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Whoever wishes to be saved must, above all, keep the Catholic faith. For unless a person keeps this faith whole and entire, he will undoubtedly be lost forever. Creed of St Athanasius

Reign of Antichrist, Francis and Vatican II Popes

The reign of the antichrist continues with Francis, the number one antichrist pope of our age with his constant unorthodox teachings, preachings and deeds that have devastated Roman Catholicism as never before in Christianity’s 2000 year history, indeed,  during his entire reign as pope.  But he is not alone when we consider Fr. Vincent Miceli’s masterpiece the “Antichrist”, written during the 1970’s. 

      For example in this massive work by Fr. Miceli, S. J.  we see him referring back to the nineteenth century scholar John Henry Cardinal Newman:  
      “Surely,” continues Newman,  “there is at this day a confederacy of evil, marshalling its hosts from all parts of the world, organizing itself, taking its measures, enclosing the Church of Christ as in a net, and preparing the way for a general apostasy from it……This Apostasy and all its tokens and instruments are of the evil one and savior of death.”  How does the Evil One bring about the apostasy?  “He offers baits to tempt men:  he promises liberty, equality, trade and wealth, remission of taxes, reforms.   He tempts men to rail against their rulers and superiors in imitation of his own revolution.    He promises illumination, knowledge, science, philosophy, enlargement of mind.   He scoffs at times gone by, at sacred traditions, at every institution which reveres them. 
He bids man mount aloft, to become a god.   He laughs and jokes with men, gets intimate with them, takes their hands, gets his fingers between theirs, grasps them and then they are his.”   Newman was convinced that the shadows of the Antichrist in his day, some one hundred years or so ago, were thickening as the age of darkness approached. 
       No, Francis, is not alone but he is, at present, the most notorious Antichrist Pope, but let us not forget any of the other Vatican II popes, all of which have failed to teach orthodox Roman Catholicism because they failed to teach against the world, the flesh, and the devil; such as a thoroughly orthodox pope like Pope Pius XII would have done.     
        If we consider why John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, and now Francis are unmistakably Antichrist Popes we can clearly see how they were not at all orthodox in teaching as Pope Pius XI, even if we look at only one of Pius XI’s  encyclicals, which are all masterpieces of orthodoxy, “Casti Conubii.” (“Of Chaste Wedlock&rdquoWinking    Never does Pius XI  fail to teach against   three of the main characteristics of the Antichrist to not teach clearly about the world, the flesh , and the devil.
       How ought an orthodox pope teach?    He ought to defend, protect, explain, amplify, and promote the orthodox teachings of Jesus Christ against the world, the flesh, and the devil.   This, a great Catholic Jesuit scholar Fr. John Hardon, S.J.  does so dramatically  in his writings.    Let us consider a noteworthy example of his orthodoxy in the following excerpt from his writings:
       Father John Hardon, S.J. who passed away in the year 2001 taught the following in our own recent times past:
        “Let me suggest three simple norms for discovering religious truth in today’s miasma of very sophisticated and very learned confusion.    Ask yourself three questions.  Question one:  does what I am hearing or reading correspond to what the Church has always held to be true?   If it does you can trust it.  If it does not, distrust it.   The Church has always held that Christ is bodily present in the Eucharist;  that the Pope is infallible in teaching the universal Church;  that marriage is indissoluble by any human authority,  civil or ecclestiastical;   that adultery and fornication and homosexuality are mortal sins that deprive those who die thus estranged from God the vision of God;  that the priesthood is reserved for men, that personal auricular confession is necessary to obtain sacramental absolution and forgiveness of sin;  that the Mass is a sacrifice and not just an elaborate liturgical meal;  that direct abortion is murder;  that obedience to rightful authority is a divine law;   that religious life is part of divine revelation;   that celibacy is pleasing to God;   that contraception, no matter what the intention, is a grave sin;   that prayer is necessary for salvation;   and that angels are sent by God to minister to our human and especially our spiritual needs.   All of these, and I could go on, are truths the Church has always held.   Anyone who contradicts or casts doubt on what has been the heritage of historic Christianity, no matter how articulate or learned or highly placed he or she may be, is not telling the truth.   
       Second question:   does what I am hearing or reading conform to the present  teaching of the Roman Catholic Church as expressed by the Vicar of Christ?    If it does you can trust it.   If it does not, distrust it no matter how otherwise pious or scholarly the opinion or theory may be.   That is all it is,  an opinion or theory, and it should be treated accordingly.   
