitimate pope in centuries by making the necessary declaration of his heresy if and when necessary! Nevertheless, this investigation must begin as soon as possible, even before the synod where every attempt to dethrone the “indissolubility of sacred Marriage” will be attempted. We cannot afford any more “silent apostasy”! God have mercy!!!

  • Hughes Dunphy

to be continued......


“Francis, the Underground Church and Apostasy “

“Francis, the Underground Church and Apostasy " 
Part I:   The Underground Church    

Orthodoxy in the papacy means teaching, defending, articulating, and expressing the deposit of the faith and its perennial magisterium of the centuries as promulgated  by the Church, by the  popes, and Councils for 2000 years.  This is holy Tradition.   To teach forthrightly  the doctrines of the faith, to articulate and clarify these doctrines  on a regular basis  or to promulgate and defend these  teachings of the Deposit of the Faith and its perennial Magisterium of the centuries is foreign to  the public image and behavior  of Pope Francis thus far.  

burke amsterdam

No  Pope except  Francis has ever  held up for reexamination or allowed  to be questioned   the doctrines of the indissolubility of holy marriage and homosexuality from  the perennial Magisterium   as though they were no longer relevant:   namely,  to attempt to dissolve  the indissolubility of marriage and the Church’s condemnation of homosexuality as any kind of legitimate or acceptable  lifestyle.  No pope has  ever  done this but Francis and he has just accomplished this at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome along with the cardinals and bishops of the Catholic Church.

To advocate  that divorced and remarried  X Catholics can receive Holy Communion or that there is anything blessed about homosexual unions but a depraved  and disordered  state contradicts the teaching of 2000 years of Catholic  Tradition.    This is Francis;  this is the synod of Bishops and Cardinals of the Catholic Church today.   To reexamine the Church’s truths, to criticize  them, to belittle them, or  consider  altering , changing, or making any  exceptions to them is the work of dissent, schism, and heresy.  
Because of the depraved deed of trying to receive the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ  in a  state of serious sin,  while being immediately ready to betray Christ to his scornful band of followers and  non-believers,   Our Lord not only anathematized Judas Priest severely, but also, excommunicated him from his  most Holy Presence!    This was the very first  anathema and excommunication of the Catholic Church.   And this was done by Our Lord Jesus Christ!    This will be the similar fate of the bishops, the cardinals, and Pope Francis if they should dare to violate the indissolubility  of  the Sacrament  of  Marriage by allowing reception of the Eucharist to divorced and remarried “Catholics”,  or by allowing homosexuals to receive the Holy Eucharist by blessing their sinful and depraved  unions.  
Why is this true?   Simply because they will with such an abomination literally excommunicate themselves from the Catholic Faith for violating the perennial magisterium of the centuries and go directly and immediately and completely into total schism with the holy Roman Catholic Faith of 2000 years  for  denying  its perennial magisterium  and its doctrinal teachings on marriage and its indissolubility and the sinful depravity of homosexuality.   

The Church will, therefore, go underground with such a depravity and leave  all of its members in schism  who stay and remain attached to this heretical folly.   And let us not be so naïve to think  with such a pontiff as Francis  and bishops and cardinals of the ilk we have today that such a reality will not occur.  In fact, such a schism with the legitimate Catholic Church going underground is very likely with Francis and his ilk of Cardinals, like Kasper, and bishops like Bishop Semeraro of Albano, Italy who recently attacked orthodoxy and Tradition  with a furious blow by saying any Catholic who attends a St. Pius X Catholic Church is in danger of excommunication if he should receive the sacraments or Communion or attend Mass with a SSPX Church.   

What scandalous barbarity to make such an attack upon traditional Catholicism again and how heretical such a deed is in light of the fact that Pope Benedict XVI granted  a full lifting of the excommunication on the SSPX.   This is just the kind of heinously sinful behavior that will help send the true Catholic Church totally underground.

Prelates who embrace Francis and his anti-traditional and heretical stand will be in schism too, especially after Francis’ own attack on the the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who had the beloved  charism of the traditional Mass of the ages or the Extraordinary Form and lived it with faith and love till Francis condemned and disallowed any  further its usage for no apparent  reason other than his own seeming  hostility to Tradition.   
That Bishop Semeraro’s diocese has the audacity to forbid  the celebration of the Tridentine Mass of the ages in the diocese--anywhere, ought to make him repentant for failing Pope Benedict  XVI’s “Summorum Pontificum”  which promulgated that the Extraordinary Form of the Mass be most generously applied.   Since he disobeys the perennial Magisterium of simply the pontiff preceding Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI,  Bishop Semeraro  ought to be formally disciplined by Francis  if not rebuked for such a condemination of traditional Catholics who wish to attend the “old Mass” at an SSPX Church in his diocese .      How picayune and  base!
Let the Catholic Church under Francis continue to deviate from its 2000 year Tradition on Marriage and Homosexuality under his encouragement, and continue to embrace homosexuality, and the ruin will inevitably come.   Let us examine why:
1)      A very practical reason is that homosexuality mired in the priesthood and episcopate for the last 40 years has brought rack and ruin with the closing of church after Catholic Church to pay back the legal bills of pedophilia lawsuits for the outrageous crime and heinous sin of homosexuality on little boys in the various dioceses around the world.  This has broken financially diocese after diocese with the selling off of church  property to pay for these horrendous clerical lawsuits.

For a spiritual reason, such depravity in the papacy and hierarchy of the Catholic Church will  Inevitably bring about its demise and ruin.   The perfidy of Judas Priest and today’s  Pope Francis along with the bishops and cardinals of the Catholic Church  at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family are most, most similar!  Therefore, the pontiff Francis and the Cardinals and Bishops will simply be devoted servants of Jesus Christ on the Catholic stage of the Church’s history or infamous reprobates who “vote” to deny the Master as Judas Priest  did in a grievous sin against the holy Catholic  Faith.
The reason the perfidy of Pope Francis and today’s bishops  and cardinals are most similar and concerning identical realities  is  because of  the parallel  violation of  the most holy Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.   If one only consult Sacred Scripture, it is extremely obvious to see how history today repeats itself with the Apostles gathered around Christ in close communion with one another as Christ offers Himself as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins in the holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  

In the October Synod of Rome in 2014 and this coming year 2015, all the Bishops and Cardinals will be likewise gathered around Christ’s representative here on earth, the Vicar of Christ Francis , the pope. If they should vote to destroy the faith and perennial  magisterium of the Council of Trent on the indissolubility of Holy Matrimony by allowing divorced and remarried Catholics to receive the Holy Eucharist or give permission to some form of blessing on homosexual unions or permission to receive the Holy Eucharist for homosexuals in this disordered and grievously sinful state,
they become Judas Priests in every understanding of Judas’ immoral and deplorable sin.  “Woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man, it were better if he had not been born.”  (Matt: 26: 24)
It appears that this heinous sin and sacrilege and blasphemy against the Sacred  Body of Christ fulfills perfectly  Pope Francis’  desires ,  the allowing of  the eating and drinking of Christ’s Body and Blood by those totally unworthy, the divorced and remarried and homosexuals  and causes the bishops and cardinals and priests  and the whole  Church to participate in this blasphemy   of  giving the  Holy Eucharist to the unworthy  to their own condemnation as
St. Paul declares.   “Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily,  will be guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord. ”
The Church will go underground—which it already is according to Fr. Malachi Martin.  He was asked once by one of his admirers in the 1990’s if it was already underground, to which Fr. Malachi Martin responded:  “If you want it, you’ll find it.”  
This will not occur, however, if  the prelates at the Synod on the Family , next October 2015, like
Raymond  Cardinal Burke, continue to speak up authoritatively  on the Church’s behalf on this most delicate matter  of faith and morals, a position that formerly was the same position of every pope but which this Pope Francis seems to have deliberately and  recklessly  abandoned –namely   the Traditional Magisterium of 2000 years.    Why?  For Francis  wants to modernize the Church, contrary to Pius X’s admonitions, much like the wolves that Our Lord warned of ,  who would come” in sheep’s clothing to attack , destroy, and kill  but inwardly are ravenous wolves.”  
Clearly, Francis lacks the papal gravitas of his predecessors as he does not forthrightly teach, preach, promulgate and defend the deposit of the faith as the 265  popes of the last 2000 years have done,  but seems to have retreated from this most noble and authoritative position as Christ’s Vicar, only to be a mere player on the stage of history and not a believable orthodox pontiff or pope.    As a matter of fact, he has turned over the Church to this liberal band of wolves in sheep’s clothing , the  hierarchical sycophants who have reeked havoc on the faith and morals since Vatican II .   
Undoubtedly ,  the Church’s   most  serious dilemma  is Pope Francis whose problem, front and  center ,  is orthodoxy.   Let us remember that a holy pope is an orthodox pope, and an  orthodox pope is a legitimate pope, and  a legitimate pope does the will  of  Christ , the eternal   High Priest, Who gave Himself up for the sins of the world on the Cross.  
Let us examine further why this pope is possibly an Apostate Pope or  an illegitimate and heretical pope who should abdicate the Throne of Peter if  so.

Part   II:      The  Heretical  Apostate  Pope? 
Raymond Cardinal Burke, as the once recent  head of  the  Apostolic Signatura—the highest court of the Catholic Church, has come out and recently said that the “Church today is like a rudderless ship, steering in no particular direction.”     This is an abomination of the teaching authority of the Church for 2000 years that a notable prelate such as Cardinal Burke, has to take issue with  the  pope himself for no other reason  than  the  Church is  not being led forthrightly, and strongly    directed by a legitimately orthodox  pope.  For who else would be responsible for this dilemma of the Church not being led  properly  than Pope Francis.   
One of Francis’ grievous faults is this  failure to lead
and to teach authoritatively and positively  Church doctrine, thus making him a false Christ  or false Prophet.   How do we know?   Well,   the Bible tells us that the Master came into this world in the capacity of a Savior and this is abundantly clear from His own words.   On every occasion  Jesus appeared before the people in the capacity of a divine  teacher. Consider Pope Pius XII authored over 40 positive encyclicals on Church doctrine.  However,   Frances, apparently, does not take his role of teacher and Vicar of Christ seriously, for he makes wild and ambiguous statements to the press like:  “who am I to judge, Evolution is now ok as the Big Bang theory is ok.”     While Our Lord recognized the old teachers of Israel, He invariably added His own interpretation of their words, and where necessary, added His full and total statement of the complete truth.   Had Christ not taught “as one having authority,” and had He not backed up His teachings by miracles, the Jewish leaders might not have contemplated His death. 
Jesus, nevertheless, demanded as a sign of discipleship under Himself  an  absolute faith in His doctrine and unconditional acceptance of His every word. 
So,  Jesus foretold, the false  christs who will appear at the end of the world will reveal certain truths to men, but false truths.   For the human mind is made for truth, and cannot be satisfied adequately without it.   Therefore, the false teachers are most clever to know that, if they do not possess some shreds of truth, they can never gain a following of believers.   But the so-called truths they preach will be of their own choice.   For example, Pope Frances recently prattled that the “Church should not be afraid to go out on the peripheries.”   But what does this ambiguous statement mean but anything you want it to.  So Cardinal Burke corrected the pope---God bless Him---“saying  the  Church  cannot  ever go  anywhere  in effect   without its teachings.”   Christ’s teachings were never  vagaries like this Francis version  but exact moral teaching about everyday life.    It is believed by most of today’s contemporary religious leaders that it makes very little difference what a man believes, so long as he lead a decent life.   For do not all roads lead to heaven?   This is one of the most dangerous doctrines imaginable,  for it is in flat contradiction with the teaching of Jesus.   Sadly, this current  Holy Father Francis falls right into this immoral mold.  How?   When he teaches about homosexuals to the Press and the Church  and the World such wrongheaded statements that “he cannot judge homosexuals because if they are nice and kind people, who am   I  to judge?”  This is altogether not Catholic! And by innuendo heretical !  
To realize the  severe  dangers of this kind of false liberalism---or religious indifferentism ,  which  is  heretical ,--especially when It comes from a pope  ---it is only necessary to recall how our Divine Savior insisted always that the keeping of the Word of God had  to match hand and hand with the hearing of  it.   
“Not everyone that saith  ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, but whosoever heareth the Word of God and keepeth it, he shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  
Who are the False Prophets of Today?
Our Savior tells us that not only will false  christs appear, but also false prophets  before the end of the world
, “who shall show great signs and wonders insomuch as even to deceive the elect.”   Clearly, the false prophets of whom Jesus speaks would have us look for salvation aside from Christ and His Church:  such as the vehemently  unorthodox teachings on Marriage, the Eucharist, Homosexuality and what is family at the most recent synod by the new breed of bishops and this pope  Francis .
As we see these days, the false prophets of whom Jesus speaks would have us look  for salvation aside from Christ and His Church and its perennial   Magisterium of 2000 years or its Tradition.  
Jesus was the King of Prophets, and , therefore, foretold what would befall His Church until the end of time.   We need look for no other promises regarding His Church.   He has told us all we need to know in this present time through the Deposit of Faith and, for that matter, all times.   Nevertheless, the false prophets, not satisfied with the words of Our Savior regarding His Church, would direct us to some other place for the helps we need to reach our eternal destiny.  They tell us that, with the spread of education,  it is not necessary to  accept without question everything that the Catholic Church teaches.   Some of these points of doctrine and some of these injunctions of the moral law were highly valuable and civilizing in ages past but not an enlightened age as our own.   But no man of science or learning would dream of accepting these doctrines today.   This would be intellectual suicide!
Against these false prophets and various other prophets Our Savior warns us to beware in the Holy Scriptures.   Since He Is Infinite Wisdom itself, He knew what man would need to attain his full spiritual stature.   He knew full well just what was in the heart and soul of man, and what would cure it of its faults and sins.   Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ did not come to establish a school of science or public  opinion, but a religion filled with precisely those doctrines and moral precepts without which man could not save his immortal soul.   

To these teachings  of Jesus in His Church essentially  nothing  new can be added.
  Whatever strikes us as being new or radically opposite the teachings of the Good Master  are not to be found legitimate .   All we can hope to do with our science today and education is to find new methods of approach to the teaching of Jesus, and new ways of explaining it more clearly to the people.   Anyone, be it  pope, bishops, priests or people who essays to substitute anything in the place of the teaching of Christ in the Tradition or the holy Deposit of Faith, is trifling with the Will of God, as this was made known to us authentically in the perennial magisterium of the ages.   It is the boast and glory of the holy Catholic Church that, throughout the ages, she has never tolerated any tampering with the teachings  of  Jesus.   Despite what her enemies may say about  the Church from within or without , she is not only not behind the times, but so far ahead of them that all  heretics and schismatics, with all their intellectual alertness, will never succeed in catching up with her—even if the heretics be  pope, bishop, priest  or king.   
Why will they never succeed?   Because though it is a Catholic shame that so few Confessors and Apostles are ready to stand up today to face off against the abominable error that reigns, in particular at the Synods on the Family and Marriage and the Eucharist;   nevertheless, Our Father in Heaven will always supply adequate voice to defend  the Church  till the end of time, even if it be only the saintly words of one  courageous  prelate  named  Raymond Cardinal Burke.    Why is this?    Because……
“The darkness of sin and the night of heathenism  shall  vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace, and  the Heart of Jesus shall  live in the hearts of men,” 
even if it is only a few!  

To be continued:    J. Hughes  Dunphy                         

False Charity, Class Envy, The Pope, Bishops and the Modern Church

Just because other members of a society have more than you, even though you are presumably poor, gives you no right to take it from them, violently through liberation theology and illegal immigration, or coercively via taxation and redistribution of another’s goods or revenging yourself on your neighbor in one way or another---politically, financially, verbally or even in your thoughts and behavior toward your neighbor. This is the world we live in today where the capital sin of envy reigns supreme. Marxist communist class envy has so penetrated the thinking of modern man that the devil has succeeded in convincing the most powerful of church members even to participate in it freely themselves.

We all know how the American government, corrupted as it is to the very core, participates in Marxist class envy vigorously everywhere , making blacks hate whites and vice versa, the poor hating the wealthy, and pitting one ethnic group against another, with even women hating men. Why? To create division and hate so the government can step in to seize power and advance governmental programs of equality that create even more class envy and hatred. The goal of all Marxist communist class envy to is to advance the totalitarian Communist atheistic state. Marxist communist class envy destroys true love of man for his neighbor or Christian charity, encourages the vice of sloth, and decimates a free market economy and capitalism, and peace on earth and good will to all men.

Nevertheless, most egregious of all is when the Church itself promotes class envy, liberation theology, and the massive loss of souls through the sin of envy from the top of the Church to the naive laity in the pews. This is true because Pope Francis himself, in another one of his casual unorthodox statements to the press, made the following egregious remark: “illegal immigrants must be welcomed and protected” in the United States of course. And not only the pope was involved in this illegal invasion , but the US Conference of Catholic Bishops received in 2012 , 65.9 million in federal grants to care for unaccompanied alien children and refugees, according to its 2012 annual report. Moreover, the group raised 1.4 million from its own church members while Federal loans and private sector grants made up the remainder of the 71 million spent on the resettlement that year. That means 93 percent of the NSCCB’s spending on charity was covered by U.S. taxpayers. (World Net Daily who published these statistics could get no response to emails and phone calls on seeking comments).

