Bergoglio the Antichrist and the Cross of Christ

How I weep for those who are enemies of the cross of Christ whose god is their belly whose glory is their shame whose end is destruction and who mind nothing but the things of this world!"  
           The antichrist abhors Christ
and his cross with all his henchmen worldwide Jorge Bergoglio or Francis who sits on the throne of Peter currently; not before in church history of 2000 years has such a pope existed; he who dictates the spread of the secular over the sacred throughout the church since Vatican II and the new mass of Giovanni Montini or Paul VI and the modernists, condemned by Pius X.   

       In fact, in his day St. John the apostle said the antichrist was already loose in the world.  And do we have the mini-antichrists St. John was speaking of who advance the secular world of the godless which Christ met with the devil over in his temptations, and which we witness today with the Antichrist. Who totally conform with it, to be seen in all the Vatican II popes from Paul VI, through John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, and now the ultimate antichrist himself, Jorge Bergoglio, who has devasted the Church with the cataclysmic decimation of the Sacred Mass of the Ages and protected through all the popes in history, from Pope Pius XII to 1958!!  Let us add Bergoglio the Antichrist and his diabolical advance of the antichrist by preaching, teaching, and allowing in the Catholic Church all these atrocities such as the worst of them all, homosexuality which St. Paul warns us was coming in Romans 1; 21 for the immense apostasy of the Church and world from Almighty God   

    Jesus Christ's own rebuke of his leading apostle St. Peter who vowed he would not allow Christ to go to his cross to save the world from sin, so Christ our Lord said to Peter:  "Get behind me Satan for thou savorest not the things of God but of man!" And so Bergoglio the antichrist himself will crush any remnants of tradition in the church which is especially the most holy sacrifice of the ages in the Tridentine Mass anywhere under his authority!!!  The early Fathers of the Church predicted that for three years in the end times the Sacred Mass of the Ages would be stopped.  
    All signs of Satan's temptation to change stones into bread are here in making all Sacred in the church Secular which again St. Paul condemned for us to keep all the traditions he taught at all times!!!
     No, Jesus Christ the Savior would not change stones into the bread of this world but suffered this temptation and said to Satan:  "Depart from Me Satan for man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the Mouth of God!"   And so the bread of Eternal Life, the Eucharist of his own Body and Blood saves only!
    The Second Work of the antichrist Bergoglio just like Satan was the power over life and death which the Modernists of the Secular World Popes would not speak vehemently against, especially the first of them, Giovanni Montini or Paul VI and his so-called encyclical "Humanae Vitae" which opened the doors for contraception and abortion in the Catholic Church because he did not defend the truth as Christ did in his Second Temptation when Satan would have him throw himself down from the Great Temple in Jerusalem for Angels would not allow Him to dash his foot against a stone.   But Christ in this temptation told Satan that "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord your God!"
     But not Bergoglio and Montini or Paul VI  would they defend Life defend life as totally under  almighty God's power with the sacred Mass of the Ages the Tridentine Mass to pray anymore , for only two years after this encyclical Humanae Vitae;  Catholic women,  practiced birth control by taking the pill as much as those outside the church,   all because of the New Mass of the secular Church of Vatican!!!   So America , then,  and all Christian Countries  like Spain, France, Italy South America and Canada under Paul VI   and all the dissenting Bishops and Cardinals and Priests and Laity who would not  participate any longer in the Sacred Mass of Tradition could not gain the graces necessary,  and so could not protect life and thus became a Moloch State!!!!!
    Thus Biblical History of Herod Agrippa who wanted to kill the Infant King Jesus is repeated under all the antichrist popes who weakly if at all defended life to save the world from this sin by killing all babies in and around Bethlehem in another way in the Vatican II Church, called Contraception, the Pill, and Abortion.  

