As we enter the third millennium,  the words of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior to Judas Iscariot have greater forcefulness and power in history than ever before: “Judas dost thou betray the son of Man with a kiss?”  
Why these condemning words of Jesus to Judas Iscariot are so portentous,  regarding our own times,  is because these are the days of betrayal, of false charity, of a pretended love of Christ provoked by Satan himself, the great imitator of Christ-like charity and the flatterer par excellence.  These times, indeed, are particularly times of betrayal for the Church:   dissenting theologians, cafeteria-select-your-own-brand-of-Catholicism, and apostates from the top of the hierarchical ladder in Rome to the bottom, the very pews in one’s local parish.   All of this is packaged under the guise of ‘a more charitable Catholicism’  for those who preach a more loving gospel, a more loving liturgy, and a more loving theology and who, in truth, are Satan’s henchmen.   

False charity is the false love of God epitomized by Judas’s false kiss, full of duplicitous deceit and suggesting virtue,  but, in truth, being consummate vice.
To simulate the love of Christ with a diabolical boldness and to deny Him at one and the same time, just as Judas did, who was one of the most sinister and malevolent characters in all of human history  is nothing less than a total betrayal of Jesus Christ’s goodness and love which leads, therefore, so many, many souls today down the wide road that leads to a hell of destruction in this world and death in the hereafter.     
This false philosophy of Judas’ love has embraced the hearts of modern day Christians i.e. Protestants and liberal Catholics everywhere in remarkable numbers:  the pretense of a loving affection for Christ that hides within the human heart  a diabolical attachment to the things of this world.   Was this not the very nature of Judas’ false charity, the external appearances of love without any corresponding affection within, because of a slavish love of ‘mammon’ or the bread of this world.   Judas, sadly lacked the amorous assumption-presumption in Christ’s Divine predisposition, meaning he was without the supernatural trust, childlike confidence and acceptance of Christ’s love in all things.  This, happily,  the Mother of God so perfectly paradigmed. However, how many Protestants and liberal Catholics today have also exchanged Judas’ love of money,  or the thirty pieces of silver, for Christ’s love?   “Then one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said: ‘What will you give me if I deliver Him to you?   And they paid him thirty pieces of silver.  And from that moment he sought an opportunity to betray Him.’” (Matt 26: 15)
Nowhere do we see a better paradigm of this false charity than with the modernist clergyman, priest or preacher where the effrontery of money, wealth and the prosperity gospel of feel-good Christianity have come to replace the unadulterated and undiluted truth of the gospel taught with ethical and theological prowess, an act of true charity for souls.   Do we not have too many horrible examples to cite of priests and preachers who fleece their flocks so they can live the so-called ‘good life.’  Certainly no preacher who is indulging his lower nature of grasping for money and the things of this world is inclined to inveigh against such a serious sin as false charity.  One style of preaching always gains the plaudits of admiration from the world, while the other is despised and contemptuously discarded.   The people-pleasing preacher who tweaks the gospel so it is most happily received by one’s flock was the magic touch of the pharisees in Jesus’ own day.   Were they not so popular that even in the market places they were noted publicly, as Christ Our Lord said?  “And the pharisees love salutations in the marketplaces.”   