Furthermore, even Catholic Charities USA and other religious groups are working behind the scenes with the Federal Government to temporarily house and resettle this Latin American invasion in dozens and dozens of communities across the United States . This is not, not Catholic Charity being rendered through the Church working with the government but naked Marxist Communist class envy to give political advantage to its perpetrators with these so-called poor who are stealing citizenship illegally at our southern borders at the behest of American Catholic Bishops, numbers of lay Catholics and even the pope’s own encouragement.

Charity can only be charity as Our Divine Lord taught when “you give a drink of water even to one of these little ones for My Name’s sake, you will not fail to receive your reward.” Our Lord is not talking about a materialistic reward or advantage such as Marxist Class Envy is interested in, but only a reward in the hereafter as in adoring and worshipping God and gaining grace for one’s soul.

So-called helping illegal immigrants will only give the left wing democratic party an huge advantage politically for decades to come if this fiasco at the borders is pulled off and unopposed. Charity is only charity when help financially or otherwise is freely given for a spiritual end , and not manipulated by force through the tax system to give political advantage to those in power—the democrats. This is a scandal of scandals and on such a large scale, affecting so many, many Americans through the theft of tax dollars by the government and its democratic sympathizing cohorts. Spending all this money on illegal immigrants is a heinous sin and crime against the American people, whether these illegal immigrants are poor or not. Clearly, this is true when there are already millions and millions of poor or economically deprived Americans who are loyal citizens but cheated by this debacle. This could create an epidemic of disease and illness from these un-inoculated invaders to America when there already are so many Americans struggling to receive even basic health care from this Class envy Communist oriented Government. What a Catholic debacle this has become when the Church hierarchy and Pope Francis themselves are encouraging this!

It has been reported more than once that Catholic Charities USA also assists a number of other very un-catholic causes---which is a left wing political group of the American bishops---such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and now illegal immigration. Catholics must stop contributing immediately to this insidious organization under the control of evil forces.

This is an heinous scandal! And what a scandal this satanical sin of class envy can be, and all the other sins that it perpetrates and spreads. Let us listen to the holy Cure of Ars, the great parish priest of the Catholic Church, and how serious the sin of envy is in destroying souls.

“How many crimes have occurred in the history of the world, all of which had their source in envy! Envy has occasioned divisions in the Church, produced heresies ( i.e. liberation theology), originated wars, armed brother against brother, laid countries to waste, pillaged cities, separated families (i.e. liberation theology), and brought them to ruin. Envy knows no bounds.

It regards neither the bonds of friendship nor of blood. It incites the child against his father, as in the case of Absalom; brother against brother, like Cain; friend against friend, as with Saul; it causes men to forget the greatest benefaction, and hate the kindest of benefactors, as was the case with the Pharisees toward our Divine Savior.


Every one who has not lost all feelings of morality considers envy as a most disgraceful vice, and yet this vice is not as rare as people think. There is no end to envy in the world. Even amongst ourselves, envy is not a stranger. Indeed, there is not a man upon earth who has not to be upon his guard to close his heart to the vice of envy, to keep down every emotion of envy within him. For this reason I wish to warn you against envy, to show you:

To envy our neighbor’s happiness or fortune means to murmur at the dispensations of Providence and at God’s government of the world. The envious laborers in the vineyard, of whom the gospel speaks, murmured at the father of the family, and in like manner do all envious persons. Even if they do not grumble in just so many words, envy is practically a complaint against God. The envious person grudges his neighbor the good fortune that befalls him. But is it not God Who has granted it to him? It is a subject of vexation to the envious that his neighbor’s undertaking has succeeded (i.e. America), that his business is prosperous (i.e. America), that a joyful event has taken place. But does not every good gift come from God, Who is the success of every enterprise (i.e. America), allows business to prosper (i.e. America), and brings about that joyful event? Envy therefore, is a censure, a disapprobation of Divine Providence. The eye of the envious one is evil, because God is good.

According to this reasoning, God ought not to rule the world according to the decrees of His Love and Justice, but in accordance with the diabolical wishes of the envious, dispense His gifts and His chastisements. How malicious, and what a crime envy is! The Cure of Ars, “Sermons”

This malicious false desire of Marxist Class Envy to allow illegal immigration and all of its horrors prohibits the holy virtue of charity wherein Catholic bishops and priests and flock would work as missionaries in Mexico and Latin America to end the abject poverty of spirit where it exists in the Catholic faith, first, and then help alleviate physical want and need by teaching a man “how to fish rather than give him a fish”.

This outrageous power grab by American bishops viz. Cardinal O’Malley of Boston who recently stated to the press so arrogantly that “illegal immigration is more important than abortion” is an abomination. How this marks him as a disciple of the vice of Marxist Communist atheistic class envy for he happily shook hands with the president and also said how we can work together in this crisis--- the Church and the US Government.

Therefore, as the holy Cure of Ars teaches: “Let us love our neighbor and not envy him.” But how can we do this except by denying all unholy desires in ourselves and towards our neighbor or by our neighbor. This means also avoiding all excessive attachments in this world to its materialism, its possessions, its money, power, pleasures, or ownership. For all false desires in this world will be burnt up on the last day by Almighty God for only one desire, one love, one attachment shall survive and that is the unadulterated love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord, God , and Savior.

This love and desire alone shall survive as the 5 Foolish Virgins learned in Sacred Scripture who had empty lamps when the Holy Bridegroom returned for the Wedding Feast of love. The 5 Foolish Virgins had no oil in their lamps of heavenly merit or virtues like their sisters, the 5 Wise Virgins.

That the 5 Foolish Virgins did not concern themselves with heavenly things in a timely manner is clearly evident by their only too late recognition of their own severe lack. Their obsession obviously with the materialistic world and its desires and pleasures was catastrophic and truly tragic.

Most significantly here is what the Bridegroom or figure of Our Lord Jesus Christ utters in this famous parable because of the 5 Foolish Virgins total lack of spiritual goods, this most formidable statement of “I don’t know you,” and how it so perfectly applies to the 5 Foolish Virgins and their gross spiritual delinquency which finally cost them their salvation. How envious must these foolish virgins have been of human possessions, pleasures, and possessions to become so blinded of all spiritual graces and virtues and merit in loving God.

Likewise this shall be the very same fate of all practitioners of the vice of envy in all of its hidden forms, be it stealing from another because he has more than you, or being uncharitable towards your neighbor or maligning his good name because he is somehow more important, wealthier, or more talented or influential than you. It is impossible to call it charity when you are supporting Marxist Class Envy by encouraging illegal immigrants to remain in this country, thwarting its laws, even if you feed, clothe, house, and care for all his educational and medical needs.

Thus the wickedness of Marxist Class envy by the government and participating Catholic Church leaders has nothing, absolutely nothing charitable about it for the end of helping others does not justify the means of stealing and manipulating the American tax system to your personal gain and breaking the laws of illegal immigration.

How vicious is the vice of envy in all of its disguises, which all translate into coveting and wanting more and not being satisfied with the less that God has given you or your associates and friends for the sake of your immortal souls.

By the same token the Rich Young Man in Sacred Scriptures who walked boldly away from Christ when Our Divine Lord asked him to give up everything and come and follow Him, no doubt lost his immortal soul as the 5 Foolish Virgins. This insidious love of materialism and the things of this world which allows no room for supernatural merit precipitated no doubt the loss of the Rich Young Man’s immortal soul just like the 5 Foolish Virgins who had no oil. Though the Rich Young Man kept the commandments which pleased Our Divine Lord, it was not enough because Our Lord wanted the Rich Young Man to love Him with his whole heart and soul and mind and all his strength.

This false desire in the Rich Young Man for more and more is nothing less than the wicked all consuming vice of envy. How envy hides and disguises itself in many, many masquerades among even the seemingly religious like priests, bishops, and religious and other such seemingly holy Catholic souls but who are confounded by the devil and his many ploys with the vice of envy. Just consider how many priests and religious sisters now perceive the reality of being successful as not their own spiritual gain or the holiness of their flock but a career of titles, degrees, and ecclesiastical power.

Moreover, St. Paul’s words warn of this very wicked evil of envy, even among the spiritually and religious followers of Our Lord:

“Indeed, religion with contentment is a great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, just as we shall not be able to take anything out of it. If we have food and clothing, we shall be content with that. Those who want to be rich are falling into temptation and into a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires, which plunge them into ruin and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evils, and some people in their desire for it have strayed from the faith and have pierced themselves with many sorrows. But you, man of God, avoid all this. Instead, pursue righteousness, devotion, faith, love, patience and gentleness.” (1 Timothy 6: 6-12)

In considering charity, let us consider how false desires and concupiscence of envy must be avoided at all costs! Therefore, the sole desire that the hierarchy, including Pope Francis, ought to advocate amongst their sheepfold is pure charity as St. Paul says, in order to overcome the wicked and false desires of envy which as St. Paul advocates: “Men of God, avoid the wicked and false desires which drown men in destruction and perdition.”

The only desire that matters is the love of Jesus Christ as is so beautifully expressed in this poignant prayer from the Fr. Lasance Missal for the Tridentine Mass---a perfect prayer after Communion:

“O Lord Jesus, do Thou henceforth alone live within me. May the tongue whereon Thou hast rested never move to utter words other than such as would proceed from Thy meek and humble Heart. May the thoughts of my heart be in unison with Thine. May that mind which is in Thee be likewise in me. May I be consumed with the same desires; may I be one heart, one soul with Thee, O Jesus, Whom I bear within me. And let this union of my heart with Thine shed its influence over my whole life and conduct at all times and in all events, that so I may be able to draw other hearts to love Thee, and to devote themselves to Thy interests. This is the desire, O My Jesus, with which Thou dost inspire me--- that Thy sweet name may be hallowed, that Thy Kingdom may come, and extend, and triumph over all hearts and nations, and that Thy will, which is ever one with Thy Father’s, may be perfectly accomplished. Amen. Amen. (Fr. Lasance’s Missal, after Communion prayer)

Finally, let us dwell on Fr. John Hardon’s words, one of the greatest teachers of the Catholic faith in the last 50 years, who taught again and again the following truth:

“You are only so holy as you are detached from the things of this world! And when I say detached from the things of this world, I mean from everything, from everything, from everything.” (Fr. John Hardon, S.J.)

To be continued: J. Hughes Dunphy


St Jeanne Of The Blue Denim

In this age of  the casual, the informal, and the least common denominator modern society can only have a saint of the common man who dons his blue jeaned denims and then faces the world beyond with an egalitarian spirit of compromise, Marxism, heresy, and apostasy.
In these times nothing  theological or authoritative in Catholic teaching, nor doctrinal can ever matter again, but merely the whimsical fancy of public opinion, change, and the popularly  contrived.  Today a pope’s credibility is equal to the input of his popularity from his blue-jeaned denim followers who know nothing more Catholic, in many cases, than a fish dinner on a Friday is the only penance  needed  during Lent or giving up candy; all religions are equal, and , most of all, you don’t have to be Catholic anymore to be saved, so one does not have to convert.  

And these followers of St. Jean of the blue denim come to Church on Sunday, dressed casually in T-shirts and jeans—old or  young—with cut-offs and halter tops in the summer, or shorts on men or women, with flip-flops and sandals, and all such accoutrements that have helped to propel us all into the world of the casual, and unorthodox, in which we live today.  

Uninformed Catholic consciences abound in the church of the casual along with juvenile rubrics at Masses of balloon liturgies and sacrilegious and irreverent communion in the hand, along with no sin, no religion and no god who demands ethics, respect, or adoration for no one genuflects anymore, prays, and adores in silence and as far as  confession of “sin” goes, who does it when sin is passé and no longer relevant.  

This mindset evidently accompanies the pope  of the day also  who seems to revere  the casual saint of the blue denim also, for he loves  offhanded  and informal  ‘papal’ pronouncements before the media, denouncing too much emphasis on teaching the hard truths of the faith like abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and pedophilia  with learned and scholarly encyclicals that strongly and authoritatively defend the sacred truths of Church teaching  as traditionally done  for the  past 2000 years by every pope.   No, on the contrary we can observe the reality of suppressing the formal in the face of the casual so clearly when our  current pope opted to close down the traditional mass for the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate—as well as their seminary—for only a few complaints of members of the order— and  this was done even in the face of the living Pope Benedict XVI,  his predecessor, who gave universal permission to pray this Mass throughout the Church and world to all priests everywhere  with Benedict’s “Motu  Proprio.”   

The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, a healthy new traditional order of priests and sisters, was thriving until this markedly unorthodox attack  was  leveled  upon  Tradition, making this act one of the most politically correct  liberal attacks on Tradition in 2000 years,  namely the  expunging of the Traditional Mass among the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, except, of  course, for Paul VI’s attempt to abrogate the Tridentine  Mass throughout the Church some  fifty years ago.   Truly this is a scandalous act that oppresses Benedict’s “Motu Proprio”  in only a few short  years after it was decreed, making this bold act a serious breach of Tradition as never before – because of its arbitrariness and casual papal procedure, done without any warning or fair hearing of the salient facts of the case, the complaints, and thorough evaluation from the Franciscan Friars themselves.  

By the same token the rule of the casual in this papacy goes on and on:  it is quite difficult to justify in one’s efforts to evangelize the Catholic faith that Pope Francis is the “poster boy” for a gay magazine as the “person of the year”;   moreover, he recently gave a “very casual” blessing in public to a pet parrot of a famed Italian male stripper.   This reprehensible act in public is unprecedented vis-à-vis  the traditional image of a pope but instead is an unqualified break with the tradition of papal “gravitas”—something   grievously lacking in Francis’ papacy.  

Papal “gravitas” has not allowed such departures throughout the centuries as though one pope can ignore and oppose the traditional image and teachings and decrees of his predecessor, inviting the heretical delusion that the Church  could  ever  be   shackled by a politically correct skullduggery of one pope’s will as opposed to another pope’s or even the will of all others  before, similar to the idea of a living constitution in America today.  

In this age of modernist confusion throughout  the Church what this kind of casual rule  will do to papal infallibility, unity of Church teaching, doctrine, and the dissemination  of orthodoxy in the liturgy can only be frightening, for it has already wreaked havoc and ruin upon the faith in the last fifty years , especially in regard to the Tridentine Mass of the ages, with apostasy everywhere from millions and millions of fallen away Catholics.  This heresy of modernism  has given the Church Pope Paul VI who tried to forbid Catholics everywhere from praying the Tridentine Mass, and  has  also given us  Pope  John Paul II who excommunicated Tradition in driving the Society of St. Pius X from the Church for not submitting to this heretical decree of forbidding this holy Mass of the Tradition, and has given us Pope Benedict XVI who allowed again the Tridentine Mass worldwide but never said this holy Mass himself once in public, and now, finally, has given us Pope Francis I who has outlawed  this so holy Mass in the extraordinary form to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  What could be next?   And all of this has occurred because of  the onrush of modernism in the Church during  and after Vatican II and the  arrival of the “Novus Ordo Mass.”   

Arbitrary rule and its politically correct modernist tendencies, apart from orthodoxy and Tradition, will only be catastrophic to the Unity of the Church and its faith which was founded by Christ Our Lord Himself on Peter, the first pope, with the divine admonition
to teach authoritatively, finally, and correctlyfor Christ Himself has taught:“Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatsoever you loose on earth, shall be loosed in Heaven.”    In no way is the casual or mundane to be considered  appropriate  with any kind of “serendipity” autonomy or self-imposed magisterial authority to be  given  to such papal pronouncements, for this is contrary to the history and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and its solemn Thomasistic  and scholarly declarations.     If this is true, for popes to rule arbitrarily in spite of Tradition and orthodoxy,  we have suddenly come to the fruition of a catholic Marxian state with all the earmarks of liberation theology.   Jorge Brogoglio as a cardinal was familiar with this Jesuitical ideal himself in Buenos Aires, and how in its extreme form to overcome income inequality in a society anything goes, including both forced income redistribution and even violence.  Of course, this kind of error must be vehemently condemned and rejected by the Church and , hopefully, Francis will do so as vigorously as he has assaulted Tradition  by prohibiting  the Franciscan Friars from praying the Tridentine Mass.     
There is simply no compromise with truth in orthodoxy in a legitimate papacy of the Catholic Church.   Nor does even the demeanor or  “gravitas” of a legitimate pope accept this aberration.  Nor does the Magisterium of a legitimate pope trump  Tradition or orthodoxy;  in fact,a pope is not legitimate if he is not thoroughly orthodox and traditional.    And the “sine quae non’ of  orthodoxy and Tradition are an absolute for Christ Himself  Who taught the following:
      “He therefore that shall break one of these least commandments and shall so teach men, shall be called least in the kingdom of Heaven.   But he that shall do and teach; he shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.”   (Matt. 5: 19-20)
        “For I tell you, that unless your justice abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.”
Such was the mindset of the Pharisees who always needled Christ to lessen the law of the prophets; for example, on marriage, to  OK   divorce just like Moses did.   But Christ, on the other hand, strengthened the law making it more orthodox by saying:  
“ if a man even looks on a woman with lust , he has already committed adultery.”
In fact, Christ always strengthened a less orthodox law among the Jews, making it more orthodox in His teaching if it was not  or “more traditional” if it was not so already.

