On the Sin of Omission, Vatican Council II, and Apostasy.

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men: and the light shineth in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

Looking back at the devastation of the Catholic faith in the last fifty years, one cannot doubt that the plague of the uninformed Catholics in the pews has been only surpassed by the wholesale ignorance of the clergy, in particular, the priests. The immediate upshot of all this ignorance has been a malaise of darkness that has spread over the whole Catholic Church with spiritual consequences everywhere. The eternal consequences of this ignorance of both clergy and laity are sin, the spreading of a veritable explosion of sin, in both the world and in the Church, which has precipitated according to St. Paul, this darkness of the mind and in addition a weakness of the will.

This pandemic ignorance of the faith by both clergy and laity and its sinful consequences were brought on by one spiritual weakness, namely, Modernism, a catastrophe that Pope Pius X warned of, in the early 1900’s, would be able to infect the entire Church with great ruin and destruction. In particular, what precipitated both this ruin and devastation was a will on the part of the clergy to become more relevant , update, and modernize the Traditions of the Catholic Church, be it liturgy, doctrine, or the priesthood and the religious life.

Very simply such a statement and its veracity can be easily seen in the dilution of the sacred worship of God in the Mass from a holy sin sacrifice for the salvation of souls to a Protestant meal of sharing bread and wine in feelings of good will. Nor have the great doctrines been unspoilt by this modernization, especially can this be seen in ignoring one of the most fundamental of all doctrines of the Catholic faith,
“outside the Church there is no salvation” as an absolute and clear teaching of the Roman Catholic Church to the new-fangled syncretistic belief that the unchurched can also be saved and that God no longer needs Baptism and water as a sacrament necessary for salvation, but instead God can opt to save souls extra-sacramentally without the Church in a so-called Baptism of Desire to be utilized by people of all faiths.

In a priesthood and religious life where being holy was once the paramount concern before Vatican Council II, holiness has become passé in the liberated church where dissent, disobedience and pedophile priests are universal, allowing the world, the flesh, and the devil to corrupt in unison the holy priesthood and the vowed religious life. This corrupting influence of these holy vocations, the priesthood and the religious state, has devastated God’s vineyard with unholy priests and religious whose sinful lives of indulging the world, the flesh and the devil, has left the Catholics in the pew with an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’. It is an undeniable fact that unholy priests and religious care not a whit about keeping the average Catholic in the pew aware of the obligations and teachings of the Catholic Church on how to be a faithful and fervent Roman catholic. From saintly priests and religious the church and its members become holy; from holy priests and religious the people in the pews become good; from good priests and religious, God’s people are simply faithful but not fervent; from unholy and sinful priests and religious God’s people are apostate, and so on.

When unholy priests and religious have left the Catholics in the pew with ‘uninformed Catholic consciences’ , we can see further how this failure has driven the church underground because its highest leaders, the bishops themselves, have failed to step forward and are even loathe to evangelize the faith to the world by teaching, governing and sanctifying souls through the church by their magisterial authority. Why is this so?

This corrupting dilemma of magisterial authority is the failure to teach and promote and defend not only the doctrines of the faith, but likewise failing to reprimand its offenders by anathema and excommunication. Moreover, this catechetical crisis of the ‘uncatechized Catholic in the pew, has precipitated unholy catholics everywhere, who ignore both the sacraments and the vital liturgical practices of the Church. Easter duty and confessing one's sins at least once a year is a thing of the past. Clearly, this delinquency in magisterial authority in matters salient to the salvation of souls makes vivid the sheer insufficiency in holiness of these Episcopal leaders.

This great rise in the bishops faltering in their administrative duties to tend the flock and nourish these souls, originates in whole or in part from failing to heed a great teaching of the past by St. Athanasius: “
Whoever wishes to be saved must above all keep the Catholic faith for if you do not keep this faith whole and entire, you will undoubtedly lose your soul.”

This failure to teach the Catholic faith by the hierarchy and especially the bishops, makes impossible the living out of the faith, whole and entire, and the salvation of egregious numbers of souls for the hereafter. This pathetic failure to teach the Catholic faith, whole and entire, by the sin of omission has gained its greatest ally from the documents of Vatican Council II where in all three administrative areas of episcopal authority, of liturgy, governing, and sanctifying, there are noteworthy violations from the past traditional teachings and authority of the Church.