The prosperity gospel of preaching to the masses for the thirty pieces of silver and the passing bread of this world is oriented to worldly approval and adulation, the very earmarks of the satanical gospel of Judas priest.  To appear loving and charitable and boldly advance this exteriorly, yet inwardly in a state of denial is the number one characteristic of false charity: a sheer duplicity of purpose and intent manifested wherever the gospel for repentance to sin is not preached.  Christ rebuked Satan for this false charity of offering Him the bread of this world instead of the Bread of Eternal Life:
“Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the Mouth of God.”  (Matt. 4: 4).   True charity clearly is concerned with the supernatural bread of repentance for sin, the whole purpose of Christ’s Mission on earth, and not for the perishable bread of false charity which Satan offered to Christ and to us all whenever we sin.  For the gospel of false charity consists in not admonishing the sinner whenever he sins or does wrong, but it consists instead in affirming the sinner in his sin in order to receive the bread of this world as payment for the gospel of false charity.  Can one truthfully deny that false charity plagues Christianity everywhere today?  We have all observed today that the sexual sins of clergy and faithful are largely untouchable: homosexuality, pedophilia, pornography, contraception, sterilization, masturbation, divorce, abortion, and fornication; in short no sexual sins are opposed. 
“Lovism,” Satan’s wicked fraud from the great imitator himself, is the gospel of false charity which leads so many souls and their teachers like the scribes and pharisees of Jesus’ day down the wide road that leads to destruction; for they have exchanged the bread of this world for the Bread of Eternal Life, and therefore they receive their just pay of thirty pieces of silver and damnation by Christ’s own words, especially because these betrayers, like Judas, come from Jesus’ own followers, the priests and preachers of false charity of the day.  Here are Jesus’ words of condemnation of Judas the priest and false charity: “He who has dipped his hand in the dish with Me will betray Me.  The son of Man goes as it is written of Him, but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed!  It would have been better for that man if he had not been born.” (Matt. 26: 23-24) These are the vehement, condemning words of the Eternal High Priest Who will judge all priests this same way, if they teach the gospel of “lovism” and false charity.  We must not be so spiritually or theologically naive to think these words condemning Judas the Priest were to be construed only for Jesus’ times and not also for our own.  The import of Jesus’ own words here is such priests today and yesterday are doomed to hell or something worse than the human mind can imagine, unless they repent.     

The false kiss, the feigned love of God and the easy wide road to eternal life with the bread of this world is so utterly enticing like all temptation and sin for priests today and for us all.  
Indeed thirty pieces of silver are worth it to many. The ‘many’ must keep in mind Christ’s sobering words: “Many are called, but few are chosen.”  (Matt 22:14)   Let us not sugar-coat wrongly either the tone or the severity of Jesus’ condemnation for such false priests and His expectations for them because Christ, our divine High Priest, makes it absolutely clear that He is speaking strictly of the priestly caste in His condemnations of them: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.  You will know them by their fruits.  Are grapes gathered from thorns or figs from thistles?   So every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.” (Matt 7: 15-18) We know that Christ our Divine Teacher is speaking strictly of the priestly caste here who retained the role of prophet in Jewish society, since they both taught and interpreted the Law of the old covenant and their priesthood retained the traditional role of prophets for time immemorial in the Jewish religion.  Jesus told us to beware, to be watchful and discerning: therefore, for us to judge the worthiness of priest-prophets one has to test their fruits, and only then can one tell whether they are the false prophets or not, who water down or alter Christ’s gospel of repentance and then become teachers and preachers of false charity.

Truly, then, we must have Christ’s heavenly vision with proper deception-perception of such evil priests like the pharisees who were the prototype of the modern priest of false charity today.  Why false charity?  Because these false priests and teachers are the ones who widen the path that leads to destruction and hell–
an easier way, founded on the false loves of Satan, this world, and one’s pride, all of which appear to be a kinder and gentler path to heaven, but, in truth, are the cruelest, most wicked, and most malevolent way to lead souls to hell.     

Our Divine Teacher’s words on such false purveyors of the Gospel are very pointed:
“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For you lock people out of the kingdom of heaven.  For you do not go in yourselves, and when others are going in, you stop them.  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  For you cross sea and land to make a single convert, and you make the new convert twice as much as child of hell as yourselves.”  (Matt. 23: 13-15)     Most importantly such false priests bearing rotten fruits are very obviously to be avoided by Christ’s faithful sheep since these priests of false charity are to be condemned to hell with their docile flock as our divine Teacher instructed: “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”  (Matt. 7: 19) Neither of these two can or will bear fruit.       