And so, for a pope to condemn the Traditional Mass is neither of Tradition or Orthodoxy as Francis arbitrarily did  so to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.   Furthermore, such wholly untraditional or unorthodox actions render the legitimacy of this modernist papacy seriously suspect with its self-gratifying ways and reckless decrees against orthodoxy and Tradition.   These kind of decrees must simply be ignored and not followed for they are in essence heretical, namely,  the shutting down the praying of the Tridentine Mass, the formalized and official worship of the Catholic Church for virtually 2000 years as recently decreed again by Pope Benedict XVI in his “Motu Proprio”,  and such an emergency situation needs to  be realized and pursued immediately by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate otherwise face the total  devastation of their religious order and the very existence of their holy charism.

Moreover, this is another example of how scandals have always existed in the Church, just as they have existed outside the church in the world.   Furthermore, there is no reason to give up and lose our hope in the  Catholic Church.   God’s mystery requires that the wheat and the weeds must needs grow up  side by side in the Church until the end of world.

Furthermore, it must be remembered that Christ Himself, founded the Catholic Church on fallible men like St. Peter and the apostles, and that he never promised that those men should never sin, or never commit errors  or perform heretical acts such as “suppressing” the Tridentine Mass, the Mass of the Ages as infallibly taught by Pope Pius V and the First Vatican Council.

Likewise the heavenly gift of Infallibility comes to the Church only when teaching about faith and morals and therefore, then only, the Catholic Church is prevented from teaching error by the Holy Spirit.  Above all, this doctrine of Infallibility cannot mean that these teachers do not sin, cannot be heretical, or teach error.  It’s the Church that cannot err on faith and morals!   Not the popes, including Pope Francis!
Finally, it should be remembered by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate this doctrine of faith as promulgated by Pope Innocent III in his encyclical “De Consuetudine” in which he authoritatively and absolutely taught that “it is necessary to obey a pope in all things as long as he does not go against the universal customs of the Church, but should he go against the universal customs of the Church as Pope Francis has so boldly done, he need not be followed.

What all devout  Catholics have a right to expect from any papacy in the  Church is that it be pregnant with explicating by decree, by documents, and by every word and example all the truths of the  faith in their totality, and original meaning and intent;  and this  unadulterated by any politically correct deviations from the  original deposit of faith as passed down to us through the centuries, forever intact,  by  the very apostles themselves.  And this golden ideal cannot be pursued by any pope or Episcopal leader or priest who ignores Christ’s Own definition of  what a good teacher of the Catholic faith really is:
“Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you.” ( Matt. 28: 19-21)   This is the Great Commission.  Thus by implication here of Christ’s Own Words is thateverything must be taught in its orthodox correctness and as its traditional clarity.  
One of the most orthodox and traditionally perfect of teachers in this past century is Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. who often commented the following:  “You can tell if you are an authentic teacher of the Catholic faith if you are living the eighth beatitude, namely,
“Blessed are you  when men reproach you, and persecute you, and, speaking falsely, say all manner of evil against you, for My Sake.   Rejoice and exult, because your reward is great in heaven; for so did they persecute the prophets who were before you.”   (Matt. 5: 11-13)
Any pope who declares that it is
“not by proselytizing that the faith is to be spread but by one’s personal attraction,” can only be living according to the gospel of St. Jean of the Blue Denim.    

j. hughes dunphy       



"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema. " Gal 1:8

Perish the thought of an unorthodox papacy in the Roman Catholic Church. Yet in the last fifty years there has been an unbroken line of unorthodox modernist popes since the death of His Holiness Pope Pius XII. Modernism has infected all realms of the Church including prelates, priests, ordinary Catholics in the pews, and even the lay pop-evangelists who have taken over the EWTN airwaves.

This Modernism has scattered the sheep who were once of one true fold so that the Mystical Body the Church has become virtually non-existent. Christ, the Divine Word, ought to be acknowledged vigorously today, in Scripture, in doctrine and moral matters, in liturgy, and particularly in Tradition; all of which are known together in this expression as the Deposit of Faith, as revealed in its totality with death of the last of the apostles. Only those know, believe, acknowledge and practice all these truths are the members in the fullest standing of the Roman Catholic Church and undeniably one with it.

When priests, bishops, and even popes do not support these absolute teachings and expressions of the Divine Word in Scripture, doctrine, moral matters, liturgy and Tradition they are dissenting, in whole or in part, and are not feeding the sheep of Christ’s flock. They are wolves, and not good shepherds. These wolves have overrun the sheep which is abundantly evident in the unruliness and worldliness of today's Catholics who are quick to partake of soul-destroying sins like contraception, divorce and remarriage, and according to numerous polls go so far as to lend their support to sodomite marriage. To top it off, the most critical damage that these wolves have done is to the liturgy. “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” ( Matt: 7,15 ).

But our Lord's words “by their fruits that you will know them,” are the words that Our Lord uses to evaluate these false shepherds in sheep’s clothing which has become so very relevant in these last days.

The fruit is rotten in the mainstream Church. The rot is indiscernible from the wordly rot produced by paganism. When the men of the Church outlaw the Mass of All Ages which has produced saints and sustained burdened sinners in the faith since the founding of the Church and replace it with an unrecognizable, unpenitential, unsacrificial, man-made inorganic rupture and call it to it "Mass"-- one is faced with a supreme and devastating crisis.

When a pope, as supreme head of the Catholic Church, should state unequivocally that ‘to go backwards in time to the past and yesterday’s Church as the wrong way’ , we have the epitome of “unorthodox” teaching from the Vicar of Christ himself, or the Church’s supposed good shepherd. Consider Pope Francis’ words: So, while he is apparently strong in his call for Catholics not to be afraid of the approaching future, he seems to be somewhat very hesitant and afraid of the past. In his own reflections for his daily mass at Domus Sanctae Marthae recently, the Pope said, “It’s like when the road is covered in ice and the car slips and go off track…... This is the other temptation at the moment! We, at this moment in the history of the Church, we cannot go backwards or go off the track!"

Another paradigm of the same kind of rhetoric from Pope Francis I is his return from World Youth Day 13, at which time he clarified his position on homosexuality to the world press, saying that he would not judge priests for their sexual orientation. This lapsus linguae flies in the face of Pope Benedict XVI’s teaching, in the papacy of his predecessor that no candidate for the priesthood should ever enter a seminary who has a strong sexual orientation towards pederasty, which was always the teaching of Tradition and orthodoxy for centuries! His predecessor judged such behavior as severely disordered, so ought to Francis I ! Further as the Supreme Pontiff it is his duty and obligation before Almighty God to judge such a priest.

This seems to be the sorry fate of Pope Francis I with such casual and elusive rhetoric, has declared herewith , publicly and outwardly, as pope, his apparent antipathy for the traditional teachings of the Church and its Traditions.

((((Additionally ecu-maniacal thrust of his recent predecessors, the Conciliar popes, he has already prayed in public with non-believers of the Catholic faith as though this is the normal routine of popes. This helps to set his papacy in the same mire that plagued all the Conciliar Popes of the Catholic Church in the last 50 years, these ecumenical obsessions and travesties. ))))) didn't do this!!

Even with the likes of Pope Paul VI’s seemingly good defense of Catholic sexual morality with “Humanae Vitae”; he, nevertheless, abused orthodox Catholicism abysmally with his continuation of the Second Vatican Council with its false ecumenism and teachings, the liturgical chaos and unsound liturgy of the new Mass, and his failure to quash the dissent—nearly universal, with “Humanae Vitae” by Catholic bishops, priests, and laity worldwide. The result of their insolent neglect of contradicting this encyclical, everywhere , by either ignoring it or dissenting with it, thus produced unhinged contraception in the 1960’s throughout the Church and the world thereafter.

Pope John XXIII’s modernist reign began with a call for the Second Vatican Council while he ignored the wise counsel of Pope Pius XII who fought consistently throughout his papacy against all attempts to “update the Church” and modernize it. This attempt to modernize the Church was an effort that began with and was encouraged boldly by some of the liberal prelates –amongst which was Angelo Roncalli-- and their cohorts. These wolves advocated strongly for “modernistic” changes with Pope Pius XII--however they were everywhere foiled, reprimanded or condemned during his papacy. Pius XII fought on every front against these infamous liberals and “modernists”. His heroic efforts are evident with his 41 encyclicals, all in defense of orthodoxy and Tradition. Pius XII wrote more encyclicals than all the Conciliar popes together in the last 50 years!

This liberal affront was non-stop throughout the papacy of John Paul II who dabbled in all kinds of ecu-maniacal “firsts”. From visits to synagogues—never done by popes preceding him— to kissing the Koran in public—a scandalous outrage. From his travels around the world to befriend other religions, rather than admonish and correct them for their unorthodoxy and non-belief, to the Assisi fiascos of syncretistic melting pots of false religions that prayed together while the Church sat quietly mute regarding the necessity of the one, true, orthodox faith for eternal salvation. He single-handedly excommunicated Tradition from the Church when persecuted and eventually excommunicated Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre --one of the only true warriors that remained in the Church against modernism. He hammered the last nail in the coffin for belief and reverence for the Holy Eucharist by his allowance of Communion-in-the hand and altar girls.

While Benedict XVI did some thoroughly orthodox things such as restoring the Tridentine Mass to its former state and lifting the unjust excommunication of the SSPX, and making some necessary but not complete translation improvements on the New Mass, still he failed and failed miserably to say this glorious Mass of the ages, the Tridentine Mass, even once, publicly, during his entire Papacy or enforce its application even minimally worldwide. Nor did Pope Benedict XVI move vigorously enough to regularize, totally, one of the only thoroughly orthodox bastions in the Church left, the Society of St. Pius X, that were still totally traditional, orthodox and faithful to the Magisteria past and present.

Only Pope Pius XII thoroughly, consistently, and authoritatively defended the Catholic tradition of orthodoxy in its totality throughout his Papacy. An example of this alone is his declaration on the doctrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary as an “ex cathedra” belief of the church, and it was taught universally throughout the church and believed and enforced as he commanded.

Here we sit now and mourn the unpunctual demise of Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy and the modernists “deus ex machina” solution by elevating Francis I to the papacy by a defiant, corrupt, and dissident hierarchy who consistently throughout Christendom of late have failed scandalously to preach, teach, and admonish sinners, either within the Church or without, on the traditional teachings of the Catholic Faith or the Church’s past magisterial teachings on such vital matters as the sacrificial nature of the Mass and the most Holy Eucharist; the Sacrament of Penance and a sense of sin and repentance; proper decorum for the Holy Eucharist in Churches by preserving reverence always for the Holy Eucharist with tabernacles, genuflecting, proper dress, and adoration; the avoiding of the abomination of Communion-in-the-hand and altar girls; and, lastly, instruction on sexual morality, such as the mortally sinful nature of divorce, contraception, pornography, abortion, sterilization, fornication, masturbation, sodomy, and pedophilia.

Instead of feeding the sheep of the Good Shepherd’s Flock in the last 50 years with orthodox Catholicism, these errant shepherds have helped the wolf attack the flock, scatter it, and decimate its once very corpulent numbers. With a new sense of religious and ecumenical freedom, the uninformed Catholics in the Church’s pews have failed to live their faith because of their own largely culpable ignorance (St Thomas Aquinas has mused: “I cannot imagine a situation of inculpable ignorance), have not properly practiced it, nor have they lived its traditional moral teachings from the past, and so they have thus become the victims of the hierarchy’s malfeasance from the papacy on down.

This brings us to Pope Francis I who is not from the past tradition of orthodoxy among popes from Pius XII back, but a new breed of pope who runs roughshod over tradition and orthodoxy, not acting with caution and prudence in word and deed, apparently, so that everything that he thinks, says, or does is in complete accord with the Church’s Tradition and orthodoxy for the past 2000 years. For all practical purposes, Pope Frances I appears to be of this modernist mentality of popes who dangerously conform to the world in their teachings and praxis. One of the most ominous predictions from the lips of the Great Bishop Sheen before his death was the “clear danger of the Church conforming to the world in the next 100 years!” Sadly, we see this as prophetically coming true on the part of the Conciliar, modernist popes and bishops and priests of our own day, as prophesied by the late Bishop Sheen.

This cannot go on, the unmitigated obsession with Vatican II and its erratic teachings and its love of Modernism in Pope, clergy, and people alike and its unorthodox and untraditional teachings of the Catholic faith and morality for the past 50 years, for it has already “devastated the flock” as to its robust numbers beyond recognition. By failing to feed the sheep with orthodoxy and Tradition for these past 50 years, but feeding them goat’s food instead, we are fast approaching the times, if not already there, “of only a remnant surviving in grace”, as the great apostle of all orthodoxy and Tradition, St. Paul taught so vehemently and explicitly, many centuries before our times.

A Catholic Church that is neither orthodox nor founded consistently and infallibly upon its past Traditions is not a holy church, neither are its members nor its clergy. Exactly what does such a modern Catholic Church appear to be? Let us look: first, the new Mass, not the efficaciously holy Mass of the ages but a modernist prayer contrivance to assuage Protestantism and all other non-believers with its meal versus ‘sacrifice orientation’; the new catechism that tramples upon the doctrines and morality of the Church, particularly all sexual morality by not teaching it in the same clear and explicit language of the past; the new code of canon law which has devastated religious orders of men and women with so many thousands of laicizations, and likewise the priesthood, and has exponentially increased the numbers of marriage annulments and divorce worldwide; also the limp-wristed efforts of combating from the papacy and the clergy the new sexual immorality which is rampant in both the Church and the world; and, finally, the obsession with modern socialist societies that ignore St. Paul’s perfect work ethic: “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” so that the modern social gospel has become a tool of marxist class envy viz. “ if you are poor or deprived, you assuredly deserve an entitlement”. No one sees it any longer as a severe violation of the Seventh Commandment and the virtue of Justice, nor “defrauding a laborer of his wages”—one of four sins that cries to heaven for vengeance! Such is the Church of today in the Age of Apostasy!

In fact, so important is Tradition as well as orthodoxy in Our Divine Lord’s teachings to us that He strategically put both of them together in this famous excerpt from Matthew (5 : 17-20). “Do not think that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets. I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled. He therefore that shall break one of these least commandments, and shall so teach men, shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven. But he that shall do and teach, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” What a glorious confirmation of orthodoxy and Tradition by Our Divine Lord Himself!

Clearly, one cannot have one without the other; for if there is no orthodoxy, there is likewise no Tradition. And Tradition cannot be Tradition without orthodoxy. Consider only Our Lord’s admonition of the Pharisees who chastised Our Lord for teaching differently on marriage than Moses who allowed a writ of divorce to the ancient Jews. But Our Divine Lord taught authoritatively to these false teachers: “But I say to you, that whosoever shall look on a woman to lust after her, hath already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

For this the Pharisees and Jews condemned Our Divine Lord to death and also for Christ’s other orthodox and traditional teachings. When the teachings of the Jews had a tradition on their side such as the Jews allowing divorce, Our Lord taught vigorously the whole truth to them in absolute terms because these teachings of the Jews were not orthodox because they were sinful -- even though they were traditional. The same holds true for the use of anger and killing one’s brother in this identical passage from Matthew. Indeed, both orthodoxy and tradition had to reflect each other for Our Divine Lord.

And so should Holy Mother Church on the part of the Magisterium with the Pope and the bishops and the priests, in total unity, believe and teach. But what have we seen in the last 50 years since the Second Vatican Council but unorthodox and untraditional teachings from pope after pope and from bishop after bishop and priests ‘en masse’ in the Catholic Church. Not the air-tight orthodoxy and Tradition of past magisterial teachings of Pope Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI, or Pius XII. nor from Vatican Council I. Instead the faithful have been inundated with unorthodox and untraditional pronouncements, actions, and writings from the Conciliar popes ever since and before Vatican Council II. Witness the false and iniquitous abrogation of the Tridentine Mass till Pope Benedict XVI’s “Motu Proprio”. Another egregious example is the false ecumenism since the Council and Pope Pius XII”s wholesale attack on any participation in it during his papacy with all of his absolute authority. Witness also the liberal and modernist inception of Communion-in-the-hand and altar girls in bold defiance of all past Magisteria of popes and councils for thousands of years!

In sum, every pope from John XXIII to and through Pope Francis I have either said, done, taught or wrote some of these unorthodox abominations, along with multitudes of bishops and priests, which have over time devastated the vineyard with millions upon millions “falling away” in what appears to be the “Great Apostasy” of whole Catholic nations ceasing to exist in what has clearly become the insufferable attack of Modernism, the worst heresy in the history of the Roman Catholic Church since Athanasius.

Certainly, Our Lord’s rule to judge them by their “fruits” applies here: “By their fruits you will know them.” And what are the fruits of Vatican Council II and the Conciliar popes? Let us examine now some of these modernist affronts in detail, especially Ecumenism, and observe its victorious assault on Tradition and orthodoxy in clergy and faithful alike and why Pius XII was so strict in condemning this cancer in the Church before Vatican Council II--everywhere during his reign, especially, by supporting his predecessor Pope Pius XI’s encyclical “Mortalium Animos” that taught basically reunification with other religions could only be possible if they would return to the total faith and doctrines that they had rejected or ought to believe within the Catholic Church. This Pope Pius XII adamantly defended to his death.