       Third question:   what kind of a person morally, is the one who is teaching or writing what I hear or read?   We did not used to have to ask these questions.   We do now.   Is he or she humble and prayerful and charitable and patient and chaste, or the opposite?   More than  once the Saviour used this norm and He wants us to use it too to explain why His critics who finally crucified Him, the scribes and Pharisees, were not teaching the truth.   Their pride and envy, among other vices, as He said, disqualified them from being taken seriously. 
        One more question, a kind of addendum, but it should also be asked,  “What are the consequences of the ideas I am reading or hearing?” Again the Saviour is our Master in applying this precious norm when He tells us that by their fruits you shall know them.   Ideas have consequences.   True  ideas have good consequences.   False ideas have bad consequences.   There is no escaping the logic of this divinely ordained law of spiritual fertility:    truth always   begets goodness, falsehood always begets evil.
 Fr. John A. Hardon, S. J.
          Not until Vatican II did the collapse of Matrimony as a sacrament in the Catholic Church begin with the compromising of the holy teaching on the importance of fidelity of the couple to the vows, the utter holiness and permanence of the bond, and the strong teaching against any contraception for any reason in the marriage whatsoever.   In other words, no longer was it chaste wedlock as Pius XI taught in his 1930’s  encyclical  “Casti Conubii”.    He taught definitively against the world, the flesh, and the devil.  
      Not Paul VI and all of the Vatican II cohorts to follow.   Paul VI did not forthrightly teach authoritatively the holy truths of Matrimony,  for he submitted the entire question to a committee for study and then he ruled lately on that “contraception was evil”,  but already “rhythm” to avoid pregnancy was in full swing  and then during John Paul II’s reign, Benedict XVI, and , now, notoriously Francis all allowed other “excuses” for putting off birth:   financial, health, and whatever reason to “postpone birth” , and so with the onslaught of the “pill” in the 1960’s, the destruction of the permanence of Catholic Marriage was complete.   For the annulment explosion began under Paul VI and continued unabated through so-called St. John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s and Francis’s reigns.  
      Notice how these derelict popes courted the world , flesh, and the devil:   the world, by condescending to the allowance of contraception and the “pill” to be used by married couples under certain circumstances;  the flesh, with couples now literally “lusting” to disconnect sex and physical pleasure from the procreative act of the marriage act; and the devil, through his incitement of popes and people to the fullest participation in the serious sin of adultery by allowing the severing of the marital bond, secure for hundreds of years,  for “frivolous reasons”  in  what was and still is the annulment crisis---more appropriately, Catholic divorce.  
       This liberalization desecrated what was , formerly,  the sacrosanct state of Matrimony in the Church by separating the sex act from the procreative , making what was always a holy, pure, chaste act for the procreation of children into a travesty.   After failing to teach and defend against the world, the flesh , and the devil and destroying marriage in the most heretical Church Council Vatican II of the Church in 2000 years.   Then,  after this fiasco, now homosexuality/pedophilia are together destroying the priesthood and the laity in the Church and especially the people who anymore can find reason to believe , all because sexual activity can merely be for “ lust” as it was so clearly exemplified and taught by all the Vatican II antichrist popes who allowed during their pontificates , the world, the flesh, and the devil to devastate Holy Matrimony
      80% of Catholics now divorce and remarry, 95% practice infamous contraception, and over 56% believe homosexuality is all right.   Until you hear the five sexual sins being condemned from your local pulpit, this reign of Satanical terror in the Church and the reign of the antichrist will never cease.  
          Now to amplify Fr. John Hardon, we turn to Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M. another great teacher of the faith in our times who just recently passed away.  He shows so clearly how the world , the flesh, and the devil never stop working.  From his great book on discernment, “Authenticity” he teaches:
      The faithful are advised not to be surprised if the world hates them (1Jn 3:13) and they hear that they should rejoice when they are insulted for the sake of Christ (1Pet: 4:12-14).   Anyone who makes himself a friend of the world thereby becomes an enemy of God (James 4:4).   He, on the other hand, who is faithful to Christ is sure to be persecuted (2 Tim 3:12).   The two dispensations can be summarized by the question Stephen addressed to his own murderers:  “Was there ever any prophet whom your fathers did not persecute?”  (Acts 7:52)
      Rejection as a sign of authenticity rangers all the way from indifference to the message to the shedding of blood because of it.   The pages of the New Testament provide abundant examples of teaching that the hostile element in the world flatly rejects a frugal life—style embraced gladly and with love….the narrow gate the hard road….a demanding chastity in matters sexual….the avoidance of pleasure seeking as though it were an end….the reality of hell…the superiority of virginal dedication to God….hungering after holiness….continual prayer…..avoidance of elaborate hairdressing and fine clothing…..humility and obedience…..long periods of prayer in solitude.    The true prophet disturbs consciences.    And most people do not like to be disturbed.   