This false kiss, the feigned love of God, and the dipping of the betrayer’s hand into the same dish as the Savior’s are, indeed, a part of today’s modern Catholic Church where false charity abounds in the liturgical chaos after Vatican Council II
.   The essential direction of false charity after Vatican II was to create a more loving theology, a more loving liturgy, and a more loving people who were open to the world.  To comprehend the vast pall that false charity drapes over the Church today since Vatican Council II, one has only to observe the fruits of this great conciliar gathering to make any credible judgment; for did not Our Divine Lord say: “By their fruits you will know them”?  (Matt. 7: 16)      

Some of the very obvious fruits of Vatican II of late are: pedophilia and homosexuality in the priesthood and episcopate; dissenting theologians everywhere in Catholic universities and seminaries; a spiraling Catholic divorce rate equal to Protestants; contraception, sterilization, and abortion in epic numbers; the loss of the faith of literally millions of fallen away Catholics; catechetics out-of-control; and the hemorrhaging of the priesthood and sisterhood with tens of thousands leaving these holy vocations for the material world and its pleasures.
  Can we not say that bishops and priests have been the leaders of this sad display of rotten fruit and moral stagnation since Vatican II, precipitated by their teaching and example of false loves,  this huge apostasy of the Catholic religion?        

To verify this, one need only remember clearly Our Lord’s Words regarding the identity of whom the main malefactor is in all of this false love and false charity: 
“He who has dipped his hand in the dish with Me will betray me.”  (Matt. 26: 23)   Judas Iscariot certainly is one of His most intimate followers, one of those whom he Himself, the Son of God made Man, selected as His very Own Apostle.  In fact, those who are the nearest and dearest to Jesus Christ in spreading the Word of God to save souls became His betrayers– His apostles or His priests.   These are the special souls of Jesus’ inner circle who daily dip the Bread in the Chalice of His Blood and unfortunately betray Him.       

Twice in scripture, in two different instances, Christ Our Savior warns us of the identity of the betrayers: they will use a false kiss and they will dip their hand in the Chalice with Him.  Indeed, no two symbols bespeak of intimacy than the one whom you permit to kiss you and the one with whom you share your meals.   Yes, it is the priesthood of Jesus Christ and those who exercise it that our Lord zeroes in upon as the ultimate source of His worst betrayal.   Therefore, to understand false charity thoroughly as Christ warns us and his disciples to do, we ought to first heed the example left us of Judas, the false priest, and we must have the proper deception-perception of the characteristics, philosophy, and behavior of such woeful practitioners of false charity. 

False Charity and Extraordinary Ministers 

In the modern Catholic Church, do we not see perhaps a false charity of exteriority in the big hand-shaking, kissing fest that has interrupted the sacredness of the Mass where the silent reverence for the Sacred Species has given way to a cheapened love of ostentation, both artificial and feigned, by many Catholics in the pews; so much so that people talk down openly the sacred from
“the peace of Christ be with you” to just about any spontaneous salutation that meets their fancy nowadays, and most often one highly unsacred: ‘How are you or you look so good’ etc.  Or how many of those dipping their hand in the cup as extraordinary ministers at Mass have betrayed Our Divine Lord like Judas by being in His very midst and not in a state of grace?     Is not the exteriority of religious practice ever so evident in today’s kiss of peace and the down-front extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist who with the priest so often dip the host into the cup of Christ’s blood unworthily–both liturgical innovations since Vatican Council II– neither of which have been correctly followed since Rome reluctantly gave permission for them.  How many priests unnecessarily use these so-called ministers of the Eucharist when they do not have to use them, only to hasten, so often,  the most sacred ceremonies of the Mass with  an abrupt and irreverent conclusion.  So-called, because they declericalize the priesthood and clericalize the laity; notwithstanding the reluctant approbation from Rome.   How many of these so-called extraordinary ministers charge the altar during Mass?  One wonders how much of this is done to feel important or feel good about oneself– a true characteristic of false charity?   