Now let us observe these modernist affronts on the Church! First of all, it is the failure to continue to teach, consistently, not only the Tradition of 2000 years of Roman Catholicism but even when doing so to fail to be orthodox. Especially, noteworthy, at the outset is the failure on the part of all the Conciliar Popes to condemn “ecumenism” by upholding vigorously and authoritatively and adamantly in union with the retinue of orthodox popes before Vatican II who adamantly defended this all important doctrine of the faith that “outside the Church there is no salvation.” It is not only the unorthodox teachings of Vatican II but its egregious failures to teach, vigorously and authoritatively, the whole undiluted truth, for example, that the Catholic faith is the one true faith in which Salvation can only be found. Or that forgiveness of sin alone resides within the priesthood of the Catholic Church. The Church’s exclusivity has been matter-of-factly been ignored since Vatican Council II, diluted and debased.

Now consider that religious liberty somehow includes the possibility that one can be saved in other false religions in a kind of invisible church, connected extra-scramentally to the Catholic Church. This is the first and greatest salvo and egregious error by the modernist Second Vatican Council and all of its popes who allowed this doctrine of “outside the Church there is no Salvation” and its application throughout the Church to languish into obscurity. Also, the limp-wristed efforts by these same Conciliar popes to defend authoritatively and vigorously the traditional teachings on marriage and sexual morality to the whole Church and the world during the sexual revolution have brought us to “same-sex marriage and sodomy in all of its horrors” with children even being victims of it by the clergy themselves. What an abomination is the failure to address this diabolical new “homoheresy” as it spreads pandemically everywhere to obliterate the virtue of purity, the family and civilization. Moreover, the onus of guilt here is not purely papal, but Episcopal and sacerdotal as well.

To redefine catechetics away from absolute moral principles of right and wrong and its defense, to a modernized version of conscience that anything goes because of the circumstances of your situation in an “I’m ok and you’re ok” kind of morality has created “erroneous consciences” everywhere in the Church, be it clergy or faithful. With the demise of absolutist morality on right and wrong (“It’s a mortal sin to….) in the Conciliar Church and its concomitant “fear of the Lord” mentality, there is no longer any evidence within the Church-- but the most pusillanimous of efforts-- of teaching on the four last things of “death, judgment, heaven and hell” which create always a healthy fear of God’s justice and His admonition that only “few” will be saved, especially, if one considers Christ’s teachings on the “narrow gate”: “Enter at the narrow gate for wide is the path that leads to destruction and many are there who travel that way. Enter at the narrow gate, for narrow is the gate and rough is the road that leads to life, and few there are who even find it.” ( Matt: 7: 13)

Therefore, it is above all evident that orthodoxy and Tradition are always inseparable, for there is simply no truth without them both, as we saw earlier how Our Divine Lord so taught in the passage of Matthew Chapter Five, on how nothing is overlooked, even one jot or tittle, in the judgment. Thus the importance of St. Athanasius’ words which are published so proudly on the mast of this blog: “Whoever wishes to be saved must above all keep the Catholic Faith, for unless you keep this faith whole and entire, you will undoubtedly be lost.” These words of St. Athanasius the Great are based upon the words and teachings of Our Divine Lord and the importance of upholding the Truth in both orthodoxy and Tradition in its totality. In past and present Magisteria alike! One pope cannot ignore, contradict or overturn the doctrinal teachings of previous popes or Councils or he is not orthodox nor traditional.

These saintly words by Athanasius ought to be treasured by every heart and soul that desires to be “saved” and reach heaven. In particular, are these holy words addressed to the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church who have been given the duty and privilege to teach and preach the whole Truth of Christ, unsparingly, to the entire world, even a hostile and belligerent world such as it is today. Let us recall again the power of Christ’s Own words, once more: “He, therefore, that shall break one of these least commandments (the Ten Commandments and all the rest of Christ’s teachings by application) and shall so teach men, shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But he that shall do and teach, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.”

Thus orthodoxy, or correctness and the completeness of Christ’s teaching and words is no option; not for members of the Catholic Church, which, clearly, forbids heresy, nor is it an option for other religions of the world, be they in total error or in part as all Protestantism. It may cost one his immortal soul! Moreover, this absolutely includes, also, by application of Our Divine Lord’s words, everything ever taught by the Church throughout its entire history, including all perennial doctrines of the faith by either popes or councils of the Church in the past. And this likewise translates down to the Sunday sermons of your local parish priest and the Christian doctrine you learn in your local parish in the present. Nonetheless, this admonition of Our Lord’s holds true only for the faithful with those teachers and preachers who are “orthodox” and traditional. No others! Nor can one assume that liberal teachings or doctrines that are in error, such as from unorthodox popes or councils or parish priests and catechism teachers are to be accepted. Above all, these false teachings are to be avoided by any informed Catholic conscience as heresy and heterodoxy are to be avoided, especially, when they are clearly inconsistent with the Church’s teachings of the last 2000 years. And such false teachers or wolves will be severely chastised by God’s justice: “For I tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 5: 20)

Consider, above all, now the absolute importance of orthodoxy and tradition in the very worship of the Catholic Church in the Tridentine Mass, and the importance, therefore, of this obligation on the part of all Catholics, clergy and faithful alike. In the canon of the Mass, the most holy part of the Mass when Our Divine Lord sacrifices Himself to His Heavenly Father for our sins, we see the following language and the use of the pivotal word “orthodox”: You can observe this in the Latin or English below: “We , therefore, humbly pray and beseech, Thee, most merciful Father, through Jesus Christ; Thy Son, Our Lord that Thou wouldst vouchsafe to accept and bless these gifts, these offerings, these holy and unblemished sacrifices. Which in the first place, we offer up to Thee for Thy holy Catholic Church, that it may please Thee to grant her peace, to protect, unite and govern her throughout the world, together with Thy servant Franciscus, our Pope, our Bishop, and all orthodox believers and professors of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.” (Add: “Te igitur, clementissime Pater, per Jesum Christum Filium tuum Dominum nostrum, supplices rogamus, ac petimus, uti accepta habeas, et benedicas, haec dona, haec munerea, haec sancta sacrificial illibata. In primis, quae tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia tua sancta catholica; quam pacificare, custodire, adunare, et regere digneris toto orbe terrarium; una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro Francisco, et Antistite nostro , et omnibus orthodoxis atque catholicae, et apostolicae fidei cultoribus.)

In other words no Mass is legitimate if it is not offered by orthodox believers and teachers of the Catholic and Apostolic faith from top to bottom, from the pope in Rome to the orthodox believers in the pews. No sacrifice of the Mass will be blessed or approved by almighty God if it is not orthodox in its teachings or preachings and prayers and offered by similar members of the Catholic Church from pope to priest to people. In short, orthodoxy is not a choice or an option in acceptable worship of God, just as it is essential in a devout Catholic’s faith life. So also, Tradition in worship is likewise imperative, which so clearly is the case with the Tridentine Mass of the ages that goes back in its relevance to the Upper Room and Christ’s Own Last Supper!

Lastly, let us consider the importance of Tradition unmistakably to Our Divine Lord Who said: “Do not think that I am come to destroy the law of the prophets. I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. For Amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.” Unmistakably, “by their fruits”, Our Lord said, “you will know them.” Undeniably, the liberal Vatican Council II, its popes, its prelates, and its priests; notwithstanding, religious orders of sisters and priests, have watched the Church move from an organized flock of sheep and good shepherd to a sorry lot of goats, who are unruly, uncontrollable, and unconcerned about their salvation, or even hearing of it today. Instead of feeding the flock of sheep with true orthodoxy and Tradition such as the holy Society of Pius X is being fed , independently , or miniscule groups of traditional Catholics around the world, Rome has ignored the sheep and concentrated upon feeding them the food of goats which has devastated the flock everywhere, universally. In fact, the worn out metaphor certainly applies here, “Rome fiddles, while the world burns.”

And so it is today and for the last 50 years of Vatican II renewal and the new catechism and the Conciliar Church! The application of this metaphor reaches the height of its absurdity when we have a pontiff in Rome, named Francis I, who is obsessed with elevating to heavenly glory and sainthood, two of the Catholic Church’s most unorthodox and untraditional of popes in Church history : Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, the former who banished Tradition by invoking the Council and the latter who excommicated it by so doing to the Society of Pius X, all of this while Catholics in Iraq, Syria, and Egypt are decimated by the Islamic sword, their churches burned to the ground, and their lives taken everyday. When will this modernist debacle come to an end?

That is only possible when an orthodox pope of holy Tradition such as Pope Pius XII again takes the throne of Peter to rule the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ that was built soundly upon Peter. This could be the current pope’s fate if and when he has a ‘conversion of heart’. When, that is, he becomes a good shepherd like unto our Divine Lord who would lay down his Life for all His Sheep, or for the whole Church, in particular the righteous sheep, that is, including all the traditional and faithfully orthodox Catholics since Vatican II! Even the Society of St. Pius X ! This means the pope becomes a victim of the “Victim of Love” and His eternal sacrifice by laying down his life for his sheep. And this means no shepherd is a good shepherd who is not orthodox and traditional, as is clear from Christ’s teachings and His actions. Nor is he holy! For if he is not such a pope, then he is not a good shepherd but a “hireling” or one who allows the wolf to attack the sheep, scatter them, and decimate them. The history of the last 50 years up to the present! Lord save us!

In conclusion, it is good to recall here Fr. John Hardon’s words about today’s priests and bishops. Fr. John Hardon was truly one of the greatest teaching priests of all time who wrote over 55 books, helped pen the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and taught theology and philosophy in Latin in several seminaries; he often begged his students to pray for priests and bishops. These are his oft repeated words: “Pray for priests, pray for priests; so many have lost their faith! Pray for bishops, pray for bishops; so many have lost their faith!” Let this be our closing thoughts and words for all priests and bishops. (Fr. John Hardon, S. J. was, indeed, a very holy priest who passed in 2000 and his cause is already under scrutiny by Rome for sainthood.)
Pax in Christo Per Mariam,
J. Hughes Dunphy
(to be continued)


Vatican II, the Unholy Priest, and Apostasy

“Vatican II, the Unholy Priest, and Apostasy”

This tragedy of no sense of sin and an “uninformed Catholic conscience” pervades the Church and priesthood everywhere since Vatican Council II. This contamination of the Catholic conscience with no “sense of sin” is so easily overlooked by clergy and laity alike, for all sin as St. Paul teaches, darkens the mind and weakens the will. So true is this that virtually all Catholics in the pews today have come to forget what a holy Catholic priest is or, for that matter, a fervent Catholic.

It can only be true that a holy priest or his counterpart in the pews is a very devout Catholic who has a keen and active sense of sin. When one observes such great holy priests of the past—and they were, indeed, common before Vatican II, we see his sole vocation was largely to eradicate sin in the confessional box for hours and hours on end. Empty Confessional boxes, uninformed Catholic consciences, unholy priests, apostate Catholics, and modernism have devastated the Church for the last 50 years. The unholy priest of today simply does not understand this truth, one that the holy Cure of Ars made clear in this poetic statement:

Who does not see; Does not know; Who does not know, Does not love; Who does not love; Does not know God; But loves himself And his own pleasures.

One cannot “see” if God does not reveal Himself to him through His Divine Graces. Absolutely, unholy priests are blinded by their sin as well as all Catholics in grievous sin. This ability to see, clearly, is realized only by an illumination of one’s conscience by the graces of the Most Holy Spirit: “For this cause I bow my knees to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, that the world grant you, according to the riches of His Glory, to be strengthened by His Spirit with might unto the inward man: that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, you may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length, and depth, and height; and to know the love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge, and that you might be filled with all the fullness of God.” (Eph. 3:18) Truly, truly then can one love God in holiness with his whole heart, his whole mind, and all his strength.

A holy priest sees visibly his own sins, especially those of omission towards his whole flock. It is not so much for what we do to offend God, sins of commission, that condemns our souls to hell, but for the goodness and virtue we failed to do, “for if a tree does not bear fruit, my Father, will have it cut down and it will be thrust into the fire.” And so is it true here with a holy priest who is virtuous and who is, indeed, a holy priest because he virtually always keeps a ‘contrite and humble heart’ before God so he can be holy.

Much greater than the failures and actual sins of commission in the priesthood today, with sins against purity and chastity, is by far the priest’s sin of omission in failing to preach and teach the whole truth of the Catholic faith to the sheep of his flock, by instructing them in all the fundamental doctrines of the faith in forming good and holy Catholic consciences. This is the great sin of Vatican Council II to fail to teach and preach the perennial truths of the Catholic faith in conjunction with the Tradition of the past: be it in liturgy, in doctrine, and in living out the holy faith in the vocations of the priesthood, the religious life, and the Catholic laity!

Did not Our Divine Lord over and over interrogate St. Peter, by asking him if he loved Him: “Do you love Me, Peter? Then feed my sheep.” A soul without the Word of God will become quickly desiccated and die of infidelity, failing to live out the holy truths of the faith and therefore a virtuous life. This is the work, always, of a good Catholic priest, a holy priest, a saintly priest, to teach and preach the faith in all of its splendorous orthodoxy to the hungry sheep in his tutelage.

It is teaching a true understanding of the sense of sin, in order to be upright and orthodox, that a holy priest feeds his flock, especially, on how to be saintly and practice the holy virtues. Nor can a priest who is holy himself, ever ignore the slightest sin of omission in this regard in his own priesthood. To not address this sinful state is to fail in his priesthood to keep a keen sense of sin in his own holy vocation. That is why the Offertory of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass puts forth these very words in the priest’s mouth:

“I offer up to Thee, O God, my innumerable sins, offenses, and negligences that it may avail me and all the Souls of all faithful Catholics, living and dead.”

Moreover, just a few prayers thereafter, the priest again begs God that he may have a “contrite and humble heart”: so that his sacrifice may be acceptable to God.

And both of these prayers are particularly important to be prayed for a worthy and acceptable sacrifice to God. Then follows the poignant washing of the hands of the priest, followed by the Offertory prayer for this holy rubric: “I wash my hands among the innocent that I may hear Thy Voice of praise and tell of all Thy wondrous works.” As the saints of the Church have taught: “Non dare potes quod non habes.” ‘You cannot give what you do not have.’

So intimately connected are a priest’s consciousness of his own contriteness and his personal holiness with his ability to teach and preach the wondrous works of God’s truths to his flock that the degree of the former virtually literally brings about the legitimacy and success of the latter.

How vacuous, indeed, are the Offertory prayers of the Novus Ordo that speak so little of this priestly reality—the awareness of his own sinfulness and unworthiness to offer sacrifice, for even the slightest sin before God makes us unworthy to be in His Presence. How pusillanimous is any sense of sin in the Novus Ordo Mass and liturgy! And to miss this majestic truth is to fail to understand the purpose of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is at its very essence a sin sacrifice for priest and congregation alike.

And so a good priest, a holy priest, never forgets his need to always cultivate a “contrite and humble heart” before God, not only for himself but also for his whole flock. Consider at the end of every Extraordinary Form of the Mass, just after Holy Communion, the priest along with the people prays that all present may have pure and innocent hearts from every sin which these sacred mysteries have renewed. Also the priest prays after this supplication with the people that all may be healed by the reception of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is, indeed, a holy priest, this is a man worthy to sacrifice to God; one who alone is always cognizant of his own frailty and that of those with whom he worships God.

Finally, let us pray with the Psalmist that we may always have a “contrite and humbled heart” in order that our sacrifice to God in the Mass may be worthy and acceptable:

“For if Thou hadst desired sacrifice,

I would indeed have given it; but in

Burnt offerings Thou hast no delight.

A sacrifice to God is a broken spirit: a

A contrite and humbled heart, O God,

Thou wilt not despise.

Deal graciously, O Lord, with Sion

In Thy Goodness that the walls of

Jerusalem may be rebuilt.

Then wilt Thou again accept true

Sacrifices, oblations and burnt-

Offerings; then shall they offer bullocks

Upon Thy altar.

Wash me thoroughly, O Lord, from Thy


It is good to recall here Fr. John Hardon’s words about today’s priests and bishops. Fr. John Hardon was truly one of the greatest teaching priests of all time who wrote over 55 books, helped pen the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and taught theology and philosophy in Latin in several seminaries; he often begged his students to pray for priests and bishops. These are his oft repeated words: “Pray for priests, pray for priests; so many have lost their faith! Pray for bishops, pray for bishops; so many have lost their faith!” Let this be our closing thoughts and words for all priests and bishops. (Fr. John Hardon, S. J. was, indeed, a very holy priest who passed in 2000 and his cause is already under scrutiny by Rome for sainthood.)

God bless,

--to be continued--

j hughes dunphy



On the Sin of Omission, Vatican Council II, and Apostasy.

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men: and the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

Looking back at the devastation of the Catholic faith in the last fifty years, one cannot doubt that the plague of the uninformed Catholics in the pews has been only surpassed by the wholesale ignorance of the clergy, in particular, the priests. The immediate upshot of all this ignorance has been a malaise of darkness that has spread over the whole Catholic Church with spiritual consequences everywhere. The eternal consequences of this ignorance of both clergy and laity are sin, the spreading of a veritable explosion of sin, in both the world and in the Church, which has precipitated according to St. Paul, this darkness of the mind and in addition a weakness of the will.

This pandemic ignorance of the faith by both clergy and laity and its sinful consequences were brought on by one spiritual weakness, namely, Modernism, a catastrophe that Pope Pius X warned of, in the early 1900’s, would be able to infect the entire Church with great ruin and destruction. In particular, what precipitated both this ruin and devastation was a will on the part of the clergy to become more relevant , update, and modernize the Traditions of the Catholic Church, be it liturgy, doctrine, or the priesthood and the religious life.