         The world can be so ill in its intellectual and moral life that it unwittingly assumes as normal what a few moments’ careful consideration easily shows to be a widespread disease.   If one lives with omnipresent sickness long enough, he begins to assume that it is normal, especially if he has little contact with healthy people.   An American psychiatrist has pointed out that there is no little illness in our Western culture’s  preoccupation with genital sexuality.   He considers it no exaggeration “ to say that a majority of marriages must be defined as states of obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with genital sex.    Such as married state is by definition characterized by a lack or diminished degree of freedom to sexual matters because of an obsession with sexual thoughts, images, and desires.” 
      This compulsion, he notes, spills over only too easily into pre—and extramarital activities.   In this doctor’s judgement,  the number of persons with a healthy integrated sexuality is exceded in our society by those who are ill in this area of their lives.   Thus we find moralists who reject Catholic principles (within and outside the Church) and proclaim “ as a moral norm what is only attainable by the psychologically immature person and thereby implying that the latter is incapable of growing as yet toward the ideal of perfection.”   In this ill atmosphere there then arises “ a false need for contraceptive techniques, legalized abortion, and euthanasia.”   An ill world slowly takes its illness as it normal state and so rejects the healthy life pattern set out by Almighty God.   Health is bound to be at odds with illness.  
       So it is in the history of God’s people that the genuine prophet is persecuted, even killed.   Because the people scorn the word of the Lord  (Jer  6:10) , they logically enough scorn him who proclaims it.   Jeremiah complains that he has become an object of laughter, mockery, derision, reproach.   He wrestles with the Lord to get out from under this outrage (Jer 20:7-8).    Hosea complains that the prophet has been considered a fool and a madman (Hos 9:7).   
      Through each age is surprised when it happens anew,  happen it will;  authenticity is not at home in this world.    The Church is necessarily a stranger, a nomad, unwelcome on the face of the earth  (Heb 11: 13-16  (Heb 11:13-16;  Pet 2:11).     Fr. Thomas Dubay, S. M.     
            Let us remember here Our Lord Jesus Christ fought vehemently and absolute the world, the flesh, and the devil in His well-known 3 temptations.   The devil tried to make him change stones into bread to satisfy the lust of the flesh, to throw himself down  from  the temple mount or submit to pride of life and angels would pick Him up, and worship the devil and he would receive all the kingdoms of world. Drive out the devil is virtually all Christ’s ministry involved: the Genesareth Youth possessed by multiple demons, Christ drove into a herd of pigs and they drowned themselves;  Our Lord drove multiple demons from Mary Magddalen who was caught in the sins of the flesh; and the Syro-Phoenician woman whose daughter was possessed by a demon, Christ drove out in sympathy with this woman.  Priests who do not fight, defend against and protect the laity from the world, the flesh and the devil, according to Bishop Fulton Sheen, are nothing more than useless ecclesiastical functionaries and nothing more and NOT PRIESTS OF JESUS CHRIST!!!   GOD SAVE US FROM CORRUPT HOMOSEXUAL/[PEDOPHILE SYMPATHETIC PRIESTS!!!  THEY HAVE INFESTED CHRIST’S CHURCH TODAY!!!  FOR THEY DO NOT PROTECT THE FLOCK FROM THE WORLD, THE FLESH, AND THE DEVIL!!!
Of course, Christ never compromised or sinned in any way.  So also we must deny ourselves and generously embrace our crosses if we want to follow Christ.  In other words avoid all sins of flesh, the world, the pride of life and the devil.   If not,  we will have empty lamps at our deaths like the foolish virgins who gained no eternal merit and Christ said to them the most formidable words in the Bible:  “I do not know you.”  We must, must avoid the world, the flesh, and the devil!!!
May the Darkness of sin and night of heathenism vanish before the light of the word and Spirit of Grace and , may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever. Amen.     J. HUGHES DUNPHY