This great negligence to teach the Catholic faith, whole and entire and clearly, and in total conformity with the past perennial teachings of the Church by the sin of omission has its greatest ally in heterodoxy from Vatican Council II where unconscionable violations are evident throughout.
In fact, this is the great sin of the Second Vatican Council, the sin of omission: not teaching as we now already know from our previous discussion matters doctrinal, both clearly and cogently, namely, “outside the Church there is no salvation”; failure also ,in matters to sanctify the flock and ‘feed’ them, as Our Lord demanded of Peter and His Apostles to faithfully do; in particular, an adequate defense of life, in light of the 1960‘s debate on
Humanae Vitae, with consequent strong teachings on purity and chastity in all sexual matters—the upshot of which has been multitudes of so-called Catholics on contraception in numbers as great as Protestants ever since the Second Vatican Council; and finally, refraining from a strict protection of the priesthood and religious life by allowing tens of thousands of priests to be laicized and hundreds of thousands of religious sisters and brothers to be dispensed of their vows after the Council from the updating and modernizing counciliar documents of these once holy vocations. Moreover, especially noteworthy was a deemphasis on celibacy in the priesthood and the community life of religious being disregarded after the Council with undisciplined priests going so far as to advocate ‘optional celibacy’. Undisciplined and unregulated interpretations of Vatican II documents allowed such heinous interpretations of its documents to justify religious orders which formerly lived ‘ in community’ to renew themselves by living in apartments after the Council; and other similar violations such as appearing in public without wearing the proper habit of their religious order any longer or priests being so bold as to dispense with the Roman collar and accompanying black suits so as to be the ‘thoroughly liberated and modernized priest’.

Thus, if Vatican Council II, was to be a ‘pastoral’ council, it failed in educating church members, whether clergy or laity in these salient area of episcopal authority: teaching, governing, and sanctifying. So where did the bishops learn to be so grievously omissive in their ‘pastoral duties’, but from the Second Vatican Council and its obsession to modernize and forget the past.

By not teaching, governing, or sanctifying the flock, adequately—especially at the Council and after, the bishops offered a paradigm to the whole Church, especially priests and religious, that failures in these matters was unimportant. This sin of omission at the Council trickled down to priests and religious everywhere who thought teaching, governing, and sanctifying their own flocks was no longer relevant. Thus the great folly of the ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ resulted, which infected the flock universally, causing them to see that the Catholic Church or their faith was equally irrelevant today and so they left the one, true Church in astronomical numbers worldwide, along with their children, giving us the
“Great Apostasy”. This generational sin of failing to teach the Catholic faith has progressed to such a degree that, today, millions of ex-catholics have been affected by this sin of omission and have, therefore, apostasized.

Furthermore, ‘an uninformed Catholic conscience’ leads to sin, a grievous sin, mortal sin because it is almost always willful, resulting in St. Athanasius’ warning that to be saved, one ‘must keep the Catholic faith whole and entire’ . Clearly, an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ is full of culpable guilt, the willful desire to not know the whole truth by making little or no effort to be informed. Even if this grievous sin of ‘omission’ arises from spiritual lassitude, there is still much culpability of conscience, for every Catholic has always a huge moral obligation to keep one’s conscience fully informed at all times. All of this shows why the sin of omission, wherever it appears, is lethal to man’s conscience, his church , his society, and his world.
j hughes dunphy, to be continued

On the Sin of Omission, Vatican Council II, and Apostasy.

An undeniable fact is the seriousness of this sin of omission in the priestly vocation, a sin that catches fire with fury amongst the laity and condemns many souls to hell. This omission which keeps the laity in the dark regarding their own eternal salvation before God arises from a carelessness in matters spiritual on the part of the priest. Truly, this is lethal for the Catholic in the pew.

Any priest who is delinquent in informing his flock about a true sense of sin and the rigors of Divine justice for such violations and omissions, indicates indisputable proof of a priest oblivious to the call to holiness and the insurmountable graces of his vocation. For a Catholic priest himself to remain with an
‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ brings about a mind that is darkened and a will that is weakened. Therefore, the priest along with his flock falls victim to developing a hardened heart which results from a life of sin with a darkened mind and a weakened will, all from living outside of grace for lack of virtuous living. Particularly harmful to the soul and its eternal salvation, affirms St. Paul, is this life of sin which inevitably darkens the mind and weakens the will. Clearly, this supernatural ignorance is what has crippled man’s conscience, his sense of sin, and the ultimate salvation of his soul, the consequence of which is spiritual anarchy in abundance in the last fifty years, especially in the church which has given us the grievous sin of omission in teaching, governing, and sanctifying the flock by bishops and priests everywhere. This pandemic crisis of conscience, with an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ has been ignored , again and again, for the sake of being updated, renewed, and modernized from the so-called ‘old Church’ and the spiritual monarchy of the Vatican and its magisterium. Finally, it is important to realize that an ‘uninformed Catholic conscience’ gives rise to a life of darkness and sin and, vice versa, a sinful life in the darkness of sin gives us the inevitability of the ‘uninformed Catholic conscience.

“May the darkness of sin and the night of heathenism vanish before the light of the Word and the Spirit of grace, and may the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of men, now and forever. Amen”

j hughes dunphy, to be continued