Very simply such a statement and its veracity can be easily seen in the dilution of the sacred worship of God in the Mass from a holy sin sacrifice for the salvation of souls to a Protestant meal of sharing bread and wine in feelings of good will. Nor have the great doctrines been unspoilt by this modernization, especially can this be seen in ignoring one of the most fundamental of all doctrines of the Catholic faith,
“outside the Church there is no salvation” as an absolute and clear teaching of the Roman Catholic Church to the new-fangled syncretistic belief that the unchurched can also be saved and that God no longer needs Baptism and water as a sacrament necessary for salvation, but instead God can opt to save souls extra-sacramentally without the Church in a so-called Baptism of Desire to be utilized by people of all faiths.

In a priesthood and religious life where being holy was once the paramount concern before Vatican Council II, holiness has become passé in the liberated church where dissent, disobedience and pedophile priests are universal, allowing the world, the flesh, and the devil to corrupt in unison the holy priesthood and the vowed religious life. This corrupting influence of these holy vocations, the priesthood and the religious state, has devastated God’s vineyard with unholy priests and religious whose sinful lives of indulging the world, the flesh and the devil, has left the Catholics in the pew with an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’. It is an undeniable fact that unholy priests and religious care not a whit about keeping the average Catholic in the pew aware of the obligations and teachings of the Catholic Church on how to be a faithful and fervent Roman catholic. From saintly priests and religious the church and its members become holy; from holy priests and religious the people in the pews become good; from good priests and religious, God’s people are simply faithful but not fervent; from unholy and sinful priests and religious God’s people are apostate, and so on.

When unholy priests and religious have left the Catholics in the pew with ‘uninformed Catholic consciences’ , we can see further how this failure has driven the church underground because its highest leaders, the bishops themselves, have failed to step forward and are even loathe to evangelize the faith to the world by teaching, governing and sanctifying souls through the church by their magisterial authority. Why is this so?

This corrupting dilemma of magisterial authority is the failure to teach and promote and defend not only the doctrines of the faith, but likewise failing to reprimand its offenders by anathema and excommunication. Moreover, this catechetical crisis of the ‘uncatechized Catholic in the pew, has precipitated unholy catholics everywhere, who ignore both the sacraments and the vital liturgical practices of the Church. Easter duty and confessing one's sins at least once a year is a thing of the past. Clearly, this delinquency in magisterial authority in matters salient to the salvation of souls makes vivid the sheer insufficiency in holiness of these Episcopal leaders.

This great rise in the bishops faltering in their administrative duties to tend the flock and nourish these souls, originates in whole or in part from failing to heed a great teaching of the past by St. Athanasius: “
Whoever wishes to be saved must above all keep the Catholic faith for if you do not keep this faith whole and entire, you will undoubtedly lose your soul.”

This failure to teach the Catholic faith by the hierarchy and especially the bishops, makes impossible the living out of the faith, whole and entire, and the salvation of egregious numbers of souls for the hereafter. This pathetic failure to teach the Catholic faith, whole and entire, by the sin of omission has gained its greatest ally from the documents of Vatican Council II where in all three administrative areas of episcopal authority, of liturgy, governing, and sanctifying, there are noteworthy violations from the past traditional teachings and authority of the Church.

This great negligence to teach the Catholic faith, whole and entire and clearly, and in total conformity with the past perennial teachings of the Church by the sin of omission has its greatest ally in heterodoxy from Vatican Council II where unconscionable violations are evident throughout.
In fact, this is the great sin of the Second Vatican Council, the sin of omission: not teaching as we now already know from our previous discussion matters doctrinal, both clearly and cogently, namely, “outside the Church there is no salvation”; failure also ,in matters to sanctify the flock and ‘feed’ them, as Our Lord demanded of Peter and His Apostles to faithfully do; in particular, an adequate defense of life, in light of the 1960‘s debate on
Humanae Vitae, with consequent strong teachings on purity and chastity in all sexual matters—the upshot of which has been multitudes of so-called Catholics on contraception in numbers as great as Protestants ever since the Second Vatican Council; and finally, refraining from a strict protection of the priesthood and religious life by allowing tens of thousands of priests to be laicized and hundreds of thousands of religious sisters and brothers to be dispensed of their vows after the Council from the updating and modernizing counciliar documents of these once holy vocations. Moreover, especially noteworthy was a deemphasis on celibacy in the priesthood and the community life of religious being disregarded after the Council with undisciplined priests going so far as to advocate ‘optional celibacy’. Undisciplined and unregulated interpretations of Vatican II documents allowed such heinous interpretations of its documents to justify religious orders which formerly lived ‘ in community’ to renew themselves by living in apartments after the Council; and other similar violations such as appearing in public without wearing the proper habit of their religious order any longer or priests being so bold as to dispense with the Roman collar and accompanying black suits so as to be the ‘thoroughly liberated and modernized priest’.

Thus, if Vatican Council II, was to be a ‘pastoral’ council, it failed in educating church members, whether clergy or laity in these salient area of episcopal authority: teaching, governing, and sanctifying. So where did the bishops learn to be so grievously omissive in their ‘pastoral duties’, but from the Second Vatican Council and its obsession to modernize and forget the past.

By not teaching, governing, or sanctifying the flock, adequately—especially at the Council and after, the bishops offered a paradigm to the whole Church, especially priests and religious, that failures in these matters was unimportant. This sin of omission at the Council trickled down to priests and religious everywhere who thought teaching, governing, and sanctifying their own flocks was no longer relevant. Thus the great folly of the ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ resulted, which infected the flock universally, causing them to see that the Catholic Church or their faith was equally irrelevant today and so they left the one, true Church in astronomical numbers worldwide, along with their children, giving us the
“Great Apostasy”. This generational sin of failing to teach the Catholic faith has progressed to such a degree that, today, millions of ex-catholics have been affected by this sin of omission and have, therefore, apostasized.

Furthermore, ‘an uninformed Catholic conscience’ leads to sin, a grievous sin, mortal sin because it is almost always willful, resulting in St. Athanasius’ warning that to be saved, one ‘must keep the Catholic faith whole and entire’ . Clearly, an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ is full of culpable guilt, the willful desire to not know the whole truth by making little or no effort to be informed. Even if this grievous sin of ‘omission’ arises from spiritual lassitude, there is still much culpability of conscience, for every Catholic has always a huge moral obligation to keep one’s conscience fully informed at all times. All of this shows why the sin of omission, wherever it appears, is lethal to man’s conscience, his church , his society, and his world.
j hughes dunphy, to be continued

On the Sin of Omission, Vatican Council II, and Apostasy.

An undeniable fact is the seriousness of this sin of omission in the priestly vocation, a sin that catches fire with fury amongst the laity and condemns many souls to hell. This omission which keeps the laity in the dark regarding their own eternal salvation before God arises from a carelessness in matters spiritual on the part of the priest. Truly, this is lethal for the Catholic in the pew.

Any priest who is delinquent in informing his flock about a true sense of sin and the rigors of Divine justice for such violations and omissions, indicates indisputable proof of a priest oblivious to the call to holiness and the insurmountable graces of his vocation. For a Catholic priest himself to remain with an
‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ brings about a mind that is darkened and a will that is weakened. Therefore, the priest along with his flock falls victim to developing a hardened heart which results from a life of sin with a darkened mind and a weakened will, all from living outside of grace for lack of virtuous living. Particularly harmful to the soul and its eternal salvation, affirms St. Paul, is this life of sin which inevitably darkens the mind and weakens the will. Clearly, this supernatural ignorance is what has crippled man’s conscience, his sense of sin, and the ultimate salvation of his soul, the consequence of which is spiritual anarchy in abundance in the last fifty years, especially in the church which has given us the grievous sin of omission in teaching, governing, and sanctifying the flock by bishops and priests everywhere. This pandemic crisis of conscience, with an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ has been ignored , again and again, for the sake of being updated, renewed, and modernized from the so-called ‘old Church’ and the spiritual monarchy of the Vatican and its magisterium. Finally, it is important to realize that an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ gives rise to a life of darkness and sin and, vice versa, a sinful life in the darkness of sin gives us the inevitability of the ‘uninformed Catholic conscience.


“May the darkness of sin and the night of heathenism vanish before the light of the Word and the Spirit of grace, and may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever. Amen”

j hughes dunphy, to be continued



“Do not work for the food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you.” “Amen, amen I say to you , unless you eat the Flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you do NOT have life within you.” “Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks My Blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up on the last day.” “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks My Blood remains in Me and I in him.”

How many Catholics today really and truly take these words of Our Divine Lord seriously As rare as orthodox Roman Catholics are today, just as rare are orthodox Catholic marriages. A devout Roman Catholic has Christ living in him at all times through the most holy Eucharist, and lives in a state of grace. This is the case for but few today of young Roman Catholics seeking matrimony. Why is this so?

Because too often one witnesses within so-called catholic families everywhere the carnal match-up of the future bride and groom with nothing at all in common with an orthodox catholic marriage. This is true because these errant couples have nothing more in common with one another than the lust of living together before marriage. Such couples after wedlock, often in a Catholic Church, baptize their marriage with artificial birth control in any one of the many possible ways. This scenario of the modern Catholic couple is not remote either when recent statistics verify that 98% of Catholic and non-catholic women have practiced some form of birth control at some time, throughout the years of their marriage.

Whenever this tool of moral depravity fails, such errant couples use the ultimate weapon against life, namely abortion, the worst and most barbaric form of birth control! Birth control in all of its ugly forms poisons a marriage. Couples that practice this infamous moral outrage seldom survive in any kind of marital bliss, yet alone preserve their marriage status with one another. Make no mistake, Catholic divorce is virtually the same as non-catholic divorce with over half the marriages failing in divorce today in this country.

This is the crucial error of unorthodox Catholic marriages that are a plague today: young couples that do not go into marriage in a state of grace and thus because of fornication , or who plan to practice some form of birth control are very likely consummating an invalid marriage, for their intention to marry has a flawed consent. Without holy purity and chastity and living in a continuous state of grace through receiving Christ’s Precious Body and Blood, frequently, no marriage can survive.

This fatal disease of so many invalid marriages these days, especially Catholic ones, has devastated the Church’s vineyard: by closing churches, by clustering churches, by combining churches. Therefore, there is no longer the endless stream of holy catholic marriages, that were once so rich with children and that kept the church’s pews filled with growing young Catholics. How shameful! Just as whole cultures are dying everywhere from this odious contraceptive mentality in Europe, in France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Russia, and Italy or in North or South America, so have the Church’s numbers been devastated by this malais e.

Nevertheless, what, what can we do to end this all devouring spiritual sickness in this world? Only one thing! We can make reparation to the Most Sacred heart of Jesus and His Immaculate Mother by praying, and doing good works to support the right to life everywhere. We can make amends by St. Paul’s words: “Making up for what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for His Body which is the Church.” God has left a space in His sufferings to His Father for Our sins that only we can make up. How beautiful!!! We can spend fifteen minutes in church preparing ahead of time before Mass to receive Our Divine Lord in Holy Communion to make reparation for unworthy communions everywhere by lax Catholics. And we can spend fifteen minutes after Mass in devout reparation for the sins of contraception and abortion by giving proper thanksgiving for the Most Holy Eucharist.

Finally, let us consider Pope John Paul II’s words on what an devout Roman Catholic is, and all three of its roles :

“John Paul II picks up where Vatican II left off. Our baptismal anointing, he says, has a three fold effect. In the first place it recalls the anointing given to kings in the Old Testament, and thus all the baptized receive a share in the Messianic Royalty of Christ. All Catholics are especially called to collaborate with Christ in restoring Creation to its original value and ordering it according to the plan of God through their work in this world. Devout Catholics, secondly share in Christ’s priestly office insofar as by their baptism they are qualified to participate in the worship of the Church, offering the sacrifice of the Eucharist through the hands of the ordained priest, who effects this holy sacrifice. Thirdly, all devout Catholics are called to share in the prophetic mission of Christ, bearing witness to the gospel by word and deed.

Thus, in fighting the advancing abortion mentality in our world, we need not only intense prayer, with our whole heart, our whole soul, our whole mind, and all our strength—especially when we pray today’s rosaries for life, but we need good works: supporting pro-life orgaiizations such as “Imago Dei” and “Pregnancy Aid” both of which are in dire need of financial and physical support or volunteers. Let us not forget our Lord’s words on charity: “If you even give so much as a cup of water in My Name’s Sake, you will not fail to receive your reward.”

“God bless you all and pray, pray, pray that we do God’s Will while we still have a chance so that this plague of

Abortion in America will finally end. Christ wants us to make up what is lacking in His Sufferings to join with His Infinite sufferings and death on the Cross. We only have so much time!!! “O Mary Conceived Without Sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee.”



From the time of Our Savior till our own day, Our Lord Jesus Christ said, no sin stands out as being more egregious or horrible and condemnable than that of the obtuse spirit. What is this most malevolent violation against Our loving Lord and Savior, and the most Holy Trinity?

It is precisely this as seen in
Mark (3: 28-30): “Truly, I tell you, people will be forgiven for their sins and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never have forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.” ‘for they had said, “He has an unclean spirit.” And this final reference by Our Divine Lord to ‘they’ refers to the scribes and Pharisees, the false Jewish priests and their counterparts, who accused Our Lord of being the devil because He cast out demons everywhere.

Such malevolence, Our Lord wasted no time in condemning as we see in His words above about what sin will never be forgiven. And this sin He accused the scribes and Pharisees of being eternally guilty. And so they were, but the big question is why . We see that the sin Our Lord referred to and most deplored is one of which an example has just been furnished by the Pharisees who so perversely attributed to Satan what is clearly the work of God. This is, however, only one example of the conscious, hardened rejection of God’s proffered light and grace at work—the root vice of the scribes and Pharisees. For example, they everlastingly carped at Our Divine Lord for His Divine Goodness in the face of their false sense of human goodness and hardened hearts, as we see so clearly when they attacked Him for saying, concerning a right view of marriage, that chastity means no one
“can even look on a woman with lust for then they have already committed adultery in their hearts.” Consequently, their futile attempts to redefine the Divine Goodness of the 10 Commandments in human terminology is so evident when they pressed Our Lord to OK divorce as Moses had done centuries earlier in Jewish history. However, Our Lord said that it was because of their “hardness of hearts” that Moses had to do it.

Therefore the Pharisees or false teachers of the Jewish law and their counterparts made this vehement false attack upon God and His Grace and Goodness. It is the one sin
“ that remaineth “ (John 9:41). Why is this sin so unforgiveable? Why does it remain? Of his very nature, man cannot be saved without the gifts of God, one of which is forgiveness or repentance. If these gifts are perseveringly refused from God, especially His grace, nothing, indeed nothing, can be done to save such a soul.

Furthermore, it is called
“unforgiveable” because by its very nature, it precludes those things (i.e. the dispositions) which induce forgiveness and repentance. They, the Pharisees and their counterparts have “hardened hearts” because they see no need for their own repentance and conversion or God’s forgiveness as they understand truth and morality. In short, they suffer from moral blindness.

This utter rebellion against divine goodness, God’s own, by human nature deserves the severest reprimand by Our Lord when He defines it as the sin of all sins, the sin against the Most Holy Spirit. Adamantly, the Pharisees and their followers cling to their sin in the face of God’s truth, His Divine Son, and need no forgiveness because they will not repent. Their hardened hearts are their downfall as
Christ Our Lord says so clearly: “There is one sin which blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, and is an eternal sin.”

Obtuse spirits, hardened hearts, impervious to repentance and forgiveness, are so numerous today that they defy calculations. This sin against the Holy Spirit and its dire warning by Our Divine Savior cannot fail to alarm any devout Christian, and above all Catholics, or make them wonder about their own presumed innocence. Everywhere we see this stubbornness of spirit, this intractable spirit and unbending will, that will not relent amongst Catholics, Protestants, and other false religions.

It is St. Paul, also, who has warned vehemently about the arrival of these times in 2 Timothy 4 where he says:
“Proclaim the gospel; be persistent whether the time is favorable or unfavorable; reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine. For the time is coming when people will not put up with sound doctrine, but having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own desires (false teachers) and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander away to myths. As for you do the work of an evangelist, carry out your ministry fully……….From now on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, will give me on that day, and not only to me but to all who have longed for his Coming.”

So vividly these times of stubborn wills, adverse to conversion in any form are upon us; not only “outside” the Church but “within” as St. Paul teaches. Times that heap to themselves false teachers and false religions that propagate myths of self that are so opposed to Christ’s truth. Homosexuality, abortion, contraception, adultery, fornication, theft, avarice, and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit can be found, literally, everywhere, especially now amidst members of the priesthood, the episcopate, and the Catholic laity itself.

It is only because of sin, and such egregious sins, that grace is blocked and thus without grace we become increasingly mired in sin, especially mortal sin. And it is
Father John Hardon, S. J. who has said repeatedly in his teachings that “sin makes you stupid.” Why? Because all sin as St. Paul teaches “darkens the mind and weakens the will.” Thus one cannot make any more a rational decision any longer about one’s eternal salvation and therefore one only wants to hear “false teachers who heap up lies to justify one’s sins.”