     Almighty God is only going to ask one thing in our judgments and that is whether or not we practiced any virtues.   Only in the traditional Church of Pius XII and before

is this true with the sacramental life of grace in all seven sacraments and the Eucharist and Holy Mass, not in today’s fiasco of the secular world's version of the Novus Ordo Mass which teaches the only virtues are accommodation and conformity to the world and no necessity  of a contrite or totally repentant heart of all sin as  in the offertory of the Sacred Mass of Tradition with a contrite and humble heart .  And the priest too asks forgiveness for all his sins in the offertory of the Tridntine Mass , his countless sins, offenses, and negligence’s against God, unlike the new mass of Montini and Paul VI  which makes no such demands, but incorporates feel good  religion of no necessity for right and wrong to be saved anymore and true compunction of sin and full repentance of it , but conformity to the world, the flesh and the Antichrist.   Satan did the same thing with Christ in his third temptation in the desert to bow down before Satan and worship him and he will give Christ the Lord the world of the Antichrist, the things of pleasure and the world's possessions, just as Bergoglio the Antichrist  who hates the traditional mass of the ages and has abolished it everywhere.   Christ told Satan to begone and his offer of all the kingdoms of the world and the sins of the world, flesh, and devil if Christ would worship him.   He said: "Thou shalt worship the Lord your God and Him alone should you serve!!".

   Sin doesn't matter to Bergoglio the Antichrist and New Mass of the Vatican II Heresy which the priest says as opposed to  the Sacred Mass of the ages or Latin Tridentine Mass .  Therefore, after the Confiteor of confessing your sins in the Latin Mass, God is asked in prayer by the priest to grant pardon, absolution, and remission of all our sins. Again totally anathema to the antichrist Bergoglio in the new mass or Novus Ordo Mass of today. 
     Such love of secularism of the new mass made the Catholic Church unable to defend with God's graces against Contraception, abortion, fornication, adultery,  homosexuality and pedophilia and a sodomite clergy of today!!!  All unlike Pius XII and the Church of Tradition and the Sacred Mass of the Ages when none of this existed, which is just like Christ telling Satan to begone for trying to have him bow down before Satan to possess the world and all its possessions of money, pleasure, and the devil's kingdoms of godless secularism. 
    This is the Church of the Antichrist Bergoglio today and his most wicked rule on Peter's throne, driving out tradition, everywhere,  and especially,  the Tridentine Mass or Latin Mass everywhere!!!
      Nor does Bergoglio the Antichrist preach as the Traditional popes of the past like Pius XII, the last one before the Vatican II Heresy of 1960's, the biggest modernist teaching event since Pius X warned of this in his encyclical of early 1900"s against modernism.  Over 40 encyclicals Pope Pius XII preached, taught, and enforced under his holy papacy and Bergoglio the Antichrist has not taught even one!!!!  What do you expect of the Antichrist Pope Bergoglio?
   Pope Pius XII taught only membership in the Catholic Church saves as Christ Himself taught when he said "On this rock of St. Peter, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!"  
At the end of his papacy Pope Pius XII made this famous statement on the times following his papacy for the last fifty years of the 1900's and beyond for the future for humanity in 1958:   
     "The human race today is involved in a supreme crisis between Lucifer and Mary, which will end in its salvation by Christ, or its dire destruction."   Now from the very beginning of salvation history, Mary was foreseen and predicted to be "the woman whose seed shall crush the serpent's head."  By the power of the Holy Spirit, she conceived and gave birth to the Creator of the Universe, Christ the God-Man, Who died to redeem the world from the power of Satan and restore mankind, in even greater holiness, to the family of the Blessed Trinity.
     Faith, not ignorance or superstition leads Christians to recognize Mary's prayerfully omnipotent role in God's economy of salvation.  Thus, Christians honor and love Mary in imitation of the Infinite love and honor the Holy Trinity bestowed upon her in choosing her to the Mother of the Son of God Who assumes his human nature in the virginal womb of Mary.
     Unfortunately, in our era of apostasy some pretentious theologians secularized intellectuals and demythologizing exegetes have attempted to downgrade the sublime role of Mary in the false hope that only thus can they win over their separated brethren.   But, as if to counteract this reductionist Mariology, Christ has sent His Mother in modern times in many marvelous apparitions to various nations to remind men that Mary, who is the Mother of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, exalted as she is beyond all creatures in her closeness to God, is nevertheless the Mother all men as well as of God.  And we poor humans do well never to forget this wondrous truth, but to ponder it and savor it.
   Though silent and hidden through most of her life on earth, Mary, the Mother of the Church, has, during the last three hundred years and notably in our modern times of crisis and turmoil, made many public visits to our earth and spoken out eloquently so as to convert and save mankind from the judgments of a much - offended God.   It is clear, then, that in these last days of the history of salvation, Mary is exercising quite frequently the role the ancient Hebrew prophets performed to the Chosen People.    As Queen of Prophets, Mary comes among Christians today warning them, and indeed the whole world of the terrible catastrophes advancing upon us all, unless we return to her Son."   Consider only Mary’s words at LaSalette an approved apparition by the Church--when she said : “In the end Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist!!!” 
     For this reason the law of God demands virtue alone of every man without exception.  When God called Abraham into His service He said to him:  "Walk before Me and be perfect"  Gen, xvii   And so he demands of every man.   Everyone must serve God and therefore practice virtue,   not only from a natural feeling of decency and morality, but for God's sake and His glory and for and according to God's example.   
    This is especially demanded by our calling as Christians.   "Christianity,  says St.Gregory of Nyssa," is an imitation of the Divine Nature.   If therefore thou art a Christian, imitate Jesus Christ, the Son of God." 
     "No one,"  says St. Cyprian, :should dare to call himself a Christian who does not make himself, as far as he can, conformable to the virtues of Jesus Christ."  