So numerous, indeed, are the extraordinary ministers who have dipped their hands into the Sacred Chalice with the Lord as extraordinary ministers at Mass and have betrayed our Divine Savior by being down-front and not in a state of

How can such a moral impropriety be countenanced in this seemingly groundless accusation?  Consider only the paucity of response to the Rite of Reconciliation or Confession on Saturdays in most Catholic Churches around the country these days where precious few, indeed, attend this holiest of sacraments of Christ’s infinite mercy with any sense of sin, and where one may literally cleanse away through the priest’s holy words of absolution the mountains of serious or venial sins which so impede one’s worthy reception of Christ’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist.  

Is this such a wild and uncharitable accusation in light of the vast number of so-called Catholic couples who practice artificial birth control, or are even sterilized, and march audaciously down the aisles to communion every week?  Similarly, a more wretched parallel can be drawn of priestly betrayal of Christ’s Sacred Presence in the literal abominations of Christ’s prophetic words coming true with pedophile-homosexual priests offering Mass in such sacrilegious serious sin  and being oblivious to any kind of self-scrutiny or guilt: numbers that defy one’s sense of horror and shame i.e
Boston or Los Angeles dioceses with over two  hundred under indictment at one time in the former and over three hundred or more in the latter.  How many of these priests were not reluctant to dip into the Lord’s Chalice with sacrilegious hands and how many bishops– too many to count–allowed this profane behavior of homosexual-pedophile priests to go on and on in the false charity of Satan which exchanges the bread of this world–public attention and adulation– for the Bread of Eternal Life: Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity?   

Wherein lies the false charity of this accusation, one may ask?  It is everywhere these days
.  It’s a gift of satanical malevolence, disguised as charity, when millions and millions of liberal Catholic voters push down the switch again and again in voting booths, nationally, and pro-abortion politicians  are re-elected over and over in a veritable blood bath of baby murdering in the tens of millions: Catholics who see no guilt in this at all, in fact, they believe it is an act of charity to womankind– a woman’s right to choose.     

Let us note again the kiss of peace in days gone by for the liturgy of the Tridentine Mass and the early “Novus Ordo” Mass of Pope Paul VI where the kiss clearly was totally interior and had nothing at all to do with
the feel– good religion of exteriority of today, for to the accustomed acclamation “Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum” (Latin: “May the Peace of Christ be always with you.&rdquoWinking was the liturgically and theologically correct responsorial of “Et cum Spiritu tuo.” (Latin: “And with your spirit.&rdquoWinking    

The current compromised Latin translation becomes desacralized in the exchange of the Bread of Eternal Life for the more politically correct bread of this world with the mistranslation of “Spiritu” as the English “you”.   Thus the exteriority of the pharisees, the professional teachers of false charity in Jesus’ Day and members of the priestly caste,  had the main goal and purpose of being seen or recognized so as to receive public approbation for their deeds, which we have just seen as likewise true of modern day so-called Eucharist ministers as well as the ‘modernized’  kiss of peace.   This was the very same temptation Satan offered Christ to exchange the bread of this exterior world for the spiritual bread of Christ’s world of interiority in the three temptations of Christ– something Christ Our divine Savior would neither agree to do in whole or even in part. 

How long
faithful orthodox Roman Catholics have patiently and prayerfully awaited for the holy hands of the Good Shepherd of all Souls to act upon these sacrilegious abominations against His Infinite Divine Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist through the firm hands of an orthodox Roman Catholic pontiff.   Nor must we forget that it was by a most abrupt excommunication  and the gravest of anathemas that the Divine Shepherd Himself expelled into darkness  the very first priest of false charity from His Presence and so such egregious manifestations of this satanical malaise must be severed today with equal dispatch from the Mystical Body.      
–to be continued–  
j hughes dunphy