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth of holy Wisdom, of Understanding and holy Counsel and Knowledge—and all of these gifts of the Holy Spirit, these gifts of eternal salvation, are all rejected because of one’s obsession with serious sin: such as contraception and abortion; homosexuality and pedophilia—sins that have infested the priesthood and the laity respectively.

Sins, like these, so quickly create hardness of heart and the ultimate sin against the Holy Spirit of unrepentance. Why? Because these serious sins cannot be easily overcome since a concomitant ignorance , fortified by a lack of grace, prevails with these serious sins. Thus, such hardened hearts, amongst the clergy and the laity are near pandemic in these times! Not only because of the sheer seriousness of such mortal sins and their seemingly endless numbers, but because of a cataclysmic lack of grace, a situation which did not exist in even the recent past because the people then as well as the clergy were not only more ‘innocent’ but more open to God’s graces, especially from the Holy Spirit. This consummate spiritual plague spreads even more rapidly and more rapaciously than a physical disease as St. Paul documents it will, in these end times so proliferate. Make no mistake about it; not only the sheer magnitude of these horrible sins of these times but also their seemingly endless numbers, have only helped evil to proliferate everywhere exponentially. Witness contraception alone; recent statistics document that even 98% of all Catholics utilize it, just like non-Catholics! How pandemic! How pathetic! Listen to St. Paul who warns ominously of such a reality for all inhabitants of this world at its demise:

“You must understand this, that in the last days distressing times will come. For people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, brutes, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid them!”

And Our Lord’s own words amplify this horror of unrestrained evils in the last days when He said:
If I did not shorten those days, even the elect—if that were possible—would also go astray, but I will shorten those days.” How vigilant we must be in these times for the health and welfare of our immortal souls!
---to be continued--
God bless!
J. Hughes Dunphy


"Death of Conscience, Fall from Grace, and the Great Apostasy"

Liberal Catholicism like its comrade in iniquity, liberal Protestantism, has precipitated an all pervasive death of conscience upon the Catholic world, be it in the Americas or Europe, that is so evident in the decadent drift of immorality away from virtue and grace in the last forty years. This downward drift of the Catholic faith along with Protestant decadence is no surprise when the former so slavishly imitated the latter since Vatican II in a misguided effort to become morally relevant that has ultimately caused it instead to become devoid of grace and spiritually dead.

Throughout the last forty years of spiritual anarchy from the orthodoxy of Roman Catholic truths the Catholic Church has sadly floundered as never before in a spiritual phenomenon which has all the appearances of the Great Apostasy for millions of Catholics have fallen away as St. John the Evangelist foretold: "Dar children, it is is the last hour; and as you have heard that Antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have arisen; whence we know that is the last hour. They have gone forth from us, but they were not of us. For if they had been of us, they would surely have continued with us; but they were to be made manifest that not one of them is of us." (1 John 2: 18-19)

This tidal wave started slowly as all such phenomena in nature do and has crested in a monolithic inundation that is engulfing souls by the millions in a satanic flood. How is this so? It is just as Our Divine Lord Himself predicted: "Take care that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am he'; and they will lead many astray." Now where do we see this today, the leading of many souls astray as Our Divine Lord predicted? Everywhere has been spread within or without the Catholic Church the spiritually defunct philosophy of moral relevance meaning succinctly: "I'm ok and you're ok" or in its least common denominator, "Everything is ok." This is the poisonous philosophy of Satan himself who wants no one to repent of the evil in their lives but adopt the philosophy of moral tolerance or "Everything is ok."

It is important to remember that Satan is the gret deceiver of salvation in this world, wanting no one to repent in contradiction to Our Lord's most basic teaching when He started His Divine Ministry to save the world: "Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand." If anyone adopts this satanical philosophy of "I'm ok and you're ok" then he will not have to repent, for I am, therefore, automatically saved and will not need any savior. Consequently, this means I will have no moral demands placed upon my conscience, my soul, or my life. "How dark is the darkness within the human eye when it does not see." said Our Divine Savior.

When the soul fails to see the crucial differences between right and worong objectively, then the most severe blindness comes upon a human being, precipitating th moral and spiritual death of a soul. Yes, the death of conscience is apparent in all of its symptoms as Our Divine Teacher has said; "In them is being fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, who says, 'Hearing you will hear, but not understand: and seeing you will see, but not perceive. For the heart of this people has been hardened, and with their ears they have been hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their mind, and be converted, and I heal them." (Matt. 13:14)

In both Europe and America the Catholic bishops and priests have drifted slowly into the clutches of this moral wasteland of "I'm ok and you're ok." Why has this been an unprecedented death of conscience like no other? Because it perfectly mimics the characteristics of which St.John predicted would constitute the Great Apostasy, first of all because all must have had the truth and seemingly accepted it at first for their to be a Great Apostasy, which was the case at the point of Vatican II, but afterwards the truth that had been preached and seemingly accepted over the centuries was suddenly rejected with an unprecedented force like never before. The only believable answer to this was as the innocent evangelist clarified all those who left were not really of the truth and their position had to be made manifest or revealed before God: "For if they had been of us, they would surely have continued with us, but they were to be made manifest, that not one of them is us." (1 John 2: 19) If they were not really of the one true faith of Jesus Christ, what could possibly have drawn them away but a lie from the propagator of lies himself, Satan. And what is the lie that drew them all away in such numbers but the same lie propagated by Satan since the beginning: Jesus Christ is not the only way. As John says: "Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is the Antichrist who denies the Father and the Son." (1 John 2:22) Do we not hear there are many other paths to God these days and that all these other paths are equally correct and right, if it is for me: for example, there isn't just one way to God when we really all worship the same god; the Catholic Church cannot be right with its medieval views of sexual morality and its denial of the rights I have over my own body; who can really accept its outdated views on marriage and the monogamy of only one spouse and the guilt trip they impose on everyone; finally what gives the church the right to legislate morality. Every one of these views surely deceives the apostate Catholic into believing they are right and the church without a doubt must be wrong. On the contrary, everyone who leaves the Church denies Jesus is the Christ and, according to the Evangelist St. John, he is a liar, just like the Father of lies himself, Satan, who has deceived them. And everyone who apostasizes on the one true faith has deceived themselves so much with this denial of the one true faith that they are diabolically disoriented and can no longer discern the truth, Jesus Christ, or know any longer the difference between what is right and wrong.

In short, they are lost as St. John so adamantly states: "No one who disowns the Son has the Father." This severing of the way with the truth is so final and so definitive that no one has been able to express it so vividly and so eloquently as the great apostle of the Gentiles himself, St. Paul: "For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, who have both tasted the heavenly gift and become partakers of the Holy Spirit who have moreover tasted the good word of god and the powers of the world to come, nd then have fallen away, to be renewed again to repentance; since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God and make Him a mockery." (Hebrews 6:4-6)

Above all it is necessary to see how Satan, the father of lies, figures in all of this apostasy, for he consoles the apostate, convincing them of the greatest lie of all, that Jesus Christ is not the only way, truth, and life. He deadens their conscience, destroys their guilt, fills such sinners with pride and convinces them that they are the way, the truth, and the life themselves and not Christ or his representative on earth, the Roman Catholic Church. In the end Satan comforts the afflicted while the Holy Spirit afflicts the comfortable. At last, just as convinced is the unfaithful apostate by Satan in his defamation of the truth so equally certain are faithful Catholics by the Holy Spirit of their rectitude in discerning what is morally right and wrong: "But you have an anointing from the Holy Spirit and you know all things."

Thus the importance of keeping vigilant over one's soul at all times for St. Paul again warns that all sin darkens the mind and weakens the will of the sinner--again the necessity of keeping the purest of intentions before the Almighty. And none need to heed this whole teaching by the innocent St. John on the Great Apostasy more than priests whom Satan above all targets as objects of his deceptive and conniving machinations. ...... great falling away of priests in US alone over 100,000 immediately after Vatican II.



"The Great Apostasy and the Presidential Election of 08'"

"He who is not with Me is against Me."

Liberty, equality, and fraternity are the cries of the politically elite in the Presidential Election of 2008 where a nation has chosen a leader who will continue apace the moral and societal decline of the American people with a fervent liberal spirit that will consummate quickly America’s total destruction. This includes in many ways both political parties in this fair land, for the true spirit of conservative politics is all but moribund. And remember the devil is a liberal because he wanted to overthrow the established order of this world and the Reign of Christ.

How can this possibly be true-- the rapid and total destruction of a society so wonderful and so perfect in its technological advancements, military strength, economic wealth, and political power throughout the world. This can and will happen to America because it has adopted the satanic slogans of the French Revolution: liberte, egalite, and fraternite and because this is the eleventh hour for America and any nation that undertakes such a journey according to the unequivocal words of St. John the Evangelist:

"Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that the antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have cone. From this we know that it is the last hour. They went out from us, but they did not belong to us; for if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us. But by going out they made it plain that none of them belongs to us. But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and all of you have knowledge. I write to you not because you do not have the truth but because you do, and because you know it, and you know that no lie comes from the truth. Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ. This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. (1 John 18-22)

Clearly this is the eleventh hour when antichrists appear who will come forth in great numbers that are "not with Christ but have left His number because as St. John says later in this passage: all antichrists will lie. For example, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has said "the church’s stance on abortion is unclear."which is a naked lie.

Furthermore, how do we know for sure that we could be living in the time of the antichrist? Let us go to St. Pius X’s thoughts, the pope who fought modernism in the Church till his dying breath.

It is said Pius X died of a broken heart because he saw that the terrible deluge which he had been unable to prevent, the worst war in history, was but the beginning of an unending state of war. He saw the great general apostasy, the great abandonment of the Faith, by the clergy and the faithful, so heart-rending and apocalyptic that for a long time there had been no doubt in his mind as to its cause. It was this which occasioned his cry, in his first encyclical on October 4, 1903:
"We were terrified beyond all else by the disastrous state of Human society today.... So extreme is the general perversion that all who consider these matters have a right to fear that we are experiencing the foretaste and beginnings of the evils which are to come as the end of Time–their first contact, as it were, with the world–and that in very truth the Son of Perdition of whom the Apostle speaks,– has already arrived upon earth." These are His own words in his first encyclical on the end times of the antichrist. Think about it: the world at the beginning of the twentieth century was a thousand times more innocent than it is now!

All of this St. John verified in the quote above on these end times of the antichrist in which clearly we now live, for St. Pius X says like St.John’s statement above that ‘ he saw the great general apostasy, the great abandonment of the Faith, by the clergy and the faithful, so heart-rending and apocalypti.’ So if we consider Pius X’s words on these modern times we see clearly what will usher in the time of the anti-Christ: "the great abandonment of the faith by the clergy and faithful."

First these times of the anti-Christ are prefaced by a great falling away of clergy and faithful. Does anyone doubt the veracity of this with millions of false Catholics and ex- Christians everywhere in Europe and America and Asia in its wake? This recent election fiasco is the result of the sin of omission by America’s so-called Catholic clergy who failed miserably to speak out against the evils to be perpetrated by the party of baby killers, the Democratic Party in this country, and its dangerous candidate for the presidency who so vigorously advocates this antichrist agenda.

Secondly, what makes us fear that this is truer now than ever, the eleventh hour of the Great Apostasy, is the rise and virtual crowning of the satanical philosophy of liberty, equality, and fraternity in the Democratic Party’s total victory with the American people in the presidency, the senate, and congress. This is truly Satan’s creed and philosophy by which he snares millions and millions of souls.

This philosophy of the Democratic party and all of its adherents is solidly the reckless freedom of license cultivated by Satan and his minions in this world, a freedom from the reign of Christ and his laws in our lives as represented by the Catholic Church. Next the belief among apostate, anti-Christ Christians and Catholics and modern pagans that Marxist egalitarianism must rule over our lives and that there is, indeed, no absolute hierarchy in the universe, made up the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, along with Mary the Mother of God, the angels and saints and the souls in purgatory, and finally the damned; but that all religions and peoples on earth are equal in all things spiritual and material and there is no reason why any nation or anyone, for that matter, should have to follow or show obeisance to the reign of Christ or His hierarchy.

Finally, the preaching and teaching of the Satanical concept of fraternity in the public schools of America, means that we are all brothers and sisters in the one world government of the Marxist materialist state, a doctrine that has sufficiently indoctrinated most of America now to have voted the liberal agenda in this election. What it really means to Marxists is that no religion, "the opium of the people", should have power over the individual but that the individual should only have submission to the state which provides for all. Let us likewise be reminded that the very word "Islam", the world’s fastest growing "religion", means ‘submission.’ But instead of the secular vision of fraternity all humanity should heed the Catholic doctrine under the Reign of Christ that "outside the Church there is no salvation" and that only those who are baptized into Christ’s one true Church, the Catholic Church, and remain until their deaths, unlike all the clergy and faithful who have left either formally or informally, will inhabit eternal life with God and be brothers and sisters forever.

This doctrine of "outside the Church there is no salvation" has been so trampled upon that no Catholics in the pews, no popes, no bishops, no priests feel any longer any obligation to Our Lord’s Great Commission to the Apostles: "Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved but he that believeth not shall be condemned." (Mark 16: 15-16)

The Satanical lie of liberty, equality, and fraternity has deceived so many, many souls that were once Catholic and who have chosen the culture of death in this election 08', but the greatest deception of all is among the modernist Catholic clergy–popes, cardinals, bishops and priests. To these apostate clergy who have participated too fully and long enough in this Satanical apostasy of the end times: liberty now means freedom to choose the religion of your conscience and ignore the Catholic Church, in other words many have been encouraged in the pews to form their own consciences outside the magisterial authority of the Church on all matters Catholic especially sexual morality; equality means we are all equal in Christ, no matter what religion, faith, or lack thereof one adheres to; and fraternity means there is universal salvation or we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and all shall be saved, no matter how one lives. Have we not heard the notion of late that there is really no hell. So much of this stems from the aberrant views of Vatican Council II in the last forty years.

The solid victory of the Democratic Party and its modernist philosophy of liberty, equality, and fraternity which dominates Europe everywhere today was the philosophy of the French Revolution that virtually destroyed the Reign of Christ in Europe as well as the power of the Catholic Church from 1789 onward. This only verifies the truth of St. John’s words about the times of the antichrist that have now come to visit the Americas with a new Satanical fury and vengeance.

The solidification of this great falling away of America’s people and especially its Catholic population in this latest election becomes much clearer as well as the perpetuation of the Satanic lie everywhere by antichrists who have overrun this nation with their specious and pernicious reasoning to continue with the murder of the unborn, uninterrupted, in abortion and contraception, sterilization, and euthanasia along with stem cell murder in many states, making the culture of death under the antichrist spread everywhere to deceive millions and millions into violating the fifth commandment and perhaps losing their souls forever.
In short, there are three reasons, it seems why the Great Apostasy of the antichrist will commence: a. the Great Falling Away of the clergy and faithful. b. the adoption of Satan’s lie: liberty, equality, and fraternity. c. the rejection everywhere of the truth, Jeusus Christ and His Catholic Church by those within the Church or without.

Prepare yourselves spiritually by the Sacraments of the Church, especially Penance, the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, for this is, indeed, the eleventh hour of this nation and, perhaps, the entire world because of the sheer soidification of the culture of death in this nation with the latest elections in 2008. This solidification of evil involves the spread worldwide of "Russia’a errors" through Marxism, and has it spread to Africa, Europe, Asia with China, of course Russia and now the Americas and the USA. To underscore this frightening nightmare of apocalyptic times, and the ensuing tidal wave of evil to follow, we need only refer to the saintly words of Fr. John Hardon, S.J. who said in quite a prophetic statement that he uttered often as he neared his own demise at the end of the year 2000 that "the fate of the United States of America in these times is hanging by a thread." Fr. John Hardon, S.J. was an expert on Marxism and dialectic materialism.

In closing, how prophetic are the words of our president elect’s own pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who invoked God’s name to damn America. Indeed his invocation has been fulfilled with the election of a man who numbers among his friends all those who openly bemoan their failure in not having unleashed a larger level of destruction and naked violence upon America. "The chickens have come home to roost." (A quote from the infamous Jeremiah the right.)

—to be continued—
j hughes dunphy


FROM THE REMNANT: "It’s Abortion, Stupid!"

"Clearly, the situation is volatile. Diabolical disorientation drives entire nations–including ours–to the brink of insanity. But for whatever reason God has placed us here and now, and we must look to His Church for guidance. To that end, St. Thomas Aquinas is clear: "Now the lesser evil or the greater good is always to be chosen in preference. And therefore the constant man is compelled to bear with the lesser evil through fear of the greater evil, but he is not compelled to bear with the greater evil in order to avoid the lesser."

"Unless it were mortally sinful to vote for John McCain (which it is not), it seems clear–given the manifest evil of his opponent–what we must do. As Pat Buchanan recently noted: "Support for Roe v. Wade is a litmus test in today’s Democratic Party, where the right to an abortion has been elevated to the highest rank in the constitution. Bottom line. If Obama-Biden wins, Roe is forever. If McCain-Palin wins, Roe could be gone by the decade’s end."

"America’s soul is at stake, and the national bloodletting brought on by abortion must stop before there can be any hope of restoring any sanity to U.S. foreign policy. Despite the neo-cons’ battle for the soul of Sarah Palin, she stands as an eleventh-hour concession on the part of the Republicans that without voters who believe in God, life and family, they can’t defeat the Devil at the polls. This is something traditional Catholics can exploit for the good of a much higher Cause: the restoration of all things in Christ.