      The punishment for vice is and we should know for our personal salvation is that we know that hell exists,  that it

is a place of everlasting torment where lost souls are condemned for eternity as we learn from the inspired word of God".  "Depart from me you accursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels."  (Mt. 25:41)

     Our concern need not be about the Bergoglio's and antichrists of the world as should be the outcome of not pursuing our true pursuit of holiness in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass available in the Latin Mass while we can!   Our concern need not be about any scholarly discussion concerning the existence and nature of hell but about how we can escape it by avoiding all the pitfalls the antichrist and devils deceive us with. And also what leads us to serious sin and the death of the soul.   
     One of the greatest teachings on this of the four last things was by 
Fr. John Hardon:
     Death, than which nothing is more certain
     Judgment, than which nothing is more strict
      Hell, than which nothing is more terrible.
      Paradise than which nothing is more delightful.
The answer to all this is to carry your cross and continue to carry the crosses God bestows on you, giving you much enlightenment, help, and courage.  The heart then knows that He is there to help you.   Then your heart will accept anything which would give pleasure to the Divine Heart Who wishes so much to be with each heart.  His heart wishes to have your heart for His very own.   Oh what joy you will experience in acknowledging Him, adoring properly Him, and receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist of the Latin Tridentine Mass of the Ages. Thus you will be making up for any sin of yours and perfectly forgiven totally and properly in the holy sacrifice of the Tridentine Mass of the Ages. Thus telling him of your total and proper repentance. 
     What joy!  What heaven you will experience now as a prelude to what lies ahead for each of you in His Heart and someday in Heaven with full and true repentance.   This should be your goal, the salvation of your soul, other souls, pleasing Him in everything, accepting Him in Love in all ways possible as taught by the church for centuries.   And not risk the salvation of your soul on the extremely false teachings of the antichrists of the modernist new mass!
The sayings of Our Lord on the subject of mortification and carrying one's cross are many and forceful.   "And he who does not carry his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.  And he who does not take up his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple."
     This his holy mother knew so well who followed her Son all the way up Calvary for the salvation of souls in his crucifixion ; and this we must know to save our souls with our own crosses.   
     We must realize He gave us his mother to help all of us.  "Mother behold thy Son."    It is Mary who said;  
    "I am the Mother of fair love , of knowledge of fear and of holy  hope;  in me is all grace of the way and the truth and in me is all hope of life and virtue." 
    Let us  for all those who value the Traditions of the Church and its Sacred Mass of the Ages, to pray to God to drive back the Archantichrist Bergoglio enough to gain more souls before He Comes!!
    St. John the Apostle warned to Christians of His day:  "Little Children, it is the last time .....even now we know there are many antichrists whereby we know it is the last time."  