"On the other hand, it’s also true that on July 3 Senator and Mrs. McCain visited the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe north of Mexico City. Accompanied by Catholic convert and former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, the McCain party listened intently to Monsignor Monroy as he explained the apparition and the miracle of Juan Diego’s tilma. Though no crowd was on hand to see it, one photographer caught John McCain laying a red rose before the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. While Mrs. McCain closed her eyes, Monsignor Monroy placed his hand on the Senator’s head for a long moment, blessing him."

"The evil championed by Obama must be defeated by those who, despite a severely flawed philosophy, are nevertheless running on a pro-life, pro-family and pro-God ticket. That’s a victory the children of the whole world need to see."
"Bottom line? It’s a mortal sin to vote for Obama. According to St. Thomas, it’s no sin at all to vote for McCain. Given the stakes, shouldn’t we hold the nose and pull the lever for the ticket that could send Obama and his pro-abortion death squads packing? That’s how I see it, and I can only pray that it’s how God sees it, as well!"
"Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray for us!" Michael Matt of the Remnant"

(It is the firm belief of this Catholic blog, the Orthodox Roman Catholic, that there is no Catholic paper so orthodox or so true to the teachings of the traditional Catholic faith than the Remnant Newspaper and its exemplary Catholic editor Michael Matt who has diligently fought heresy and diabolical disorientation within and without the Catholic Church for years. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to this orthodox catholic newspaper as soon as possible so you can read this entire editorial comment by Mr. Michael Matt, a formidable warrior who defends ardently the most Catholic faith and the restoration of America and all things in Christ. Simply send $30.00 to the following address for a one year’s subscription, an outstanding offer for a bi-monthly Catholic periodical of the very finest excellence in defending the truth...

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supper champaigne5
"Abomination of Communion in the Hand and the Novus Ordo"
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One of the classic truths of rubrics that is so easily discernible in the "Missa Latina Tridentina" (Tridentine Mass) is the utter sacredness of touch with respect to the Most Holy Eucharist--a truth, which has been unfortunately lost in the "Novus Ordo Missae" (New Mass). The sacredness of touch of the Eucharist has been ignored, forgotten, and overlooked in the creation and progression of the "Novus Ordo Missae" in the last forty years. The respect which is due to the Eucharist and the sacred and holy can be obviously and easily comprehended from even the most cursory reading of Sacred Scriptures.

From scripture we observe that no one could approach holy things in the Old Testament (the ark), likewise no one could touch our Lord if they were not completely spiritually clean–or at least intended to be so. And even with respect to a person who was spiritually clean, such divine privilege to even approach was still disallowed from lack of hierarchical status (Mary Magdalen & the Syro-Phoenician woman).

Why is such a significant consideration ignored today? Is it a totally culpable ignorance of Our Divine Lord’s teachings or is it a blatant refusal to obey both these teachings and the Church’s rubrics for centuries?

This endemic spirit of disobedience since Vatican II regarding the sacredness of Holy Touch has become emblematic of the entire "Novus Ordo Missae". The rites of the new mass, the philosophy behind them, and the entire "spirit" of Vatican II are inextricably related to the sinful disrespect of taking tactile advantage of the Lord’s Sacred Presence in this world, whether Eucharistic or otherwise. And St. Paul warned vehemently against this very same disrespect: "Therefore, whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the Body and of the Blood of the Lord."

The reckless abuse, disrespect, and sacrilege of the Holy Eucharist is demonstra bly clear in any "Novus Ordo Missae" parish. This can most apparently be seen in the abusive handling of the Eucharist by clergy in giving communion in the hand. The violation of Sacred Touch is also seen by the use of so many so-called extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist and the vulgar boldness of the laity in receiving the Sacred Body of Christ in their hands as though it were common bread and not the celestial bread from heaven.

Moreover, the failure of priests, bishops, and even popes to use patens in the "Novus Ordo Missae" communion distribution causes an infinite amount of scandalous and incalculable harm to the Most Sacred Species with particles dropped on the floor along with droplets of the Sacred Blood of Christ that are casually walked upon by millions and millions of Catholics in Churches. This is sacrilege in its most careless, voluminous, and horrendous form.

Years ago "Novus Ordo Missae" Churches also abandoned the use of communion cloths and communion rails. The loss of Communion rails was a major tragedy since they separated the "common ground" of the church from the sanctuary. The communion rails also separated the clergy from the laity. These separations fostered and encouraged reverence for the Eucharist. Over the years these changes have proved to be egregious errors and have diminished the holy stature of Catholics in receiving Our Lord’s precious Body and Blood.
Nevertheless, if one makes even a casual perusal of Sacred Scriptures, he will, undoubtedly, see sufficient examples of the proper way to approach the Most Holy Eucharist and to receive it as Our Divine Teacher demonstrated to His apostles.

There is simply no excuse for the cavalier and frivolous attitude of today’s Catholic laity toward the Most Holy Eucharist notwithstanding the clergy and the hierarchy who continue to use glass vessels instead of gold for the Sacred Species, and who also fail to clean up dropped particles of the Eucharist during Mass or Communion, and who allow the laity to take Communion from the Church in pyxes for inexplicable reasons that continue to violate the General Instructions of the Roman Missal.

We can see Our Lord’s expectations regarding the propriety and respect of divine touch in the just the proper way that 5000 people received even the secular and mundane bread of this world which He shared with His children who were hungry. He told the apostles to divide his followers into groups of 50 and to have them recline on the grass as was the custom in ancient Israel. The 12 year old boy who had the 5 loaves and 2 fishes came to Our Lord who blessed them. Even here after the bread and fishes had been blessed, only the apostles were the designated distributors of the food.

It is not difficult to deduce from this gospel account how a particular rubric of respect was utilized out of deference to Our Lord despite the fact that it was mere sustenance for the body. Spiritually here, we must not overlook that this was the infant Church that Our Divine Master was forming, even though this may have ostensibly been a feeding of the body, it was much more because Our Lor d had been instructing and preparing this faithful and eager multitude for three days intensely in basic Christian catechesis of moral and theological truths.
In His infinite kindness our Lord fed the souls of these faithful followers first with doctrinal and catechetical truths and then with food for their bodies. This was a foreshadowing of His Institution of the Most Holy Eucharist just before His Passion, nevertheless this heavenly protocol and precedence was established for us to observe and follow.

One should not doubt that such prudence of Christ's ‘modus operandi’ was absent at the Last Supper. In the Upper Room Our Divine Savior taught His Apostles of His coming Passion and Death which was about to unfold. He did this before He actually made His Precious Body and Blood wholly visible in His first Sacrifice of the Mass.

Our Lord constantly set before His Apostles and disciples the delicate and intimate arrangement of orthodoxy and orthopraxy as His basic methodology of teaching and learning about Him and His One true faith. In fact, so connected are orthodoxy and orthopraxy with one another that Our Divine Teacher wanted all His children to see this so much that He literally united them as one in Himself, a unification that must never be ignored or dismissed if one is a true follower of Jesus Christ.

This inseparable unity is so gloriously evident when He stated absolutely that orthodoxy has no meaning without orthopraxy and vice versa as he instructed His apostles and disciples on the Eucharist regarding His Passion, Death, and Resurrection, saying: "Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, you have no life in you."

In other words orthodoxy has no meaning unless it is put into practice. So succinctly does this Latin phrase capture this truth:
"Lex credendi est lex orandi." If one believes in Jesus Christ, he must eat His Flesh and drink His Blood to authenticate his belief in Him. Otherwise one’s faith is false, untrue and illegitimate.

Nothing gives veracity or authenticity to one’s belief in God and Jesus Christ save a legitimate profession of this faith in the reception of the Most Holy Eucharist. All of the false religions of the world and the rest of the so-called forms of Christianity fail in this regard because they lack the True Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church, which alone fulfills Our Lords command that authentic orthodox teaching about Christ can only come true if it is accompanied by true orthopraxy on the Holy Eucharist. Thus the habitual errors of all Protestantism and its millions and millions of adherents become so obvious.

What does this mean? Not only that the Church’s teachings must be tenaciously orthodox in doctrine and beliefs but also the Church’s rubrics on all things liturgical must be equally true, sacred and fully orthodox in what they broadcast.

If we now review in retr ospect why millions of laity and clergy have gone astray in the "Novus Ordo Missae" rite since its inception under Pope Paul VI, we shall see that the convoluted orthodoxy of the "Novus Ordo Missae" itself, stemming from the liberal theology of Vatican II, as well as its failure to encourage a consistent reverence and uniformity of rubrics in keeping with the Church’s orthodox traditions and teachings, has been the sole cause of this unending crisis in the Post Vatican II Catholic Church to this very day.

This becomes even more glaringly obvious since Pope Benedict XVI’s brilliant promulgation of "Summorum Pontificum" and its dissemination in the Universal Church as the one truly orthodox liturgy of the centuries.

This combining of authentic orthodoxy with equally legitimate orthopraxy in the "Missa Latina Tridentina", highlights so magnificently this enormous post Vatican II dilemma of the Latin Rite.

–to be continued–

J Hughes Dunphy


"Pharisaical Priests of False Charity" and the "Novus Ordo Missae"

Nothing so incensed Our Divine Savior like the pharisaical brand of religion which was obsessed with external realities only and had nothing to do with the inward conversion of hearts to holiness. Over and over again, Our Lord had to rebuke the pharisees who wanted only the satanical bread of this world as opposed to the Bread of Eternal Life which Christ alone offered to mankind. By the same token, Satan offers only the false charity of the bread of this world to souls today; Christ Our Divine Savior has the everlasting spiritual Bread of eternal life, His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

The necessary ingredient for souls to be led astray by satanical false charity is to be willing to make a sinister "exchange"-- like many Jews of Christ’s own day.
What exchange? The exchange is the salvation of our souls. This is all that Satan ever craves if only we are willing to give up our souls--then we can have the enticing bread of this world when we make the easy exchange of false charity. To accomplish this exchange one must only imitate or cooperate with the pharisaical teachers of false charity who are the apostles of ‘lovism’ that have long ago abandoned the ‘truth’ of Christ’s Word for the prosperity modernist gospel of feel-good religion.

Like Judas, the pharisees’ lovism sought the exterior approval of the world so they looked good, felt good, and were praised by their synagogue followers in Jesus’ day. They were the popular teachers in Jesus’ day. They were the popular teachers of the faith: they did everything to be seen, and sat down front at synagogues with their flamboyant robes of widened phylacteries and long fringes– to gain attention– and they loved the places of honor at feasts. Most important of all to these teachers of false charity and lovism was the secular world of the market place, for they loved to be called ‘rabbi’.

"Holy Detachment"

A good test to see if one is personally following this false charity of pharisaical lovism and loving inordinately the things of this world is to examine how attached one is to the ‘bread’ of this world. A great prophet of Catholic truth who fought steadfastly and bravely with every bit of his energy against the notion of worldly priests and who gave many a retreat to priests and religious throughout his entire life was the Jesuit priest Father John A. Hardon. Father John Hardon taught ‘detachment’ as the number one virtue of sanctity for priests and religious. Moreover, Fr. John Hardon was the spiritual director of Mother Theresa of Calcutta’s Sisters of Charity. Father Hardon adamantly taught about the virtue of charity, true charity, over and over to these holy sisters of Mother Theresa’s religious order who have practiced this holiest of virtues in their religious order since its very inception.

How can one tell if one is too attached to the false loves of this world or not: simply ask yourself if you are thoroughly detached from the things of this world. And if one is too attached to the things of this world then he is full of false charity and exactly like the Rich Man in the New Testament who walked away from Christ when Our Lord asked him to give up everything he possessed and come follow Him if he wished to be perfect. When Father John Hardon was asked whether this Rich Young Man in the gospels was saved in his opinion, Father Hardon said he believed the Rich Young Man was lost because of his excessive attachments to the things of this world– his money and all his possessions, for he went away sad when Christ told him to give up everything.

Father Hardon once pointed out in one of his lessons on detachment that what causes Catholic bishops and priests to apostasize on their Catholic faith is excessive attachment to the things of this world: sexual gratification, pride of self worth, clerical envy for power in the Church and notoriety, and money. Furthermore, Fr. John Hardon, made it known that bishops in the United States are literally worth millions and millions of dollars. Why? Because they are the sole owners of whole dioceses, legally. And nobody else!

When Father John Hardon was asked what he meant by detachment, he taught the following truth which he repeated again and again in the multitude of books he wrote on Catholic theology:
"By detachment I mean, you must be detached from everything in this world. And when I say from everything, I mean from everything, from everything, from everything."

Finally, Fr. Hardon taught that Our Lord wants us all to be rich, but only with the things that are spiritual, celestial, and eternal. And especially is this true of those in the clerical life of the priesthood and the religious life. Everything else is simply useless according to Fr. Hardon. St. Paul reiterates this very same truth rather strongly in Corinthians:
"For Jesus Christ my Lord; I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but as rubbish." To Father Hardon all the things that one possesses have no value whatsoever unless they bring us safely to heaven.

From Our Lord’s own words about the Rich Young Man, He teaches that wealth and riches are eternally deleterious to our souls and our heavenly salvation if they are not used for our eternal happiness and reaching heaven. His prophetically powerful words bear this out:
"How difficult it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Our Lord emphasizes that we ought to build up treasures for the Kingdom of Heaven:
"Fear not, little flock, for it hath pleased your Father to give you a kingdom. Sell what you possess and give alms. Make to yourselves bags which grow not old, but a treasure in heaven which faileth not: where no thief approacheth, nor moth corrupteth." In other words we need to be totally detached from all the pleasures and possessions and honors that the world holds dear if we truly wish to reach heaven. Then we can be internally detached.

What exactly was Our Divine Teacher calling the Rich Young Man to become if he were to leave all his money and possessions and come after Jesus and follow Him? Why he was begging him to become a priest, for isn’t that the life of the holy priest to become totally detached from the wealth and riches of this world? And Our Lord wanted this Rich Young Man to come and follow Him. To follow Christ totally and completely is to become saintly. And to become saintly oneself as well as one who helps others become saintly, is this not truly the vocation of a holy priest?

"Thirty Pieces of Silver"

How important is becoming holy to modern day Catholics or even to today’s priests? How interested are priests and people in the false charity of pharisaical ‘lovism’ which would much rather trade one’s soul for the bread of this world and the thirty pieces of silver of Judas Priest?

So many Americans today, and so many Catholic priests and bishops, seek the false bread of false charity offered by Satan to the world and not the heavenly bread which Our Lord offered mankind. Truly the social gospel dominates most of parish life today with expensive activity buildings being constructed to lure all the parishoners into expanding the church’s "bread of this world" by fund raisers, finance committees, and beauracries layered as high as the church steeple to plan and man all these financial enterprises. Much more time and effort is spent on renovating churches, building activity buildings, going on trips, participating in interfaith ecumenical prayer socials, building church image and community than on actual worship, devotions, and a serious saintly prayer life together that is cemented upon the solid pillars of Roman Catholic orthodoxy and catechetics. And who is the social engineer of all this socializing and making money and who sits like a mini-monarch before his cabinet of the parish council but the parish pastor.

How many priests today are not listening to this heavenly truth of detachment as Our Lord preached it so many centuries ago, but still as relevant today as ever? Very, very few according to Father John Hardon who said often about the numbers of those saved in his lectures--virtually all of the Fathers of the Church agreed that ‘most of those living in any age will be lost’ (which includes priests). These are, indeed, grim statistics about those who will lose their souls for the serious sin of false charity and all of its false loves of this world. And Father Hardon reiterated this truth by pleading in his conferences: "Pray for priests, pray for priests, so many have lost their faith!"

To be serious about one’s soul and one’s personal holiness, according to Father John Hardon, one must tenaciously follow Christ and become holy by following Him in poverty of spirit as well as living like Jesus--who was literally born into poverty. This is especially true of priests who must vigorously follow Our Lord in true poverty of spirit through the holy counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience to reach heaven. This cannot be done, according to Father Hardon, unless the priest be detached
"from everything, from everything that this world holds dear." A key test to judge priestly holiness or that of the people is Fr. Hardon’s following yardstick: "To the degree that one is detached from the things of this world, to that degree is one holy."

So the pharisees, or the Jewish priestly cast like Judas Priest, entertain the pretense of a loving affection publicly for Christ and His Truth, but they hide within their human hearts a diabolical attachment to the things of this world for the thirty pieces of silver, therefore, they live the diabolical exchange for the bread of this world as opposed to the bread of heaven as is evidenced by their lives of false charity. There is absolutely no difference between the judas priests of the Jewish priestly cast and those in today’s modern Catholic Church. All judas priests preach the popular gospel of false charity, the prosperity gospel of today’s modern Catholic Church since Vatican II: a religion whose priests too often crave the world’s eye and approval, lack humility, are ostentatious, are prideful and arrogant about the existence of sin–especially sexual sin, dissemble about doctrine constantly, and finally have desacralized the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to a Protestant praise banquet for everyone attending, be it priest presider or people.