     "But compared to the Archantichrist", all forerunners of him were so many mini-antichrists such as all Vatican II Modernists and Heretics. This Super-Antichirst will orchestrate revolutions so expertly that the framework of society will shatter into pieces under his wicked wand." says Fr. Vincent Miceli in his book on the Antichrist.   
     Fr. Vincent Miceli continues in his Book quoting John Cardinal Neuman:  "In a stunningly evil way, he will knit together his totalitarian rule of heresy, sedition, revolution, schism, war ---indeed of every evil movement--and hurl them effectively against the Church.  Preceded by apostasy, conceived in apostasy, gestated in apostasy, born in apostasy, and raised up to manhood in apostasy, the Man of Sin or Antichrist Himself will come to power through a general. universal apostasy.   
     "In other words,"  says John Cardinal Neuman of the 1800's,   the Antichrist could never have existed, except for the majority of persons in the East and the West to apostate from God and join the forces of atheism."   concludes Cardinal Neuman!!!
     Finally, what does the traditional Latin Mass pray just before Communion: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, who in your death gave life to the world: deliver me by this Your most holy Body and Blood from all my transgression and from all evils, make me always adhere to your commandments and never suffer me to be separated from You."
     Not so the Antichrist Bergoglio who has not failed to violate any of the commandments:
   l.  He has stran

ge gods from the Pachmama gods of the Amazon which he paraded through the Vatican and St. Peter's and he with them.
 2. He blasphemes the Lord his God with these strange gods.
  3.  He gives no credibility to the Sabbath and keeping it holy with Jesus Christ in his false belief all religions are equal, a basic Communist principle of egalitarianism. into perverted ways.
  4. He says nothing about transgenderizing children into perverted beings.    
   5.  He fails to fight Contraception in the world either chemical or actual.
   6.  He sees nothing wrong with adulterous couples receiving Communion.
   7.  He believes firmly in the Communist principle of stealing a just man's wages through the tax system and Socialism which was vehemently condemned by all traditional popes of the past. 
  8. He vigorously attacks traditional Catholics and their Latin Mass as being wholly divisive.
  9.He sees no problem in one man coveting another man's wife in unchaste adulterous wedlock  unlike PIus XI 's encyclical "Casti Conubii" on chaste wedlock.
10. Nor does Bergoglio the Antichrist have a problem with coveting a neighbors's goods and property in his obsessive Socialistic doctrines of Communism against private property and just Capitalism,. 
     Our Divine Lord Jesus Christ always taught if you love Me, you will keep My Commandments.  So do not dare as St. Paul warned receive the Body and Blood of Christ in serious sins against the commandments or "you eat and drink the Body and Blood of Christ to your damnation."  Let us hear these words and therefore place our eternal salvation on the Traditional Latin Mass that gains Salvation for us with a sincere contrite heart which always pleases almighty God in Psalm 5l.   Amen
     And at last let us hear St. Peter's words when he taught "Beware of the devil who goes about like a roaring lion seeking souls to devour.  Resist him steadfast in the faithful."   
J. Hughes Dunphy
   "May the darkness of Sin and the Night of Heathenism vanish before the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace, and May the Heart of Jesus live in the hearts of Men. Amen"