What, above all, proves the false charity of all pharisaical priests whether ancient or modern? Truly Jesus’ own words:
"Practice and observe whatever they tell you but not what they do." (Matt. 23:3) Thus these reprobate priests of today are obvious for their hypocrisy and their unwillingness to repent and love God: and so, they do not practice what they preach or even preach what one would hope they should practice; for a prideful and not prayerful priest with no contrite heart is as easy to detect today as a pharisaical priest in Christ’s Own Day. Christ, the Divine Teacher, so often rebuked the pharisees for their false teachings on love throughout His entire Public Life; and, no doubt, would have done the same today if He were here present. These false teachers of pharisaical lovism are, therefore, the paradigm of Judas Priest. Our Lord’s Own Words condemn this lifestyle of preaching and not practicing, the essence of Judas Priest: "They bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with their finger." (Matt. 23:4) Certainly Our Lord deemed priests of false charity as most meager in their striving for holiness, if at all.

"Fr. Malachi Martin and Judas Priests"

Father Malachi Martin, a well known Catholic author and faithful priest to the end of his life and good friend of Father John Hardon, S.J. said he was able to sit down in the back of a Church and observe any Catholic priest at Mass and tell inside of a few minutes whether or not he was a faithful priest on the road to holiness.

How did he have such a perspicacious eye for judas priests--those who pretend and appear to be one of Christ’s chosen disciples but in reality seek only to betray him? In short, Father Malachi Martin sensed a faithful priest or a priest striving to be holy by his gestures and general demeanor at the altar of God. And what did he especially look for? He could tell if a priest was holy by whether or not he genuflected at all during Mass and secondly, the general reverence and devotion in the way a priest says Mass tells the rest of the story. These were telling signs to Father Malachi Martin, a very holy and faithful orthodox Roman Catholic priest himself.

"Mary Magdalen’s Perfect Act of Reverence"

We have seen how Satan tempted Christ to make this exchange of heavenly bread for earthly bread in his temptations of Christ, but Our Lord would not. We have also noticed how this same curse of exchanging the Bread of Heaven for the bread of this world fell upon Judas too--one of Christ’s own beloved twelve, in a very dramatic example recorded by the evangelist John.

Just before the passion of Our Divine Savior began, Jesus had assembled at the home of Lazarus and Mary where He celebrated one of His last meals with these intimate friends and His beloved twelve. Here the false charity in Judas the Priest’s heart came dramatically forward when Mary Magdalen used precious nard to anoint Jesus’ feet and dried them with her own hair, a deed of the purest, selfless charity towards Christ, giving off a most precious pungent odor that literally emanated through the entire house (John 12:3). This was, indeed, a very, very expensive commodity in the ancient world which was the cause celebre that Judas presumed was an extravagance of worship on Mary’s part; for the precious nard could have been sold for a good profit and the money then given to the poor, so said Judas Iscariot. This was a rich act of worship, the highest form of charity a human heart could offer to her God, scrimping not the least on what one possesses for a perfect act of self-surrender of everything to her God. This was an absolute act of supreme humility at the feet of Our Lord Jesus Christ, so evident in her supplicating person at her Lord’s feet, using her beautiful hair– the crowning beauty of any woman’s pride–as a towel of personal reverence to wipe Jesus’ feet. Mary slighted nothing in her most profound ritual of worship of her Lord and her God, utilizing the finest things of this world and the finest she had as a person.

Yet Judas pridefully and vehemently protested in typical pharisaical fashion against this ritualistic extravagance of worship on Mary’s part:
"Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?" (John 12:5) This was a consummate lie on Judas’ part, related the most beloved apostle John who often leaned upon Our Divine Lord’s breast, for Judas cared not for the poor but kept the money box and often stole from it, so clarified John also. What an antithesis of good and evil in this scriptural passage between the prideful arrogance of one who sinfully preaches the false charity gospel of "less is more’ and another who cannot give enough to her Lord and God. Just like his betraying kiss of Christ Our Lord, we see here a glaring example of false charity against Mary’s humble offering of a totally unadulterated charitable assumption-presumption from her pure heart. What can be more beautiful than to observe this totally Catholic sense of adoration in Mary’s heart: by her loving presumption of God’s totality of love for her and us all, she seeks nothing for herself by this gesture but only how she can please her Lord and God in a veritable act of sacrificial and worshipful love. This is such an unparalleled example of true charity and false charity in contrast in Sacred Scripture.

This passage of Sacred Scripture casts another darksome shadow upon the heart of Christ’s betrayer, truly a follower of the pharisees and not of Christ, the epitomy of eternal charity and good will toward men; for Judas talked the ephemeral, plausible talk of the bread of this world, and not the Bread of Eternal Life. Why is this so?

Judas belittled openly Mary’s supreme act of charitable love of Christ, stating it would have been much better to sell the nard for profit and distribute this money to the poor. Does this not sound familiar today to the external undertakings of modernist Church types for many programs of social justice i.e. the peace movements against war, political movements against war, political movements of liberation theology, food pantries and soup kitchens, environmental and animal preservation rights, and global warming?

What Judas Iscariot, the traitor, advocates is to ignore the Bread of Eternal Life, Jesus Christ, and the reverence due Him for an inferior and external charity that only the world would acclaim great: great because it appears religious, just and good; but it is not really religious, just or good, without Christ. To lack the charitable assumption presumption of Mary’s pure love for Christ, as Judas clearly does here, by arguing that the charity of this world without Christ is sufficient is a classic example of false charity. But for Mary, charity without Christ is nothing less than a satanical exchange of the Bread of Heaven for the bread here below. How many souls are there today who starve for Christ’s Bread of Eternal Life, yet are surfeited on the satanical bread of this world?

Charity that does not begin at the feet of Christ and return there in humble worship and adoration is the totally meaningless politics of this world, striving for the diabolical wordly bread of Satan’s dominion. We cannot love our neighbor as ourselves if we do not love God with our whole mind and all our hearts’s strength as the beautiful sweet and tender love of Mary for Christ demonstrated at His feet, where we see the exhaltation of the sacred loving worship of God in the magnificent splendor of Mary. This can only mean the simultaneous burgeoning of charity in the real world for our fellow man, if one does not pursue pharisaical false charity of Judas the priest. Let us recall Christ’s words here:
"You can do nothing without Me." (Mt. 15:5) And again: "The poor you will always have with you, but you do not always have Me." (John 12:3) So often doing something that is ostensibly good for others can fail because it is done without Christ and becomes, therefore, its own reward or the reward of self and not performed for the Glory of God. A soul bereft of the love of Christ and the high ritual of this love is a soul caught up in a heady altruism of this world that seeks its own glory in the bread of Satan: cognition, acceptance, approval and political correctness!

"False Charity and Novus Ordo Mass"

How dangerous the diminution of worship from the sacred, profound Presence of Almighty God to a pedestrian, egalitarian view of God as just another social worker who leads us all on a social worker mission to improve the world, whether for peace, liberation, or feeding the hungry of the world. This has been the popular scenario since Vatican II, social justice programs of all kinds. However, when they do not preach conversion to Christ in so many of these pie-in-the-sky church programs; they can quickly become exercises in political skulduggery with the winner getting the most money from the government for your organization’s pet social project.

We have watched the regal and stately worship in the Catholic Church of the 50's and 60's before Vatican II descend from the charitable assumption presumption of Christ’s sacrificial love to a worldly secularized lovism for neighbor as our goal of worship with endless declensions that falsify and profane our charity and love of God more and more: stripping the churches, dressing casually for Sunday Mass, discontinuing personal prayer books, turning the altars around to face the people, removing religious symbols, having the Mass in the vernacular and– most uncharitable of all–removing the tabernacle from the summit and center of all Catholic Churches, truly the false kiss of the false love of a Judas priest. If one doubts the perils of the Protestant social gospel in America and its deleterious affect on the Roman Catholic Church, consider only the diminution of all the Catholic moral issues of late in this land (fornication, divorce, abortion, and homosexuality and sterilization) and the adoption of these popular protestant causes so embracingly by the Church.

"False Charity & Catholic Education"

Finally, the Church is to educate the young; however, one no longer has to study the faith or become Catholic to attend a Catholic School these days. Catholic universities, Catholic high schools, and Catholic elementary schools in urban areas follow this doctrine of false charity. They appear to be doing good for their fellow man by educating them, but they believe love is charity without worshiping at Christ’s feet or teaching others to do this or even encouraging possible converts to do this anymore--because the satanical bread of worldly approval and recognition is much more desirable! The true charity of Mary and her love of Christ has so quickly become the secularized false charity of Judas Priest’s exterior false religion. Why?

False charity appears to be loving and caring for our neighbor and our God; however, false charity occurs so often
apart from the ritual beauty and truth of the Catholic faith as Mary Magdalen’s sublime reverence at Christ’s Feet! We have, therefore, descended from the lofty supernatural high church ritual of Mary’s love before Vatican II to the pedestrian false love of humanism and the things of this world–the false charity of Judas Priest’s kiss.

–to be continued–
j hughes dunphy


s we enter the third millennium,  the words of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior to Judas Iscariot have greater forcefulness and power in history than ever before: “Judas dost thou betray the son of Man with a kiss?”  
Why these condemning words of Jesus to Judas Iscariot are so portentous,  regarding our own times,  is because these are the days of betrayal, of false charity, of a pretended love of Christ provoked by Satan himself, the great imitator of Christ-like charity and the flatterer par excellence.  These times, indeed, are particularly times of betrayal for the Church:   dissenting theologians, cafeteria-select-your-own-brand-of-Catholicism, and apostates from the top of the hierarchical ladder in Rome to the bottom, the very pews in one’s local parish.   All of this is packaged under the guise of ‘a more charitable Catholicism’  for those who preach a more loving gospel, a more loving liturgy, and a more loving theology and who, in truth, are Satan’s henchmen.  

False charity is the false love of God epitomized by Judas’s false kiss, full of duplicitous deceit and suggesting virtue,  but, in truth, being consummate vice.
To simulate the love of Christ with a diabolical boldness and to deny Him at one and the same time, just as Judas did, who was one of the most sinister and malevolent characters in all of human history  is nothing less than a total betrayal of Jesus Christ’s goodness and love which leads, therefore, so many, many souls today down the wide road that leads to a hell of destruction in this world and death in the hereafter.    
This false philosophy of Judas’ love has embraced the hearts of modern day Christians i.e. Protestants and liberal Catholics everywhere in remarkable numbers:  the pretense of a loving affection for Christ that hides within the human heart  a diabolical attachment to the things of this world.   Was this not the very nature Read More...


The season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent is probably the holiest season of the liturgical year. Lost Lents are bad things for one’s soul. The secular spirit of the day or the infidel spirit mocks everything that is holy, without expressing outward infidelities, which has become a kind of unprofessed belief of sinners. This secular spirit, so sacred to many, gives no consideration of sacred seasons and sacred ceremonies, consequently, we should cherish these times of the liturgical year all the more.

It is an essential part of the Catholic faith, this season of Lent and all of its ceremonies, especially that of receiving ashes which becomes an outward sign to the world of one’s Catholic character. This Catholic character can be seen in those who have worldly or secular positions in society but yet are not afraid to exhibit their Catholic character i.e.
Thomas More while he was Chancellor of the English realm. Thomas More was loyal to his sovereign the King, nevertheless openly put God first on all occasions his sterling character was challenged: for example, his conscientious fulfillment of all the duties of his state of life, no matter how large or how small and insignificant.

The Christian character consists in: 1. Fidelity to one’s duty– giving all one’s due, be it to God, our fellow man, or ourselves. 2,. Freedom from human respect– readiness to practice one’s


The final betrayal of Christ is seen when Judas dipped his unworthy hand into the chalice of Christ’s blood with a piece of the Bread of Life. This most audacious and outward betrayal of Judas Priest precipitated Christ’s most vehement condemnation in all of Sacred Scriptures: "Woe to the man by whom the Son of Man has been betrayed: it were better that he were not born." Then He said to Judas Iscariot: "Go and do what thou art about, quickly."

This was, above all, the very first excommunication condemnation. In short, Christ excommunicated Judas Iscariot from His very Presence. Secondly, Our Divine Lord uttered by His grave words what was then the very first anathema ever, with His ‘woe’ to Judas Priest:
"Woe to the man by whom the Son of Man has been betrayed: it were better that he were not born." The naked turpitude of what Judas Priest was doing publicly, before the very eyes of His Divine Savior and the other eleven apostles, committing the sin of sacrilege by an unworthy communion, was forthright condemned by Our Lord for its wicked malevolence, the unworthy reception of Divine Innocence Itself while in the state of mortal sin.

This most morally corrupt of all of Judas Iscariot’s actions was a sacrilege of egregious proportions, for it contradicted virtually everything that Our Divine Lord and Savior had taught for His entire public life on earth and something so heavenly He had done also in the very presence of Judas. This was, at least, the very essence of false charity for it constituted a false love of Jesus Christ by a feigned affection


Nothing goes together so clearly as the philosophy of liberal Protestantism and the "Novus Ordo Missae" liturgy with communion in the hand. This is so very basic to any notion of false charity and how these two heretical views of Christianity share in their so-called worship of God.

The betrayal of Christ by Judas Priest is threefold and the second tier of this disgraceful sacrilege, which we will consider now, is the missing presence of Judas Iscariot when all the rest of the apostles and Christ were deep in prayer in the Garden of Olives. This was the second biblically noted event in Judas Iscariot’s life: his absence from Christ’s side with the other apostles when Our Lord was so deep in the contemplation and prayers of His Passion, just before His Way of the Cross and Crucifixion. This again, was a remarkable event in the life of Judas Iscariot, this willful and voluntary absence from the side of Christ, His Savior, when Our Lord and Savior was deep in the prayers of His Passion.

This cold calculating indifference towards Our Divine Lord and His Holy Presence



Liberal Catholicism like liberal Protestantism makes light of the Presence of Christ in its worship as did Judas Priest, the master of false charity and the devil’s coconspirator, most especially is this obvious in the liturgical innovation of communion in the hand and with it all the ignorance of disrespect, sacrilege, and irreverence that goes on virtually everywhere it is celebrated.

It was just this same cold ignorance in the Presence of Our Divine Lord Himself that characterized Judas’ every action, for example his boldness of challenging the way Mary Magdalen had used up the precious nard, which cost so much money, to anoint Jesus before His Passion and Death. This aggravated Judas’ false charity for he complained that this precious nard, worth over 300 denarii, could have been better spent on the poor. However, Our Divine Lord so strongly countered: "the poor you will always have with you but you will not have Me always."

Certainly, this same downgrading of liturgical matters in the "Novus Ordo Missae" is extraordinarily evident in the same lack
of respect that Judas’ false charity wanted to show Christ by saving the precious nard for profit, or more selfishly for his own personal worldly wealth. It should be noted that St. John the Evangelist in Holy Scriptures also clarified this same point regarding Judas’ false charity in that he was treasurer for the apostles but he often stole from their money for the poor for himself.

Thus the same theft goes on today, glaringly so, in the "Novus Ordo Missae" when all the examples of exterior piety, like Mary’s use of the precious nard on Our Lord’s feet, have been ignorantly eliminated from the "Novus Ordo Missae" i.e. patens used for serving communion, communion rails and communion cloths to protect the Sacred Species, genuflecting at communion time, un-ordained clergy distributing communion or extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist everywhere, removal of kneelers, tabernacles, and golden vesseled ciboria.

To cite these precious examples of exterior piety, created through centuries of orthodox Roman Catholicism and the reverential worship of God, as being archaic and superfluous is the very same as Judas priest’s adamancy in not wanting to exhibit the most reverential obeisance and care of Christ before His Passion and Death that Mary Magdalen wanted. And Judas Priest’s attitude– to deny the very worship and reverence due Our Divine Lord, is the very essence of Liberal Protestantism, which is to say all Protestantism because it is to the left of Roman Catholicism, especially in all things liturgical. Nevertheless, this betrayal, whether within the Church or without, smacks of the same despicable insolence to Our Divine Lord and God that Judas Priest exhibited just before Our Lord’s Passion and Death.

This attitude of diminishing the worship of God for which all men are obligated by the First Commandment, is the very nature of Liberal Protestantism with its liturgy-free worship and its rebellious "sola scriptura" or "scripture alone" is sufficient for salvation mentality. As a matter of fact, Protestantism is literally devoid of all exterior piety that the Catholic faith for centuries has prided itself upon in reverencing Our Divine Lord until, that is, the influx of the "Novus Ordo" and its watered down version of the liturgy and Mass.

Walk into a "Novus Ordo Missae" Church and walk into a Protestant one after that and note the similarities in the absolute void of pious memorabilia: no kneelers, no altars, no crucifixes, no tabernacles, no Eucharistic Presence of Our Lord and God. No uplifting reminders of God’s Holy Presence can be found in either worship space: no stained glass windows, statues or pictures of saints–especially the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph–no pulpits, no stations of the Cross, no holy water fountains, and finally no vigil lights. Finally, one cannot forget the vanishing of the large red tabernacle vigil light, so gloriously indicative of Our Divine Lord’s dear Presence in the Eucharist, always missing in Protestant worship space but now, sadly, the fate of almost all "Novus Ordo Missae" Catholic Churches.

In light of this litany of seemingly endless disrespect and sacrilege can one any longer doubt the denial of Jesus Christ and His Divine Presence as being total and complete by the Judas Priests of the "Novus Ordo Missae" and communion in the hand along with its boon ally, Liberal Protestantism?

–to be continued–
j hughes dunphy